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NATAL SKY OR NATAL LIE? What is wrong w/ your #horoscope? #QuarterSky #ZodiacShift #AcademicZodiac #Astrology #ZodiacFact #Ophiuchus #Ofiuco
  0H       RTRRT Instant Magick System & Academic Zodiac #1622 1H  VIP Brochure, Eon Chronology & Professional Catalog 2013 2H e-mail  3H  Copyright © 2012 by Klaudio Zic. First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2012 4H The Academic Zodiac is Copyright © 1972 - 2012 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or  by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The Academic Zodiac is privately owned © 1972 – 2012 by Klaudio Zic. Services & helpdesk: 5H  6H  CHANGE OF AGE Change of Age? Recently there has been a change of Age indeed, as we glide from the present  peak of the Eon of Cetus II upwards and towards the Golden Age of Pegasus II & III. Stay tuned and fly alongside with us! 7H Marriage || ascension planet of the Age of Pegasus Salacia is setting in Pegasus at sunrise while Uranus is setting in Cetus. ^^  8H   9H   10H   11H   12H   13H   14H   15H   16H   17H   18H   19H   20H   21H   22H  
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