Unlock your Brand potential -Developing an understanding of Why Brand matters

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Unlock your Brand potential -Developing an understanding of Why Brand matters
  NeoNiche NeoNiche defines, designs and delivers tailor made experiential marketing solutions for itsClients.No comments Unlock your Brand potential -Developing an understanding of Why Brand matters   NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   02:28   Brand , Marketing , NeoNiche  Today there is an explosion of newer and better products, trendingtechnologies, economic uncertainty and great competition between various entitiesfighting for a piece of the customer’s mindshare. Amidst such a cut throat battle, it is hardto sell in the long run through only supreme product delivery and constant innovation. Sowhat is it that will keep you ahead of the race?  The answer to this mammoth question is your Brand and the experience it delivers.Brands are more than just logos or product names or graphic elements. A brand is the wayyour customer perceives you, it is in essence the emotional heart of your product orservice- A means of communicating the conceptual subtleties of your purpose and values. The customer’s perception is no longer driven by product efficacy. In this era of instantgratification, material satisfaction is so easily attained that emotional fulfilment is now thereal driver of business growth and sustainability. In order to establish this emotionalconnection with the customers, brands must earn their trust. Brands must be honest,open, transparent, authentic and genuinely interested in how they can be of value tocustomers, rather than just making a sale. They key is consistency of purpose and execution at every customer touch point. Today’ssophisticated customers demand relevant messaging that engages them in a dialogue andallows interaction through preferred communication channels at an emotional level. We asmarketers or agencies should be able to roll out integrated campaigns across various  generated with http://html-2-pdf.comPage 1 of 5      mediums that help create meaningful experiences and gain a tangible return on marketinginvestments for the brands.Come discover the fullest potential of your brand by operating in the realm of ExperientialMarketing, as we at NeoNiche will help strengthen relationships between your brand andpeople who matter most. We vouch to deliver clutter-busting experiences through ourpersonal brand promise of Ideas, Innovations and Insights.Unlock your Brand potential-Develo...Brand building key to smallbusines...NeoNiche executes theGartner IT In...Older Post No comments :Post a Comment Related Posts generated with http://html-2-pdf.comPage 2 of 5  BRANDEVENTMARKETINGNEONICHENEWS RELEASEPRATEEK N KUMAR CATEGORYPOPULAR POSTS Google Atmosphere Apps Event concludes in Mumbai - NeoNicheGoogle Atmosphere App multi city tour, a platform for decision makers and influencers of leading generated with http://html-2-pdf.comPage 3 of 5  organisations, to discuss and learn h...Innovation in Event Management space & Creation of a tangible Brand presence - Valay LakdavalaInnovation in Event Management space & Creation of a tangible Brand presence. Perspective from astudents future. It all began wit...NeoNiche: Best in class Exhibitions and Event OrganisersNeoNiche is an integrated experiential marketing company committed to achieve brand marketingobjectives and deliver measurable results...Siemens organizes annual day event for employeesSiemens recently organized Siemens Annual Day, an annual day event for their employees inBangalore that took place on May 25. The event w...Kotak Privy Art of parenting eventKotak bank with an intent to engage its privy customers organised an interactive knowledge gainingsession “The Art of Parenting” for t...NeoNiche...NeoNiche defines designs and delivers tailor made experiential marketing solutions for its Clients.We provide complete range of marketing...NeoNiche - A Startup StoryAm a first generation entrepreneur ,and my company is called “NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt.Ltd”, I have been a regular reader to ...‘Stakeholders’ Equilibrium - People that matter’ by Prateek N. KumarLot has changed and lot will, not only for the Clients' but also for people and organizations workingin the Experiential Marketing In... generated with http://html-2-pdf.comPage 4 of 5

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Jul 23, 2017
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