151 quick ideas to inspire your staff

1. Chapter title here 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your StaffBy Jerry R. Wilson, CSP Franklin Lakes, NJ 1 2. 151 Quick Ideas to ... fill in blank Copyright  2005 by…
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  • 1. Chapter title here 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your StaffBy Jerry R. Wilson, CSP Franklin Lakes, NJ 1
  • 2. 151 Quick Ideas to ... fill in blank Copyright  2005 by Jerry R. WilsonAll rights reserved under the Pan-American and InternationalCopyright Conventions. This book may not be reproduced, in wholeor in part, in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical,including photocopying, recording, or by any information storageand retrieval system now known or hereafter invented, without writtenpermission from the publisher, The Career Press. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff Edited by Jodi Brandon Typeset by Christopher Carolei Cover design by The Visual Group Printed in the U.S.A. by Book-mart PressTo order this title, please call toll-free 1-800-CAREER-1 (NJ and Canada:201-848-0310) to order using VISA or MasterCard, or for further informationon books from Career Press. The Career Press, Inc., 3 Tice Road, PO Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Wilson, Jerry R., 1944-2005 151 quick ideas to inspire your staff / by Jerry R. Wilson. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 1-56414-829-7 paper 1. Employee motivation. I. Title: One hundred fifty one quickideas to inspire your staff. II. Title: One hundred and fifty one quickideas to inspire your staff. III. Title.HF5549.5.M63W56 2005658.314--dc22 2005052637 2
  • 3. Chapter title here ContentsForeword 9How to Use This Book 11 1. Work on, Not in, Your Business 13 2. A Better Way to Think, Feel, and Act 14 3. IASM 15 4. We Care and You Matter 16 5. Your Job Is All About THEM 17 6. The “Why” Is What Everyone Overlooks 19 7. Creating Your Magnet Story 20 8. Your Job: To Sell Again and Again and Again 22 9. Steal, Don’t Invent, Your Success 2310. No Man Can Serve 2 Masters 2411. Teamwork 2512. Be Demanding: Setting Your Standards 2713. Turning Every Worker Into a CRM 2814. What We Expect of You 2915. Don’t Compete With Yourself 3016. Too Soon Old and Too Late Schmart 3217. Mother Teresa’s Advice 3318. 1-2-3 Is Your Job Description 3419. Answer the WHY Questions: Your Company 3520. Answer the WHY Questions: Your Employees 3721. How to Park Your Ego 3822. Own Their Head, Heart, and Soul 4023. Who Gets the Credit? 41 3
  • 4. 151 Quick Ideas to ... fill in blank24. Catalog and Use Those Tribal Stories 4225. If You Have Time to Lean... 4426. Roadblocks and Resources 4527. On Message: Your Brand Promise 4728. A Blinding Flash: You Are in the People Business 4829. You Will NEVER Understand People 4930. Nobody Notices Normal 5131. Critical First Impressions 5232. Hire Winners and Fire Your Losers— But Do It Right 5333. The “Must” Checklist 5534. Invest in People 5635. A Chance to Take a Chance 5736. The 3 × 5 Card System Agenda Jogger 5837. Horses and People = Breeding and Past Performance 6038. Discrimination Is Alive and Well 6139. Be a Magnet and Attract the Best 6240. Hiring Smart Means Never Selling the Job 6341. Invest in Yourself 6542. Invest in Your Team 6643. Invest in Your Customers 6744. Give ’Em a Great Reputation 6845. Can We Be Friends? 6946. Protect Yourself From Workers With “Selective Memory” 7147. Why There Is No Such Thing as “Fair” in Managing and Motivating People 7248. 3 Types of Motivation 7449. My Job Is to Sell You—YES, YOU CAN! 75 4
  • 5. Chapter title here50. Understanding the Role of Acceptance in Motivating Others 7651. The 3 Things That Will Create Instant Team Synergy 7752. Why Great Leaders Never Judge or Confront Their People 7953. It’s All About Outcomes, Stupid! 8054. The 1 Deadly Error Managers Make When Delivering Criticism 8155. CP1 = EN1 8256. Celebrate: Turn Little Times Into Big Ones 8357. One Word to Master: Leadership 8558. Courage vs. Conformity 8659. To Be Effective, Do More Than “Walk the Talk” 8760. Meeting Their Needs: Create a Salad Bar 8861. Positive Models: Your Way or the Highway 9062. Your Speed = Their Speed 9163. What Is Your Role in Inspiring People in a World of Negative Messages? 9264. Don’t Be a Know-It-All 9465. Shoveling Coal and 4 Crucial Questions 9566. Your Culture Is NOT a Democracy 9667. Rules vs. Guidelines: Know the Difference 9868. You Can’t Be Fired Unless… 9969. Kill the Snake! 10070. America’s Promise: Equal Rights 10271. ASK—It Is Easier to Stay Out of Trouble 103 5
  • 6. 151 Quick Ideas to ... fill in blank72. Are You a Conformist? 10473. Sell Your Unique Strengths—No Layoffs 10674. Monkey See, Monkey Do 10775. Read Your Job Description 10876. Intentions Are as Important as Actions 10977. The 1 Thing You Must Do to Get Employees to Respect You 11078. The Man in the Mirror 11179. The H.E.L.M. Principle 11280. Integrity: When 2 People Know 11381. Mom, Sunday School, and a Grand Jury 11582. Faith, Failure, and Forgiveness 11683. Inside and Outside Listening Mechanisms 11784. Work ON, Not IN, Your Business 11885. Boss, Heal Thyself— For You Are the Problem 11986. It Won’t Get Better With Age 12187. Facelift, Extreme Makeover— Good Getting Better 12288. How Smart People Learn 12389. Chasing Symptoms 12490. You Must Know You Don’t Know 12691. Checklists Are a Must 12792. Zero Defections and Postmortems 12893. Consistency 12994. Your Hall of Fame 13195. Your Wall of Shame 13296. The Oxen Principle 13397. Satisfaction: The Kiss of Death! 13598. Correct Your Thinking = Retraining 13699. Keyoka 137 6
