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1. It Takes a Village @kineforum Still photo of Jermal (Ravi Bharwani, Rayya Makarim, Orlow Seunke, 2008) Taman Ismail Marzuki (behind Galeri Cipta 3) // Jalan Cikini…
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  • 1. It Takes a Village @kineforum Still photo of Jermal (Ravi Bharwani, Rayya Makarim, Orlow Seunke, 2008) Taman Ismail Marzuki (behind Galeri Cipta 3) // Jalan Cikini Raya 73, Jakarta Pusat 10330, Indonesia [T] 021-3162780 [E] [W] / [TW & IG] @kineforum [FB]
  • 2. SEPTEMBER 2016 PERSPECTIVE It Takes a Village “It takes a village to raise a child.” —African Proverb When we think about the word "children", in general we associated the word with cuteness, happiness, innocence... things that are related to joyful childhood. The reality is, children and childhood are not always rainbows and unicorns. As children, we were not without pain, sadness and weariness; pressures, demands and challenges. In short, problems. How did we, the adults of today, deal with those problems? Who and what has guided us through those problems? What kind of adults are have we become, after surviving those problems? This program invites the audience to ponder on these thoughts. "It Takes a Village" presents a series of film that talks about children and their problems. Problems that might seems simple, yet unusual. In Please Vote for Me, we see children of 8-9 years old experiencing politics. For the first time, the students get to choose first own class monitor. We see what kind of motivation, pressure and method the canditates use in their campaign. How those factors influence their decisions and the consequences, the expected and the unexpected. In Gayby Baby, we have the opportunity to hear from the children who are raised by same-sex parents. How their parents' sexual preferences raised different opinions in the society and how those opinions effected their childhood. In Indonesia, most LGBTs are still struggling to get (positive) ackonowledgement from the society. Even where are very few who are fighting for the rights to legally parent a child, Gayby Baby is an important film, exactly because it presents the point of view of the children. The director of Jihad Selfie met Akbar, the subject of this documentary, by chance, when he was getting a meal in Turkey. This meeting lead the filmmaker to follow the story on how teenagers are being recruited by extremists through social media. What is so attractive from these offers given by the extremists to the teenagers like Akbar? This film, in a way, has provided a platform for the teenager to share his aspirations, the ones which lured them to consider joining an extremist group. Unlike the other films in this program, Jermal is a fiction film. The filmmakers chose to shot the film in a realistic-documentary style, because they were inspired by the reality of a group of child who works off-shore in North Sumatera. They come from poor families and do not have convenient access to education. Working is their way of life and violence is often a necessity for survival. The story combines that harsh reality with a father-and-son drama which general audience can relate to.
  • 3. Lee Hirsch, the director of Bully, was bullied as a child. That was part of the motivation for the film, and for the direction he took it. Being bullied is the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the US, yet many supposedly-responsible adults chose to ignore this destructive habit and underestimated the impact of bullying. The film features how bullying has effected 5 kids and their families; it also captures a growing movement to change how bullying is handled in schools, in communities and in society as a whole. The film screenings take places in kineforum on 7-30 September 2016. There is also a discussion on 11 September 2016 with Lestia Primayanti, the headmaster of Sekolah Kembang, a school which aimed to introduce the joy of learning to their young students; and Harini Tunjungsari, a psychologist and a lecturer in the Faculty of Psychology in Atma Jaya University. This program invites the audience to reflect on how children have their own point of view to deal with the bittersweetness of life. And how the adults can guide these children to draw a proper assessment and address the problems in their life, without loosing their hope and joy. At the end of the day, it really does take the whole village to raise a child. Please Vote for Me Director Weijun Chen / Country China, South Africa, Denmark / Genre Documentary / Year 2007 / Duration 58 minutes / Language Chinese / Subtitle English / Format Digital / Classification PG12 Please Vote for Me follows the elections for class monitor in a 3rd grade class of eight-year-old children in Wuhan, China. The candidates compete against each other for the coveted role and are egged on by their teachers and doting parents. SYNOPSES Film Source PT. Amero Mitra Film ECCO Films Indonesia Noor Huda Ismail Rise And Shine World Sales UG STEPS Suryani Liauw Programmer Thank You Ardi Yunanto Charlotte Mars & Maya Newell Elise McCave In-Docs Lee Hirsch Lulu Ratna Malinda Wink Nina Masjhur Orlow Seunke
