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Experience the Difference of Success on Your Side Table of Contents Who We Are About Southeast Mortgage Page 3 Our Company History Page 4 Our Expertise Page 5 Meet Our Executive Team Our Senior Management
Experience the Difference of Success on Your Side Table of Contents Who We Are About Southeast Mortgage Page 3 Our Company History Page 4 Our Expertise Page 5 Meet Our Executive Team Our Senior Management Page 6 Our Client Relationship Management Team Page 7 What Makes Southeast Mortgage Different Our Process Page 8 Our Culture Page 9-10 Our Dedication to YOUR Success Page Officer Group Mortgage Loan Originator Transition Process Pre-Decision Process Page 12 Smooth Transition Process Page 13 Employee Benefits at a Glance Our Benefits Package Page 14 Testimonials What our Clients & Industry Professionals Say About Us Page 15 Your Next Move Page 16 Who We Are About Southeast Mortgage Dedicated to Excellence and Unparalleled Service Since our inception in 1993, Southeast Mortgage has been partnering with homeowners to fulfill the American dream of homeownership. As the largest and most financially stable non-bank lender in Georgia, we ve built a solid reputation as one of the premier full-service mortgage lenders offering an array of diverse and flexible mortgage programs to meet the unique needs of our clients. Southeast Mortgage is also one of the few Georgia mortgage lenders with processing, underwriting and document preparation services all housed in Atlanta to better serve our clients with a faster, more streamlined loan process. Throughout our many years serving clients, our unparalleled customer service and our dedication to excellence has served as the strength and cornerstone of our success and the differentiator that sets us apart from the rest. In tandem with our superior service and our dedication to be the best, our highly specialized team at Southeast Mortgage possesses decades of experience and expertise to better serve our clients. In fact, our leadership team has the highest certifications and combined experience in the mortgage industry when compared to other mortgage service providers in Georgia. Our skilled team employs reliable, proven methods to simplify the home financing process with a tried and true strategy focused on customization, efficiency and execution. Above all, we value the relationships with our clients. We take a personal, vested interest in each of our customers and serve them with the utmost professionalism, transparency and integrity. At Southeast Mortgage, our customers trust us to get them home. It s what we do best. At Southeast Mortgage, we not only strive to compete; we strive to be the best. Cal Haupt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Mortgage Proudly serving Georgia with 11 licensed locations Our primary metro Atlanta offices: Alpharetta 2475 Northwinds Parkway, Suite 530 Alpharetta, Georgia Cobb/Perimeter 280 Interstate North Circle SE, Suite 350 Atlanta, Georgia Gwinnett 2055 Sugarloaf Circle, Suite 100 Duluth, Georgia Headquarters 3496 Club Drive Lawrenceville, Georgia Southeast Mortgage is also licensed in Alabama, Florida and South Carolina to better serve our Georgia clients. 3 Who We Are Our Company History Founded on Trust, Integrity and Collaboration With years of experience as a senior officer in large banks, Cal Haupt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Southeast Mortgage, recognized a void in the mortgage industry that he was determined to fill. His mission to provide hasslefree, highly personalized, fast mortgage service in Georgia became a reality when he and a group of trusted shareholders opened the doors of Southeast Mortgage in Today, with more than 20 years of experience providing loans, service and expertise to homebuyers, Southeast Mortgage continues to uphold an unwavering presence and reputation in the lending community. The firm has remained steadfast in its mission to build trusted relationships, one client at a time, and provide the best possible home financing programs, unsurpassed service and a distinctive, efficient processing model that is unmatched in the industry today. With a dedicated commitment to his people, Cal and his shareholders have remained focused on bringing together the brightest, most talented and enthusiastic team while cultivating the corporate values of trust, integrity and collaboration within the firm. Since its inception, Southeast Mortgage has continued its rapid expansion with annual double digit growth. Now, with 11 licensed locations throughout Georgia, Southeast Mortgage is nationally recognized and poised to continue on its journey to provide unrivaled service in the mortgage industry. Our ability to cultivate a team that is inspired to work toward one common goal is undoubtedly our greatest competitive advantage and our customers greatest benefit. J.D. Crowe, President, Sales & Secondary Marketing, Southeast Mortgage 4 Who We Are Our Expertise Precision and the 8-Day Close At Southeast Mortgage, we re not only known for our