the dreamer in his corner wrote off the world in a detailed daydream that destroyed, one by one, all the objects in the world.

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  the dreamer in his corner  wrote off the world in a detailed daydream that destroyed, one by one, all the objects in the  world.”  “Alcohol used in combination with other depressants, such as barbiturates can  produce life threatening respiratory depression. They have a synergist effect on the  brain when used together, much more so than when used alone. This effect has  been studied in rats who were administered ethanol and pentobarbital. It was showed that these two drugs had a strong effect on GABA receptors. Usually, respiratory depression is treated by ventilatory and circulatory methods as well as getting rid of the drugs' presence in the body. Through this study, it was found that ampakine CX717 could help counter the effects of respiratory depression. This  proves to be a viable option for treating the dangers of interaction between alcohol and other depressants.”  thorns of roses breaking skin, you're sweating sin and you are petty crime, premeditated murder, grand larcenyI will name my baby girl Eleanor it has a air of grandeur and neurosis like a funeral pyre of your first love   if I died U would breathe in my ashes into your blackened lungs and run away with ur Parisian mistress   you lie with religious icons and whisper sweet nothings with a forked tongue   all my words sound the same same same all my thoughts remain fucked fucked fuck me who do you think I am ?????I am how you grasp your cigarettesI am your wet dream    you have a touch like cigarette ash, broken glassyou want to be my daddy but you can't choke me hard enoughthere isn’t a pill i wouldn’t swallowthere isn’t any of me left on your bedsheetsbones composed of spread legs, forked tongueswas i in your dream? where is your exit wound?paper thin skin, open mouth kissesi can’t forget what you taste likeall i left behind was smeared lipstick stains
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