  • 4. Jermal Directors Ravi Bharwani, Rayya Makarim, Orlow Seunke / Actors Iqbal S. Manurung, Didi Petet, Yayu AW Unru / Country Indonesia / Genre Fiction / Year 2008 / Duration 92 minutes / Language Indonesian / Subtitle English / Format Digital / Classification PG12 Jaya is sent to a fishing platform in the middle of the sea, to live with Johar, his father, who is not even aware that he existed. While the son is forced to deal with being rejected by his father and being bullied the other boys; the father is forced to face the horrid past he thought he has left behind, and deal with the present and consider a better future for both him and his son. Bully Director Lee Hirsch / Country USA / Genre Documentary / Year 2011 / Duration 98 minutes / Language English / Subtitle English / Format Digital / Classification PG12 Bully is a character-driven documentary, featuring five stories, each representing a different facet of America’s bullying crisis. Bully opens a window onto the pained and often endangered lives of bullied kids, revealing a problem that transcends geographic, racial, ethnic and economic borders. Gayby Baby Director Maya Newell / Country Australia / Genre Documentary / Year 2015 / Duration 85 minutes / Language English / Subtitle Indonesian / Format Digital / Classification PG12 Kids being raised by same-sex couples are growing in numbers worldwide. Who are these kids? What do they think about having same-sex parents? And do they face different issues to other kids? At a time when the world is debating marriage equality, these questions are more pertinent than ever. Told from the perspective of the kids, Gayby Baby is intimate and sometimes humorous account of four children and their families. Jihad Selfie Director Noor Huda Ismail / Country Indonesia / Genre Documentary / Year 2016 / Duration 50 minutes / Language Indonesian / Subtitle English / Format Digital / Classification 18+ In Jihad Selfie, director, Noor Huda Ismail, follows the story of how Indonesian teenagers are recruited to Islamic State. Teuku Akbar Maulana, the subject of his film, is an Acehnese teenager studying in Turkey. through online social media, he was invited to join the Islamic State.
  • 5. kineforum is an alternative screening space in Jakarta. Managed by Jakarta Arts Council, young volunteers, with cooperation with XXI Cineplex. We offer a variety of program, including classical and contemporary films, local and international film, and invite the general public to take part in the world cinema -- past and present. kineforum also aimed to provide an exhibition space to initiate dialogs between the filmmakers and the audience; and also to deliver quality films for film enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy non-mainstream films. DONATION IDR15,000 (Monday, Wednesday-Friday) | IDR20,000 (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays) except those marked * (Please Vote for Me and Bully) are for free, no donation needed. PROGRAM DISCUSSION “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” Sunday, 11 September - 17.00 (FREE) Speakers: Lestia Primayanti (Headmaster of Sekolah Kembang) Harini Tunjungsari (psychologist and lecturer of Faculty of Psychology UNIKA Atma Jaya) DISCUSSION ON JIHAD SELFIE Wednesday, 14 September - 14.15 and Wednesday, 21 September - 19.30 Speakers: T. Akbar Maulana (the subject of Jihad Selfie) Taufik Andrie (Executive Director of Yayasan Prasasti Perdamaian) WED 7 SEPTEMBER WED, 28 SEPTEMBER WED, 14 SEPTEMBER Please Vote for Me* Please Vote for Me* FRI, 9 SEPTEMBER Jihad Selfie FRI, 30 SEPTEMBER Bully* MON, 19 SEPTEMBER Gayby Baby THU, 15 SEPTEMBER Gayby Baby THU, 29 SEPTEMBER Jermal Bully* Gayby Baby Jihad Selfie Please Vote for Me* 14.15: 14.15: 14.15: 14.15: 14.15: 14.15:17.00: 17.00: 19.30: 19.30: 19.30: SAT, 10 SEPTEMBER WED, 21 SEPTEMBER Bully* MON 12 SEPTEMBER Jermal MON, 26 SEPTEMBER Bully* THU, 11 SEPTEMBER THU, 22 SEPTEMBER Please Vote for Me* THU, 8 SEPTEMBER Gayby Baby Jermal Jermal Jihad Selfie 14.15: 14.15: 14.15:14.15: 17.00: 17.00: 17.00: 19.30: 19.30: Program Discussion "It Takes a Village"
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