Rosicrucian Digest, March 1959

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Contents; Is Blood Transfusion Morally Wrong?; Awakening to Freedom; Cause of Color and Odor; The Validity of Common Sense; What is Cosmic Consciousness?; and many more...
  ROSICRUCIAN 1959 MARCH 35^ per copy What is Cosmic   Consciousness ? Ou r right to infinity. VAV The King Who   used His Mind A learning that out-lived seven centuries. VAV On Gravity Are rockets already outmoded ? VAV ã  Mysticism ã  Science ã The A rts VAV Ttext  PropheticDreamers VAV ( £ o w i : The Cosmic Age DIGEST  Handsome Tie Clasp The design preserves the beauty and dignity of the crux ansata and the triangle—Rosicrucian emblems in use for hundreds of years. This distinctive, modern, attractively designed tie clasp is 2%  inches long—10-K. gold-filled  —beautifully boxed in a convenient case. The emblem attached is also in 10-K. gold, with contrasting red and  blue enamel. Postpaid $5.25 (£1/14/9 sterling)(Federal excise tax included.) AN EMBLEM ROSICRUCIAN SUPPLY BUREAU SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (EACHMONTHTHISPAGEISDEVOTEDTOTHEEXHIBITIONOFSTUDENTSUPPLIES.)  1 MONUMENT TO THE PAST This huge Mayan pyramid is popularly known as the  Pyramid of the Niches.  In each of the niches were at one time figurines of gods, some of which were symbols or glyphs of the Mayan language. The pyramid is part of a lost city in the  jungles of Mexico near the Gulf of Mexico. The surrounding mounds are as yet unexcavated structures of the once sacred city. (Photo by AMORC)  Are You In Tune   With The H as   your whole being ever pulsated with a mysterious exhilarating   rhythm ? Have there been days when life suddenly and unexpectedly seemed especially enjoyable—when all of nature and your-self seemed to be swept up in a  silent symphony  of ecstasy? Have you longed to sustain such occasional experiences because of the selfconfidence and peace of mind they instilled within you?High above the earth lies the cause of such strange  phenomena. Within the canopy of space great worlds revolve at constant speed. With preciseness not conceivable by man, stupendous universes retain their relative distances—energies unwaveringly oscillate to and fro. Such is Cosmic motion—the orchestration of the infinite.  If reducible to sound, it would be music Divine! Yet, silent as it is, this music of the spheres, this Cosmic harmony,  prevails throughout all nature. The smallest living thing and the largest universe, alike, have their particular note in this scale of rhythm.There are ways to attune yourself with theseCosmic and natural forces! There are ways in which your being may be continuously stimulated by this harmony of nature, resulting in an influx of greater  personal power.  The Rosicrucians ( not   a religion) are a worldwide philosophical fraternity. Let them show you in simple words howr to attune yourself, mentally and physically, with the Infinite for the  fullness of living.  Accept This 'p ree  Book  Write today for a  free  copy of the book, The    Mastery of Life.  It has been instrumental in help-ing thousands to find themselves. It has revealed to many a heretofore unsuspected   power. Use the coupon  below for your copy. Scribe S.P.C. Rosicruci;in Order, AMORC San Jose, California, U.S.A.I am interested in knowing how I may attune myself with the harmony of the universe. Please send me the  free  book, The Mastery of Life, which explains how I may receive such knowl-edge. NAME_____________________________________________________ ADDRESS  _________________________   _  ________________________  ' ---------------- -  — —   ------------  - --------------------- Th e   ROSICRUCIANS, (AMORC) ã SAN JOSE ã CALIFORNIA, U. S. A.
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