  • 7. Chapter title here100. Your ABCs and 1,000 Little Things 138101. Green Is Growing; Red Is Rotting 140102. Teacher, Preacher, Coach, or Shrink? 141103. A Different Approach to Communication: Using “McMeetings” 142104. The Hidden Payoff in Training Events 144105. Uncle F.E.S.S. 145106. Do You Have Reasons—Or Excuses? 146107. What Is True Empowerment? 147108. MMFI 149109. Praise, Paper, and Criticism 150110. Feel the Fear 151111. They Don’t Know How Much You Care 152112. Forget Telling: Show Them You Love Them 153113. Friendly and Firm, But Is It Fair? 155114. Little p, Big E 156115. They Must Agree: A Willing Spirit 157116. The Magic Question: What Do You Think? 158117. How to Follow the “Wise Judge Principle” in Dealing With People 160118. Your Door Is Open 161119. Weasel Words 162120. A Family Affair 164121. Your Greatest Challenge: Egocentric 165122. The Only Thing That Works When People Are Off-Track 166123. Winston’s Wisdom: Your Best Is Not Enough 167124. Fringe Benefits 168125. Retention: Annual Revenues Stink 169126. You Should Be Arrested! 170 7
  • 8. 151 Quick Ideas to ... fill in blank127. If They Need a Raise, Fire the Boss 172128. Correct and Move On 173129. Catch Them Being Good 174130. Focus on Behavior, Not People 175131. Get Mad 176132. Traditions 177133. I Care and You Matter to Me 179134. Caring and Sharing 180135. Old Chinese Wisdom 181136. Nothing to Hide; Hide Nothing 182137. Test Question: Am I Fairly Paid? 183138. Beware of the Seniority Trap 184139. Rank Has Its Privileges 185140. Want Loyalty? Get Yourself a Dog! 187141. Control Benefits Costs by Measuring and Monitoring P&L Creep 188142. Show Me the Money 189143. Behavior = Outcomes 190144. 1 More Time: Me to We 191145. Your Definition of Success 192146. Your Inspiration = Their Perspiration 194147. Technology Requires Investment 195148. Sort Ideas: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future 196149. How to Fire People and Have Them Say Thank You 197150. Applause: Your To-Done List 198151. Buy My Books and Use Them 200Index 201About the Author 207 8
  • 9. Chapter title here Foreword Getting more done faster and with better results are theobjectives of corporations today around the world. What is itthat makes one company excel and another exist? It is thecompetitive edge—the edge that is found in Jerry Wilson’s151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff. Its practical, hard-hitting ideas and examples are both relevant and necessary inbusiness today. This is the book that will give you the edge. It’sthe book that you don’t want your competition to read! Jerry’s book offers a treasury of ideas that are immedi-ately usable, actionable, and profitable and that were forgedand proven on the battlefields of business competition. Through-out the book and in a variety of ways, Jerry delivers his coremessage again and again: “Your staff will be no better than thepeople you hire and the inspiration you give them.” Another of Jerry Wilson’s truths that underlies this book isabout why people do what they do: Inspiring people is about getting other people to do, what you want done, because they want to do it. Leadership is about creating the climate or culture wherepeople are inspired from the inside out. Inspired employeeswant to see their organization succeed, because it will alsolead them to their own personal successes. That is the win-ning formula: inspiring ordinary people to achieve extraordi-nary outcomes. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staffprovides us with the winning strategies that lead employees tothat level of commitment. 9
  • 10. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff As you read this book you will discover quick ideas from aman who speaks from experience, not theory. Jerry provedthese ideas in his own successful business ventures. In addi-tion, they have been tested and proven by thousands of busi-ness and professional people following Jerry’s professionalpresentations to audiences across the United States and Canada,and in numerous foreign countries. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff will recharge yourbattery and excite you, as Jerry has provided not only what todo, but also how to do it. You will be ready and able to inspireyour people to give their individual best. You will gain the propermindset, have the right tools, and be able to practice effectivetechniques from this treasure trove of good ideas. Jerry taughtthousands of people his enthusiastic, inspiring and authenticquick ideas to inspire others—and now it is your turn! Read thebook and watch your visions become reality. Thanks, Jerry!SteveHanesThe Dale Carnegie Course 10
