Saphala Ekadashi Vrat Katha

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Saphala Ekadashi Vrat Katha
  Yudhisthira Maharaj said, O my Dear Lord Sri Krishna, what is the name of that Ekadasi that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Pausha Decem!er#anuary$%&ow is it o!ser'ed, and which Deity is to !e worshi((ed on that sacred day%P)ease narrate these detai)s to me fu))y, so that * may understand Oh #anardana+ he Su(reme Persona)ity of -odhead Sri Krishna then re()ied, O !est of kings, !ecause you desire to hear, * sha)) fu))y descri!e to you the g)ories of the Paushakrishna Ekadasi+ * do not !ecome as ()eased !y sacrifice or charity as * do !y My de'otee.s o!ser'ance of a fu)) fast on Ekadasi+o the !est of one.s a!i)ity, therefore, one shou)d fast on Ekadasi, the day of Lord &ari+ O Yudhisthira, * urge you to hear with undi'ided inte))igence the g)ories of Paushakrishna Ekadasi, which fa))s on a Dwadasi+ /s * e0()ained (re'ious)y, one shou)d not differentiate among the many Ekadasis+O king, to !enefit humanity at )arge * sha)) now descri!e to you the (rocess of o!ser'ing Paushakrishna Ekadasi+ Paushakrishna Ekadasi is a)so known as Sa(ha)aa Ekadasi+On this sacred day one shou)d worshi( Lord 1arayana, for &e is its ru)ing Deity+One shou)d do so !y fo))ow the (re'ious)y descri!ed method of fasting+#ust as among snakes Sheshanaga is the !est, and among !irds -aruda is the !est, among sacrifices the /sh'amedhayajna is the !est, among ri'ers Mother -anges is the !est, among gods Lord 2ishnu is !est, and among two)egged !eings the !rahmins are the !est, so among a)) fasting days Ekadasi is !y far the !est+O foremost of kings who took your !irth in the 3harata dynasty, whoe'er strict)y o!ser'es Ekadasi !ecomes 'ery dear to Me and indeed worshi(a!)e !y Me in e'ery way+1ow ()ease )isten as * descri!e the (rocess for o!ser'ing Sa(ha)aa Ekadasi+On Sa(ha)aa Ekadasi My de'otee shou)d worshi( Me !y offering Me fresh fruits according to time, ()ace and circumstance, and !y  meditating on Me as the a))aus(icious Su(reme Persona)ity of -odhead+&e shou)d offer Me jaam!ira fruit, (omegranate, !eta) nuts and )ea'es, coconut, gua'a, 'arieties of nuts, c)o'es, mangoes, and different kinds of aromatic s(ices+&e shou)d a)so offer Me incense and !right ghee )am(s, for such an offering of )am(s on Sa(ha)aa Ekadasi is es(ecia))y g)orious+he de'otee shou)d try to stay awake the Ekadasi night+1ow ()ease hear with undi'ided attention as * te)) you how much merit one gets if he fasts and remains awake throughout the entire night singing and chanting the g)ories of 1arayana+O !est of kings, there is no sacrifice or (i)grimage that yie)ds merit that is e4ua) to or !etter than the merit one gains !y fasting on this Sa(ha)a Ekadasi+Such fasting  (articu)ar)y if one can remain awake and a)ert the entire night )ong  !estows the same merit u(on the faithfu) de'otee as the (erformance of austerity for fi'e thousand earth)y years+O )ion among kings, ()ease hear from Me the g)orious history that made this Di'ine Ekadasi famous+Once there was a 5ity ca))ed 5ham(aa'ati, which was ru)ed !y the saint)y King Mahishmata+&e had four sons, the e)dest of whom, Lum(aka, a)ways engaged in a)) manner of 'ery sinfu) acti'ities  i))icit se0ua) encounters with the wi'es of others, gam!)ing, and continua) association with known (rostitutes+&is e'i) deeds gradua))y reduced the wea)th of his father, King Mahishmata+ Lumpaka also became very critical of the numerous devas, the empowered universal attendants of the Lord, as well as toward the brahmins, and every day he would go out of his way to blaspheme the Vaishnavas.At last King Maahishmata, seeing the unrepentant brazen fallen condition of his son, eiled him to the forest.!ut of fear of the king, even compassionate relatives didn t come toLumpaka s defense, so angry was the king toward his son, and so sinful was this Lumpaka.  #$ewildered in his eile, the fallen and re%ected Lumpaka thought to himself, My father has sent me away, and even my kinsmen do not raise but a finger in ob%ection. &hat am ' to do now( )e schemed sinfully and thought, ' shall sneak back to the city under cover of darkness and plunder its wealth.*uring the day ' shall stay in the forest, and as night returns, so shall ' to the city. +o thinking, the sinful Lumpaka entered the darkness of the forest.)e killed many animals by day, and by night he stole all manner of valuable items from the city.he city-dwelling folk apprehended him several times, but out of fear of the king they left him alone.hey thought to themselves that it must have been the accumulatedsins of Lumpaka s previous births that had forced him to act in such a way that he lost his royal facilities and became to act so sinfully like a common selfish thief.#hough a meat-eater, Lumpaka would also eat fruits every day.)e resided under an old banyan tree that unknown to him happenedto be very dear to Lord Vasudeva.'ndeed, many worshipped as the demi-god representative departmental head/ of all the trees in the forest.'n due course of time, while Lumpaka was doing so many sinful and condemnable activities, the +aphalaa 0kadasi arrived.!n the eve of the 0kadasi *asami/ Lumpaka had to pass the entire night without sleep because of severe cold that he felt due to his scanty bedclothes bedding/.he cold not only robbed him of all peace but almost of his very life.$y the time the sun rose, near dead, his teeth chattering and near comatose.'n fact all that 0kadasi morning, he remained in that stupor and could not awaken out of his near comatose condition.#&hen midday of the +aphalaa 0kadasi arrived, the sinful Lumpaka finally came to and managed to rise up from his place under that banyan tree.$ut with every step he took, he stumbled and fell to the ground.  Like a lame man, he walked slowly and hesitantly, suffering greatly from hunger and thirst in the midst of the %ungle.+o weak was Lumpaka that he couldn t even concentrate to nor muster strength to go and kill even a single animal that whole day.'nstead, he was reduced to collecting whatever fruits had fallen to the ground of their own accord.$y the time he returned to his banyan tree home, the sun had set.1lacing the fruits on the ground net to him at the base of the sacred banyan tree/, Lumpaka began to cry out, !, woe is me 2 &hat should ' do (*ear father, what is to become of me( ! +ri )ari, please be mercifulto me and accept these fruits as an offering 2 Again he was forced to lie awake the whole night without sleep, butin the meantime the all merciful +upreme 1ersonality of 3odhead, Lord Madhusudana, had become pleased with Lumpaka s humble offering of forest fruits, and )e accepted them. Lumpaka had unwittingly observed a full 0kadasi fast, and by the merit he reapedon that day he regained his kingdom with no further obstacles.#Listen, ! 4udhisthira, to what happened to the son of King Maahishmata when but a fragment of the merit spouted up within his heart.#As the +un beautifully rose in the sky on the day following 0kadasi, a handsome horse approached Lumpaka as if seeking him out, and stood net to him.At the same time, a voice suddenly boomed out from the clear blue sky saying, his horse is for you, Lumpaka2 Mount it and ride swiftlyout of this forest to greet you family2 ! son of King Maahishmata, bythe mercy of the +upreme lord Vaasudeva and the strength of the merit you ac5uired by observing +aphalaa 0kadasi, your kingdom will be returned to you without any further hindrances.+uch is the benefit you have gained by fasting on this most auspicious of days.3o now, to you father and en%oy your rightful place in the dynasty. 6pon hearing these celestial words resounding from above, Lumpaka mounted the horse and rode back to the city of 7hampavati.
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