friendly, competent and responsive staff, we re highly regarded in the industry as having the most efficient mortgage processing model The 8-Day Close Jan Shell, Chief Operations Officer, Southeast Mortgage Whether our client is buying their first home, refinancing their existing home or upgrading to the home of their dreams, Southeast Mortgage has a financing solution to meet their unique needs. Our management team, Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO s) and our dedicated support staff understand, through decades of experience, our clients desire to feel confident that their mortgage decisions support their short and long-term goals. When clients find the home of their choice, we understand that waiting weeks - even months - for a loan to close is exhausting, frustrating and costly. At Southeast Mortgage, our customers never have to wait... our highly specialized, proven transaction processing model is unsurpassed in the industry. We set the standard for the 8-Day close and today, it has become one of the many hallmarks of our success. In the mortgage process, we do everything a big bank does, only better and faster. We understand that financing a home can be stressful. To alleviate the stress typically associated with home financing, we walk our clients through the mortgage process every step of the way. Partnering with clients throughout the process Evaluation of short and long-term goals: We take the time to learn about our clients and recommend mortgage products that align with their personal financial situation and short and longterm goals. Fast, streamlined and transparent mortgage process: Our goal is to get our clients home as soon as possible. Our streamlined method allows us to process their loan quickly while communicating openly and often with our clients so they re never in the dark. High-touch customer service: We want our clients to feel at home before they re handed the keys. We re dedicated to impeccable customer service, no matter what it takes. 5 Meet Our Executive Team Our Senior Management Competent, Honest, Ambitious At Southeast Mortgage, our open door management philosophy is centered on teamwork, respect, camaraderie and results. Together, with our entire team, we maximize our resources, share experiences and create streamlined efficiencies to better serve our clients. We believe in engaging with our employees, empowering them and providing them with the necessary support and tools to be successful both professionally and personally. It s plain and simple at Southeast Mortgage we re a powerful and flourishing team with a living tradition of common values, beliefs and objectives. Cal Haupt Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Southeast Mortgage, Inc. since 1993 More than 26 years experience in Mortgage Lending / Financial Services Previously Senior Officer, First Atlanta Bank, First Wachovia, Barnett Bank, First Union National Bank Formally Trained Commercial Credit Analyst, Commercial Lender, Consumer Lender, and Business Engineer Bachelor of Science Degree, Georgia Institute of Technology Jan Shell Chief Operations Officer More than 25 years experience in Mortgage Lending / Financial Services Manages Southeast Mortgages Processing, Underwriting, Closing and Quality Control / Risk Management Divisions Previously Vice President, First Union Kathy Gyselinck Executive Vice President Compliance & Human Resources 30 years experience in Mortgage Lending / Financial Services Manages Southeast Mortgages Human Resources & Recruiting, Regulatory Compliance & Licensing, Information Technology and Client Relations/Marketing and Public Relations Divisions Previously Vice President, Barnett Bank, First Union, Wachovia Bank B.B.A. Degree, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia J.D. Crowe President Sales & Secondary Marketing More than 15 years experience in Mortgage Lending / Financial Services Previously, Partner, Mortgage Services at F&D Advisors (now Signature FD) Former Captain, US Army President, Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia Two-time President of the Georgia Association of Mortgage Brokers B.S. Degree, Furman University 6 Our Client Relationship Management Team Partners to Secure Referrals and Repeat Business Meet Our Executive Team At Southeast Mortgage we re committed to your success. Our dedicated Client Relationship Management Team (CRM) works side-by-side with our MLO s and their Real Estate Partners to secure referrals and repeat business with targeted, personalized marketing strategies that yield results. Our CRM is focused on keeping Southeast Mortgage and our partners at the forefront of our clients mind. They serve as a resource to support our MLO s with the industry s best marketing program. Our proven, strategic marketing methods help us establish new referrals and secure repeat business, allowing our Mortgage Loan Originators more time to dedicate to what they do best. Our trusted clients know that when they choose Southeast Mortgage, they re choosing the best. J.D. Crowe, President, Sales & Secondary Marketing, Southeast