Freshman English (1298) A Syllabus Spring, 2011 Prof. Shu-ching Chen; General Teaching Hall 208—Tuesda ! 10-10 00#$ %anguage Cen&er 201—Thursda 1 10 -' 00 P( )ffice *1', General Teaching Hall )ffice Hour Thursda ' 10 + , 00 P(; or - appoin&$en& .$ail schen/ Course Description: This course is designed &o enhance s&uden&s1 general .nglish proficienc on high-in&er$edia&e le2el, 0i&h a special focus on reading and lis&ening a-ili&ies 0i&hou& ruling ou& &he oppor&uni& &o e3
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  Freshman English (1298) A Syllabus Spring, 2011Prof. Shu-ching Chen; General Teaching Hall 208—Tuesda ! 10-10 00#$ %anguage Cen&er 201—Thursda 1 10 -' 00 P()ffice *1', General Teaching Hall )ffice Hour Thursda ' 10 +  00 P(; or  appoin&$en&$ail schen/ Course Description: This course is designed &o enhance s&uden&s general nglish proficienc on high-in&er$edia&eleel, i&h a special focus on reading and lis&ening aili&ies i&hou& ruling ou& &he oppor&uni&&o e3ercise ri&ing and spea4ing prac&ices. The class is diided in&o &o sec&ions reading sec&ion and lis&ening sec&ion. 5or reading sec&ion, e ill use reading $a&erials deried fro$differen& sources for differen& purposes. 5or close reading and class discussion, e ill read   ar&icles dran fro$ $aga6ines i&h co$ple3 sen&ences and in&rica&e organi6a&ion, and up-da&ed infor$a&ion i&h gloal significance. 7e ill learn &o apprecia&e &he arie& of ocaular coering differen& fields of 4noledge, &he sophis&ica&ion of &he sen&ences, and &he s&ruc&ures, and discuss &he con&en&s and &he ideas. (os& of &he class discussion in &he reading sec&ion ill focus on &hese ar&icles i&h &he purpose of elea&ing &he leel of our nglish proficienc. u& &o help s&uden&s for$ing &he hai& of reading nglish a& ho$e and 4eeping a good sense of nglish, &he class re9ues&s &he s&uden&s &o read &he assigned oo4 The X-Files: Squeeze   . Since &his oo4 co$es i&h a C:, s&uden&s can also prac&ice lis&ening &o &he s&or a& ho$e. S&uden&s are encouraged &o as4 9ues&ions regarding &his oo4 a& &he end of each $ee&ing, u&  ill no& schedule discussion in class for &his. 7e ill hae 9ui66es ased on &he s&or regularl. The ou&side reading ill e &es&ed o&h in &he (id&er$ 3a$ and 5inal 3a$. 5or lis&ening<oral sec&ion, e ill use  Interchange 2 $ainl for oral prac&ice anddiscussion. %is&ening $a&erials fro$ on-line $edia ill e assigned on regular asis for  prac&ice and discussion. Course e!uirements:  The s&uden&s are re9ues&ed &o finish &he assigned reading efore class and ac&iel  par&icipa&e in in-class ac&ii&ies, hich $igh& co$e in &he for$s of = and #, 9ui66es, group discussion, and shor& repor&s e&c. # reie &es& for ocabulary  ill e i$ple$en&ed af&er e finish &he discussion, hich ill e par& of &he ou&side reading 9ui6. There ill e no re$edial 9ui66es, should ou $iss an of &he$. The class ill e &augh& in nglish, and 1  s&uden&s hae &o learn &o respond and conduc& discussion in nglish. )&her &han &he assigned reading, all s&uden&s are adised &o $a4e good use of &he on-ca$pus 5oreign %anguage #ccess Cen&er >5%#C?, hich is loca&ed on &he  &h  5loor of &he %anguage Cen&er, &o do e3&ra  prac&ice. The ealua&ion ill &a4e in&o considera&ion s&uden&s fre9uenc of self-learning. @ou hae &o ge& a& leas& ' s&ic4ers fro$ 5%#C efore &he $id&er$, ano&her ' efore &he final e3a$. The $ore s&ic4ers ou ge&, &he higher ou score on our class perfor$ance. Class #olicy: #sence i&hou& leae ill cos& ou 1 A final grade. %a&eness >arrie af&er &he roll call or 20 $inu&es? ill cos& ou 0. A final grade. (ore &han  asences ill cos& ou &he en&ire course. Class perfor$ance >10A?, =ui66es >10A?, #&&endance and Self-learning >10A?(id&er$ 3a$ >&he aerage e&een reading &es& and lis&ening &es&? 