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Foreword and Chapter One
  HIT LIST Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins Brian G. Hedges Cruciform Press | November 2014To Tim Smith © 2014 by Brian G. Hedges. All rights reserved. |  “  Hit List  is a great book! Hedges brings the historic framework of the seven deadly sins into the 21st century. Brian’s reading and research into historic Christian theology enriches this readable and thoroughly biblical examination and treatment of ‘the big seven.’” Tedd Tripp , author, conference speaker “Satan destroys by cloaking his schemes in darkness.  Hit List  is a blazing floodlight—both convicting and gleaming with gospel clarity. For the Christian soldier eager to win the daily war against sin,  Hit List  is a welcome field manual.” Alex Crain , Editor, “With the exception of the Puritan John Owen, no other single author has helped me to understand the mortification of sin like Brian Hedges has. Brian, himself an avid reader of Owen, gives readers a clear picture not simply of the sinfulness of sin, but of the real means to fighting it, namely the gospel. This short book is packed with the rich theology, practical wisdom, and probing questions needed to make it useful for both personal growth and biblical counseling. I will be making use of it for years.” Dave Dunham , Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Counseling, Cornerstone Baptist Church“Brian Hedges goes where few dare to go: He takes on the classic seven deadly sins in  Hit List , and does not just biblically explain them well, but also gives theologically solid and practi-cally insightful gospel solutions for them. This author’s refined writing style and pastoral wisdom, which measures well beyond his years, oozes from this entire book. For those desiring a pastoral guide through these often misunderstood root sins that will leave you fixed upon the cross of Christ, you have found the right man and the right book for the task.” Brian Croft , author; Senior Pastor, Auburndale Baptist Church; Founder, Practical Shepherding “Quick quiz for you: Do you know how to distinguish between sinful anger and righteous anger? Do you know what’s at the root of your pride every single time? How about the surpris-ing cures for gluttony?  Hit List  includes answers to all these questions and so much more. It’s not just an academic read,  though. Brian includes application questions at the end of each chapter because none of us are immune to the disease of sin. If you’ve ever heard you shouldn’t envy (or get angry or lust or ...), but you don’t know exactly what those sins look like in your everyday life—let alone the cure—then  Hit List  is for you. Brian has done his research, and I’m personally grateful for his insights on what’s at the root of specific sins I deal with...and how I can break free. Read, repent, and live free!” Paula Hendricks , Writing & Editorial Manager, Revive Our Hearts; author of Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom  “We live in a culture in which spirituality is on the rise, including a resurgence in mysticism, Gnosticism, and every other -ism. Many are confused about what they believe and why it matters, and sin is often minimized or hidden. Hedges draws on the best wisdom of the church to help readers better grasp the seven deadly sins and how the gospel frees God’s people from them. As  Hit List  blows away misconceptions about the sinfulness of man, readers will be captivated by the magnificence of what Jesus has done so sinners can put their sin to death and grow in the grace of God. This is an excellent and needed book. It can convict you of your sinfulness while pointing you to the sufficiency of the finished work of the Savior—Jesus Christ.” Dave Jenkins , Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries; Executive Editor, Theology for Life “If you’re dying from a disease, of course you want to understand what’s killing you. But even more than diagnosis, you want a cure. With characteristic depth, Brian unpacks an ancient formulation of our soul-sickness, while giving us the antidote of grace and gospel. This book is medicine for the soul!” Del Fehsenfeld III , Senior Editor, Revive  magazine“This is a clear, vivid, insightful introduction to the seven deadly sins. Hedges argues convincingly that reflection on the capital vices—and the virtues that fight them—is central to Christian spiritual formation.  Hit List is a richly rewarding read.” Nathan King , Philosophy Department, Whitworth University
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