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Reference Staircase between two beams Choose of Layout Assume, No of Stairs = 12 Nos Then, rise ( R ) = 166.7 mm 150 min for Public , 175 Max for privet going ( G ) = 250 mm Also Check 2R+G = 583.3 mm Closer to 600, Ok Use nosing = 25 mm Input Then, Tread (T) = 275 mm Waist Thickness Assume, Trial span/E.Depth ratio = 30 incrasing Factor = 15% Then, Span/E.Depth = 34.5 Effective Depth ( d ) = 87.0 mm Cover, Table-1 Exposure Condition = Mild Fire resistance = 1.50 hr Aggrgate size = 2
  Reference Staircase between two beams Choose of Layout   Assume, No of Stairs=   12Nos Then, rise ( R )=166.7mm150 min fo going ( G )=250mm  Also Check  2R+G=583.3mm Closer to 6 Use nosing=25mm Input  Then, Tread (T)=275mm Waist Thickness  Assume, Trial span/E.Depth ratio=30 incrasing Factor=15%Then, Span/E.Depth=34.5Effective Depth ( d )=87.0mm Cover, Table-1 Exposure Condition=MildFire resistance=1.50hrAggrgate size=20mm Hense, Cover=20mm  Assume Bar Dia. =12mm Hense, Min. Height=113.0mmProvide (h)=120mm Ok  Then, prvide ( d )=94mm Loading (for 1m wide strip) Factor for slope=(R 2 +G 2 )G=1.20Factor for Overlap=T/G=1.1 Dead, Design of Staircase -  Waist=3.46kN/mSteps=2.20kN/mTop finishes=0.55kN/mSofft Plaster=0.30kN/m Total Dead=6.51kN/mImpose,Impose=5.00kN/m Design load ( n )=17.12kN/m Design for Bending M (Span & Support)=15.40kNm M =1.74bd 2 BS 8110-3 100A s =   0.48Input from Chart-2 bdA s,req =451.2mm 2 Use T12Spacing @250A s,pro =452.6mm 2  Satisfied  BS 8110- Allowable Spacing=282mm Ok  Table-3.25 Minimum r/f % 100A s =0.13 A c Provide r/f % 100A s =0.38  Satisfied  A c Deflection Check   M =1.74bd 2 BS 8110-1 f  s =5 f  y  A s,req  x 1 Equation-8 8 A s,pro   β b =286.63N/mm 2 BS 8110-1 Hence, Equation-7 F 1 =0.55 + (477-f  s   ) (Table-11,10)  120*(0.9+M/bd 2 )1.15 8110-1 Hense, Allowable span / depth ratio, (with out stringer beam and occup = =26Input =34.4Actual Span / depth=31.9  Hense deflection che  Check for Shear  Gra.E. Dias Shear acting, Note-9 V=0.6 * FkN/m(1m width =30.81kN/mv=0.328N/mm 2 Shear capacity, 100 A s /bd=0.48 8110-1:1985 Hense, v c =   0.659Input from Table- 3.9 0.328<0.659 v<vc Hense, shear R/F not Distribution Steel  8110-1:1985Table-3.27 100A s /A c =0.24Inputfor Mild Note-10 =0.13Inputfor Tor Dias, Provided Steel=Mild(Mild or Tor) Then, 100A s /A c =0.24A s =288.0mm 2 /mUseR 8 @ 175 Then, A s,Provided =288.00mm 2  Steel is OK   Height =2000 r Public , 175 Max for privet  R=G= Span =3000  00, Ok  Density of Concete =24input Soffite Plaster =0.25input Top finishes load =0.5input Impose Load =5.0input f  y =460N/mm 2 c=d=  Connected to Beams at Ends Res
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