Syimi-Topic 1 Week 1

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  CHE594 Chemical Reaction Engineering Norhasyimi Rahmat Office: PA-A11-2C Phone Number: 03-55436322 Reference Fogler 4 th  edition, Levenspiel 3 rd  edition  ã What is chemical reaction? ã Definition of reaction rate Concentration over time Rate law/rate of equation ã Classification of reactions Homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction Elementary and non-elementary reaction ã Temperature dependent term of rate equation TOPIC 1 Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering    A process in which at least one new substance is produced as a result of chemical change. The change of a substance into a new substance which has new/different chemical identity What is chemical reaction?  How do we know a chemical reaction has occurred ? Some physical evidence to look for that shows a reaction has occurred:   a color change   formation of a solid (precipitate) within a clear solution   evidence of a gas  evolution or absorption of heat  Types of reactions Combination reaction A + B    AB Decomposition reactions AB    A + B Displacement reactions AB + C    AC + B Metathesis reactions (double-replacement reactions)  AB + CD    AD + CB Combustion reactions     reaction with oxygen

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