Mortgage 7 Southeast Mortgage s CRM team utilizes a host of specialized, personalized marketing collateral and strategies to support and secure future business Professional Photography Services Event Planning Listing and Program Flyers Networking Socials Client Closing Gifts 100 Points of Client Contact Over Five Years Comparables & Sales Property Trend Value Report Thank You, Birthday, Anniversary and Holiday Cards Our Process Fast, Streamlined and Personalized The SECRET to our SUCCESS WHAT MAKES SOUTHEAST MORTGAGE DIFFERENT Our fast, streamlined and highly personalized mortgage process is one of our many hallmarks and the secret to our success. While banks and other mortgage lenders proclaim to close their loans quickly, at Southeast Mortgage, we do. Our reputation has been built and fortified through years of successful closings that keep our customers coming back. With tens of thousands of satisfied clients, our clients will tell you that we work side-by-side with them with a simplified, straightforward process that takes the mystery out of buying a home. 8 Decades of successful closings keep our clients coming back Our Culture Interlocking Set of Goals, Values, Attitudes and Communication WHAT MAKES SOUTHEAST MORTGAGE DIFFERENT At Southeast Mortgage we re more than just a place to work we re a place to thrive. We re a culture of unique, diverse individuals from all walks of life who come together to learn and grow both professionally and personally. We re dedicated, smart, creative, talented and like-minded people with an interlocking set of goals, values, attitudes and communication. We promote an agile, entrepreneurial and accountable workforce that cultivates high performance while encouraging excellence, professional achievement and inspiration. We Believe in Our Employees It s fairly simple when you believe in your employees, they ll believe in you. At our firm, we understand the importance of trusting our employees, engaging with them, encouraging them and, most importantly, empowering them to make a difference and become a part of the vision of the firm. We make our employees feel that they can talk to and relate to management and their colleagues and we encourage their voices to be heard. We Foster the Character of Our Firm From the moment you walk into a Southeast Mortgage office, you ll feel the difference. Our employees are engaged, enthusiastic and upbeat. That s because we foster the unique and diverse character of our firm. We embrace who we are individually and as a team and we cultivate a way of life that is in sync with our people and the many personalities, cultures and diversities we employ. 9 Our Culture Feel the Difference WHAT MAKES SOUTHEAST MORTGAGE DIFFERENT We Respect One Another At Southeast Mortgage, we value the contributions and opinions of our employees regardless of status, title, wage or salary. We believe that respect is at the core of our success. As Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized. At the End of the Day We Have Fun We work hard, but we also play hard. Because we encourage open communication and respect within our firm, it s not uncommon to see our staff chatting in the halls, going to lunch or enjoying an evening out together. At the end of the day, we re a family of colleagues and friends joined together by one common goal. We Give Back to Our Community Social responsibility is a core value at Southeast Mortgage. Our company and employees are dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve through a range of individual and corporate programs that support and enhance our communities. 10 Our Dedication to Your Success Specialized Training, Processing & Support = MORE Time with Clients WHAT MAKES SOUTHEAST MORTGAGE DIFFERENT Whether it s our customers or our employees, at Southeast Mortgage, we re in the business of putting people first. Just as our clients rely on us for their home mortgage needs, we understand that the continued success of our firm is based on our dedication and continued support of our MLO s and our entire team of employees. And, we don t take that responsibility lightly. Our Efficient Processing Model Frees Up 30% of Your Time We re continually looking for innovative means to put our loan officers in the best position to succeed in this challenging origination marketplace. And, after working decades in the mortgage industry, we understand what seasoned Mortgage Originators need to be successful. We provide superior sales training, specialized sales and marketing support, and best-in-class onsite processing and closing support, allowing our Mortgage Originators to spend the bulk of their time where it matters most, with our clients. Dedicated CRM Team Secures Referrals and Repeat Business Our seasoned CRM Team improves the delivery of the added value we provide our Licensed MLO s, Realtor/Real Estate Agents and builder groups by employing strategies, processes and systems that help us develop clients for life. Realtor Partnerships Committed to Growing Our Business Together We understand that building long-term, successful