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  LIFE INSURANCE- ULIPS Presented By:  Aarushi Suri Mehak Gupta Rahul Mehta Rahul Gupta Rishebh Clement MBA:INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL PLANNING Ist Semester  Insurance  Insurance is pooling of risks. In a contract of insurance, the insurer undertakes, in consideration of a sum of money (premium), to make good the loss suffered by the insured against a specified risks such as fire and any other similar contingency of compensate the insured on the happening of a specified event such as accident or death. The business of insurance is related to the protection of the economic values of assets.  Insurance 1.Fire Insurance 2.Marine Insurance 3.Accident/Motor Insurance 4.Health Insurance 5.Liability Insurance 1.Individual Insurance 2.Group Insuran ce Types of Insurance   1.With Profits 2.Without Profit  s General Insurance Life Insurance   Life Insurance Polices Annuities Policy Whole Life Policy Endowment Policy    T  y  p  e  s  o   f   L   i   f  e   I  n  s  u  r  a  n  c  e   P  o   l   i  c   i  e  s   Provides Life Insurance protection over one's lifetime. Under these policies, the payment of the assured sum is a certainty in contrast to the term insurance contracts. Only the time of payment of the assured sum is an uncertainty. These can be either participating type or non-participating type. Term Policy   Term Policy and whole life insurance policies focus on risk-coverage Endowment policy and annuities insurance policies focus on investments   ULIPs focus on both risk-coverage and the investments ULIP
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