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Autumn Edition of Epping Town Council's community magazine. In this issue: Summer Events roundup; Tour de France; Cottis of Epping; Christmas Events; Horticultural Society 75th Anniversary; A tribute to Ken Avey; Local Orgs; Epping in 1914
  T LK BOUT EPPING TOWN MAGAZINEAUTUMN 2014 IN THIS ISSUE: SUMMER EVENTS ROUNDUP * TOUR DE FRANCECOTTIS OF EPPING * CHRISTMAS EVENTS * HORTICULTIRAL SO-CIETY 75th ANNIVERSARY * A TRIBUTE TO KEN AVEY * LOCALORGS * EPPING IN 1914 © TfL from the London Transport Museum collection  in the Horticulturalshow held in St. John’sChurch and some of the achievements Ihave witnessed fromour young people.This year being thecentenary of the FirstWorld War has meantthat there has been aserious side to myyear and I have at-tended a number of exhibitions and serv-ices in commemora-tion of the sacrificesand hardships ourpredecessors faced. Sadly, in June, KenAvey passed away. Hehad served the Townas a Councillor formany years and will beremembered for hispassion and commit-ment to Epping and itsresidents. I would liketo pay tribute to hiswork on their behalf.It is a privilege to haveserved on the Councilwith Ken. Havingknown him since I was17, I have lost a dearfriend and he will besadly missed by allwho knew him.As chair of the Coun-cil, one of my objec-tives is to promote theTown, our street Mar-ket and our HighStreet. The Councilhas to embracechange but at thesame time protect ourheritage and on thispoint I would like tosee more engagementfrom the public partic-ularly at Councilmeetings where thepublic can attend.I am now looking for-ward to future eventsleading up to Christ-mas as we begin toprepare for our hugelypopular ChristmasMarket and look for-ward to all new Christ-mas lights in the HIghStreet this year. Barbara ScrutonTown Mayor In the last edition, Isaid I was looking for-ward to the summer; Iam now reflecting on afantastic season of events and activities.The Town Show had arecord attendance at-tracting visitors fromoutlying villages andTowns. I am suremost of you will re-member the day theTour de France passedthrough our town.The bunting providedby the Town Councilhelped to create a car-nival atmospherewhich carried forwardinto the followingweek when we had avisiting French market.At the Epping Festivalwe were entertainedby several bandsthroughout the day.My duties have beenvery varied, rangingfrom the high profilepublic events to morepersonal ones. I hadthe privilege of beinginvited to celebrate a100th birthday with aresident at Bakers Vil-las organised by 4thEpping Brownies and Iattended an Operacalled ‘You only LiveOnce’ written, com-posed and performedby year 5 at Cooper-sale and Theydon Gar-non Primary. Thechildren supported bya team of committedstaff put on a wonder-ful production.I have met so manyinteresting peoplefrom different walks of life and I am amazedat the talent we havewithin our Town. Thiswas demonstrated bythe number of entries About the Avey family..... Ken was one of a long line of Aveys who led interestinglives.Ken’s grandfather George Avey moved to NorthWeald to become the landlord of the Kings Head pub in1887 and later established a coal delivery business there.There is a George Avey Croft in the village, named eitherfor him or Ken’s uncle (also called George). Ken’s fatherFred was a professional footballer, scoring 28 goals in 62appearances for Fulham between 1928 and 1931 andlater running the coal business. Ken’s cousin Denis andhis Uncle George were in the same POW camp at thesame time during WW2, where Denis actually swappedplaces with a jewish prisoner for a night to see what con-ditions were like inside Auschwitz. He later wrote a bookon the subject, “The Man who broke into Auschwitz”.Ken’s son Nigel lives in Epping and is a serving TownCouncillor. 2 TALK ABOUT EPPING  The Mayor’s viewA tribute to Cllr Ken Avey Cllr Ken Avey passedaway on 25th June2014. Ken hadserved on EppingTown Council since2003 and is the onlyperson to haveserved as EppingTown Mayor twice, in2004 and 2011. Hiselection to serve onEpping Forest Dis-trict Council for afirst term in 2011was surprising, notbecause of his agebut because untilthen he had referredto the District Coun-cil’s offices as ‘themausoleum’ and in-deed continued todo so after he waselected! Ken wasknown for his forth-right and occasion-ally outspokenviews, often express-ing views in Councilmeetings that otherother membersdidn’t want to hearbut always with thebest interests of theTown and its resi-dents at heart. How-ever, there was moreto Ken than his serv-ice on the Council.Ken lived in Eppingfor nearly 50 yearsbut lived in the areaall his life as theAveys were long es-tablished in NorthWeald. During WW2,Ken was too youngto serve in the army,so he volunteered asa fireman at NorthWeald airfield whilststudying at theSouth West EssexTechnical School andlater an apprenticeengineer at theLNER’s Stratford Lo-comotive Works.After his apprentice-ship, Ken worked atPantin’s in Eppingand had a successfulcareer in businesswhere he was a Di-rector of Pantin’s,British Matthews andthe CEO of Lam-brechts, providingemployment to manylocal people. He wasa keen golfer andformer captain of Theydon Bois golf club, though someof his contemporieshave conceded hisenthusiasm for thegame exceeded hisskill! Ken had a softside too, and was avery attentive grand-father to his grand-daughters Olivia andConstance. He was aone off and will bemissed by everyonewho knew him.   