'A; 5inal 3a$ >&he aerage e&een lis&ening and reading &es&s? 'A. English $ra%uation &hreshol%: @ou need &o plan our schedule for passing &he re9uire$en& for nglish Gradua&ion Threshold as earl as possile. @ou can ei&her &a4e a GPT High-in&er$edia&e Tes& in #pril, or )c&oer 2011. :epending on &he da&e ou se& &o &a4e &he &es&, ou should s&ar& &o or4 ou& a prepara&ion schedule. Should ou need help in preparing for &he re9uired GPT high-in&er$edia&e &es&, please chec4 i&h 5%#C 。 )ur course ill no& incorpora&e s4ills for passing GPT. Class Sche%ule:   'ee    Date   ea%ing :a&e  istening  12<22 n&roduc&ion 2<2B  New Interchange 2 ni& D; )n-linelis&ening $a&erial 1 2'<1Eea&ing Procras&ina&ion F '<'  New Interchange 2 ni& D; )n-linelis&ening $a&erial 2 ''<8 Eea&ing Procras&ina&ion F '<10Eea&ing Procras&ina&ion,F)n-line lis&ening $a&erial ' B'<1 Eea&ing Procras&ina&ion F '<1*  New Interchange 2 ni& * *+ui, 1 on Eea&ing Procras&ina&ionF and  X-Files  >Chap&ers 1-'? 2    '<22 E3pand @our Career Po&en&ialF '<2B  New Interchange 2 ni& *)n-line lis&ening $a&erial B D '<2!E3pand @our Career Po&en&ialF '<'1E3pand @our Career Po&en&ialF * B<0 Spring -rea   B<0* Spring -rea   8 B<12 Day .//   B<1B * +ui, 2  on E3pand @our Career Po&en&ialF and  X-Files >Chap&ers B-D? ; )n-line %is&ening $a&erial  ! B<1! 0i%term Eam (rea%ing) B<21 0i%term Eam (istening)  10 B<2D   Prepara&ion for &he $oie B<28(oie 11 <0'E:o 7e eed *,000 a @ear &o e HappIF <0 :iscussion of &he $oie   New Interchange 2 ni& 8; 12 <10 E:o 7e eed *,000 a @ear &oe HappIF <12 .ral presentation /or 0o ie  New Interchange 2 ni& 8 1' <1*E:o 7e eed *,000 a @ear &o e HappIF <1! .ral #resentation /or 0o ie )n-lis&ening $a&erial D 1B <2B E:o 7e eed *,000 a @ear &oe HappIF <2D  New Interchange 2 ni& 8 * +ui,    on E:o 7e eed J*,000 &o e HappF and  X-Files >Chap&ers *-8? 1 <'1E)u& of a Killage in gp& Por&rai& of a 5aceoo4 LeelF D<02 E)u& of a Killage in gp& Por&rai&of a 5aceoo4 LeelF  New Interchange 2 ni& ! 1D D<0*E)u& of a Killage in gp& Por&rai& of a 5aceoo4 LeelF D<! E)u& of a Killage in gp& Por&rai& of a 5aceoo4 LeelF  New Interchange 2 ni& !   1* D<1BE)u& of a Killage in gp& Por&rai& of a 5aceoo4 LeelF D<1D)n-ling %is&ening $a&erial * * +ui, 3 on E)u& of a Killage in gp& Por&rai& of a 5aceoo4 LeelF and  X-Files >Chap&ers !-10? 18 D<21 Final Eam /or ea%ing  D<2' Final Eam /or istening )u&side reading  The X Files: Squeeze  >oo4$an? Please pic4 up &he oo4 a& 古今書廊 ist o/ .n4line listening material  1. )n-lis&ening $a&erial 1 fro$ a&ional Geographics  5Egypt 6ants its &reasure -ac7 h&&p <<.ou&u$<user<a&ionalGeographicMp<u<8<l3C%B7NG@ '  2. )n-line lis&ening $a&erial 2 fro$ PL  All Things Considered   5&urning in Space oise /or Soun%s o/ i/e7 '. )n-line lis&ening $a&erial ' fro$ PL  All Things Considered  50ans First -est Frien% 0ight a e been a Fo7 B. )n-line lis&ening $a&erial B fro$ PL  All Things Considered    5earning to Embrace 0ess an% Chaos &hrough ;oga<7 . )n-line lis&ening $a&erial  fro$ PL  All Things Considered  5For =i%s> Sel/4Control Factors ?nto Future Success<7 D. )n-line lis&ening $a&erial D fro$ PL  All Things Considered    5&he Aging -rain ?s ess +uic> -ut 0ore Shre6%<7 *. )n-ling lis&ening $a&erial * fro$ PL  All Things Considered    5&hrough #rotests> .ne 0an elps De/ine &6itter<7.n4line learning resources: Ca$ridge :ic&ionaries )nline >h&&p <<dic&ionar.ca$<?(erria$-7es&er )nline >h&&p <<.$-.co$?ncar&a 7orld nglish :ic&ionar >h&&p <<dic&ionar.$$?nglishClu.co$ nglish Kocaular >h&&p <<.englishclu.co$<ocaular<inde3.h&$?#c&ii&ies for S%<5% S&uden&s >h&&p << %anguage #ccess Cen&er >h&&p <<.nchuledu.&<Oflac<? 中興大學外語學習資源中心網頁 B
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