Realtor partnerships is paramount to our success and yours. We focus on creating lasting partnerships built on great service and respect rather than the typical play to play that has been the industry standard. Providing exceptional service, and practicing responsible, transparent lending practice secures our MLOs and our referral partners future. Our fundamental strategy lasts decades rather than 6-12 months so you and our partners can focus on clients rather than what to do next. 11 A successful businessman once said, A business succeeds not because it is long established or because it is big, it succeeds because there are men and women in it who live it, sleep it, dream it and build great future plans for it. Cal Haupt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Mortgage Pre-Decision Process Information Gathering/Discovery MORTGAGE LOAN ORIGINATOR TRANSITION PROCESS Initiation of Interest Mutual Assessment Process Information About You/Your Team NMLS number Licenses (if applicable) Production volume, units, mix Client and Realtor base Compensation and benefits Product and service needs Use of discretion and confidentiality Transitioning your client and partner relationships Transitioning your existing license (if applicable) Mapping new license completion steps (if applicable) Pre-offer background, reference and credit screening Presentation of offer From the moment you decide to work with Southeast Mortgage, our team will help guide and support you through the transition process. Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. Kathy Gyselinck, Executive Vice President, Compliance & Human Resources Mapping of Your Business to Our Platform 12 Tour of Headquarters/ Introductions to Executives and Functional Area Managers Headquarters visit to meet with key company decision makers, executive level and functional area managers MORTGAGE LOAN ORIGINATOR TRANSITION PROCESS Smooth Transition Process Ongoing Support and Guidance Decision to Join Southeast Mortgage Offer acceptance Start date determined New Hire Orientation at Headquarters HR Appointment CRM Orientation Company photo taken New hire marketing and public relations plan Operations orientation Introduction to key partners; submission team, product engineers, underwriters, processors and closers Licensing Steps Completed (if applicable) Complete NMLS 20-hour prelicensing class Complete NMLS with UST licensing exam At Southeast Mortgage, our entire team is dedicated to providing you with a smooth transition. We provide you with the ongoing support and guidance you need to ensure your success. Cal Haupt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Mortgage Complete MU4 state license application Pre-license training on systems, policies and procedures 13 Branch Orientation Training on all systems Review policies and procedures Support on specific client transition questions Our Benefits Package EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Southeast Mortgage takes pride in offering a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to its employees. We believe offering competitive benefits reflects our impeccable standing in the industry and our commitment to our employees and their families. A HEALTHY FAMILY Medical Coverage Provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield Four Medical Plan Options to Choose From (Including HSA Plan) Coverage Begins First Month After 30 Days of Employment Eligible Employees: Full-Time Employees, Spouse, Dependents to Age 26 Dental Insurance Provided by Guardian Coverage Begins First Month after 30 Days of Employment Eligible Employees: Full-Time Employees, Spouse, Dependents to Age 26 Vision Plan Provided by Guardian A SECURE FINANCIAL FUTURE 401(k) Retirement Plan Provided by BB&T Available to Full-Time Employees Eligible When Employee has Completed 12 Months of Service or Has Reached 18 Years of Age Company Matches Up To 1.5% of Employee Contributions PERSONAL WELL BEING Vacation Bereavement Holidays FAMILY WELL BEING Life and AD&D Short-Term Disability Long-Term Disability Provided by Guardian Maternity Leave Coverage Fresh Benies Concierge Medical Program 24/7 Call a Doctor Medical Health Advisor Online Wellness Dental, Vision, Prescription Discounts Safe Identity, Legal Savings, Roadside Assistance A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE Career Development Opportunities Training Assistance 14 What our Clients & Industry Professionals Say About Us Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable AND Amazing TESTIMONIALS Randy was awesome! He was always timely, efficient & made this loan approval sweatless. I would recommend Randy highly! Treka B. Lawrenceville, GA Tamie was amazing. So professional and such a quick turnaround. I would recommend her to anyone! Frank & Dawn S. Cumming, GA Great experience, not the easiest loan in terms of timing and complexity, but J.D. and Lynne did a great job. Thanks! Dennis & Jane L. Cumming, GA This is a wonderful company. David Hayward did a wonderful job. He was very hel
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