The Epping Town Council Tour de France Gallery The images on this page are just a few of the many imagestaken by people around the town and shared on social mediaon July 7th. We have copied all those we could find and com-piled them into a gallery on our website. Find the gallery at or simplyscan the QR code on the back cover of the magazine. There’s no doubt that the biggest eventof the year was the visit of the Tour deFrance to Epping on July 7th. Aftermonths of discussions and planning it allwent past in a flash but everyone agreesthat the atmosphere in Town that daywas electric and the feeling of commu-nity in the Town made it well worth allthe effort. From the Town Council’s per-spective there were a number of issues,not least the fact that we had to cancelthe Monday market at the height of sum-mer - a decision that was inevitable butnot universally popular. The Town wasconsulted during the planning stages oneverything from where to put the toiletsto the road closures, however probablyour biggest contribution to the day wasthe bunting in the High Street. We pur-chased 500m of the Tour jersey buntingand enlisted the help of townsperson of the year Derek Whitbread and his col-leagues from Epping Fire Station whogave up an evening to dress the town.We think that the bunting looked greatand helped to create the atmosphere onwhat was an unforgettable day. We alsoenlisted the help of the Epping Arts Soci-ety to smarten up the former West EndFurniture shop window in preparation forthe day. The fly posting was removed,the windows cleaned and a pop-up exhi-bition installed. TALK ABOUT EPPING 3 Le Tour deFrance Intrepid volun-teers led byTownsperson ofthe year DerekWhitbread puttingup the buntingahead of the bigdayP op up art exhibtion in Former West End shopJean-MarcBideau powersto the line totake the Eppingmini-sprint stagewinPicture courtesyof Melissa Page(@MelissaPage)The peletonsweeps past StJohns and Sta-tion Road on it’sway out of town to a fantastic re-ception from theEpping crowd...  4 TALK ABOUT EPPING A look back at the Summer’s Events  The long hot Summer of 2014 has seen the Town Council organise a number of events June 18th - HM s/m Sickle MemorialJuly 6th - Epping Town Show Pictures courtesy of Everything Epping Forest In June the Town Council, in partnership with St John’s Church,Epping Forest District Museum and the British Legion , organ-ised events to mark the 70th anniversary of the loss of HM sub-marine Sickle, Epping and Harlow’s adopted warship. Anexhibition detailing the history of the vessel and it’s men was heldat Epping Hall and a memorial service held to mark the Anniver-sary, during which a bronze plaque cast with the names of thecrew and the crest of the vessel was dedicated in the memorialgarden of the Church. The service was attended by relatives of the crew who had travellled from as far as the USA to attend, theChairman of Harlow District Council, the Vice Chairman of Ep-ping Forest District Council and the Town Mayors of Epping,Loughton and Waltham Abbey. Wreaths were laid at the dedica-tion ceremony. The men of Sickle will now be honoured everyyear during the Town’s Remembrance Day ceremonies. TownMayor Barbara Scruton said: “I am glad we have been able tocreate a memorial for the men of the Sickle who served and diedtogether 70 years ago. There is no other place where they are allremembered together and I am glad the Town Council has beenable to bring it about.” The plaque is in the memorial garden atthe Church and can be viewed at any time.  This year’s Town Show had a special atmosphere, takingplace as it did on the eve of the Tour de France’s visit tothe town. At first the weather looked as though it wouldlet us down but fortunately the heavens smiled on us andthe sun broke through and shone on a fantastic familyday out. It was a fitting send off for Julia Warner, the Town Council officer who put the day together as it washer last day before she left to take up a new role at StJohns school. The staff and members of the Town Coun-cil wish her all the best for the future. This year’s high-lights included the amazing Dhol drummers who kickedoff the Show, Roger Arnay’s circus skills workshops anda special guest appearance from actress Vicki Michellesupporting the Dream Factory charity. A special mentionmust go to the Epping Eppingen Association’s crockeryshy, which thankfully produced no injuries from waywardballs and proved to be extremely popular, particularlywith younger visitors! Epping’s rotarians raised over £440for their nominated charities whilst marshalling the carpark, a testament to the generosity of Epping residents. Hot on the heels of the Town Show and the Tour deFrance, the High Street welcomed a continental marketon Saturday 12th July. Despite a few hitches, like thebread stall holder missing their ferry from France and notarriving, residents welcomed the opportunity to pick up aselection of authentic continental delicacies. First handaccounts say that the cheese and saucisson being of-fered on the day were particularly delicious!  Town Mayor Barbara Scruton tried her hand at crepemaking with limited success, although it did taste verynice! The Town Council is planning to run regular conti-nental markets throughout the year and discus-sions are already advanced to invite the Frenchmarket back to town and invite an italian specialistmarket as well. July 12th - Continental Market
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