  • 11. Chapter title here How to Use This Book Every quick idea in this book has been selected to directlyor indirectly help you gain and retain customers, create rela-tionships, and build a successful business. Don’t try to implement all 151 ideas at once, because somewon’t be a good fit right now. Read through all 151 quick ideasand select only those that can really make a difference. Labelyour ideas: Implement now. Review again in 30 days. Pass the idea along to _________. Involve your staff in selecting and implementing these ideas,and don’t forget to give credit for their success! Invest in addi-tional copies of this book and distribute them among your staff.Get everyone involved in selecting and recommending variousquick ideas. Revisit this book every 90 days. As your business changes,you will find new quick ideas that might suit you better nowthat competition is heating up. Remember: All the ideas in this book have been proven inbusinesses across the United States and around the world. Theyhave worked for others and will work for you! 11
  • 12. This page intentionally left blank
  • 13. 1 Work on, Not in, Your Business There’s one fact that can truly be labeled a blinding flash ofthe obvious if you’re sincere about improving your business. If youwait to have time, you’ll never get around to it. Some law of naturealways fills our agenda. Practicing kaizen and continuous improve-ment means you must make time to work on, not just in, yourbusiness. You will never have time if you don’t make the time. Jack was always too busy working to rethink marketing strat-egies and to be cultivating potential customers. No amount of plead-ing by his sales staff could get him away from operations. Hebelieved the company would always have a steady flow of work.When their largest customer defected to a competitor, Jack wasfaced with making a mad scramble to replace the work or befaced with laying off many of his quality workers that he would probably never get back. It’s easy to overlook Assignment needed improvement today, On a 3 × 5 card, posted and it’s almost certain you’ll above your desk somewhere look back in time and say, “I you will see it every time you wish I had…,” “I should sit down, write: “I will work have…,” and “Why didn’t on my business—and my I…?” as they’ll become team—today.” part of your conversation— part of the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” routine. Epilogue Procrastination robs us of a valuable commodity: time. Today is the day to begin improving and practicing kaizen. 13
  • 14. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff 2 A Better Way to Think, Feel, and Act Kaizen is the Japanese word for the philosophy of dailyincremental improvement—the practice of each day findingsmall improvements that can add up to long-term quantum leapsfor improved quality, productivity, processes, and so forth. Forthis assignment we look for a quantum leap in the way youthink, feel, and act. When you listen to businesspeople discuss what is goingon with their jobs, their companies, or their leadership, you’llalmost always hear them talking about their activities. Whydo we constantly bat around this talk about our activities?Experts tell us it is largely because it gives us good feelings toknow we have been busy, and therefore we think and feel weare being productive. Can you find me even one prospect or customer Assignment who cares about the activi- On a 3 × 5 card in large ties, the busywork, and what bold letters write down: goes on inside your firm or “OUTCOMES!” Then be- organization? What do cus- low that bold word add the tomers care about? Out- following sentence: “Cus- comes, and what is in it for tomers want to know them. In other words, they W.I.I.F.T. ( what’s in it for couldn’t care less about your them)!” labor pains; they simply want you to show them the baby. 14
  • 15. Quick Ideas 2 to 3 Epilogue Think outcomes, and you’ll soon find your organization embracing the practice of incremental daily improvement. 3 IASM It is said that life is a series of ongoing challenges inter-rupted by a periodic crisis. How true that has proven to be! It istrue that everyone in business faces setbacks, roadblocks, andbouts of occasional discouragement. Good leadership meanslearning to minimize those challenges and crises, but to alsodevelop an internal persistence to work through them. When Mary Kay Ashfounded Mary Kay Cosmet- Assignmentics, with little money and thechallenge of being an unex- On a 3 × 5 card write outpected widow, she needed a the top three things you aresecret weapon to persevere sold on as it relates to yourwith her dream of helping products and services, andothers succeed with her in how they benefit your custom-her startup cosmetics busi- ers. Use these key talkingness. Her answer was to points to continuously remindbecome so sold on her prod- yourself and your employeesucts and her unique business as to why you have the ini-opportunity that she and oth- tials IASM as top of mind.ers could visualize the big 15
  • 16. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staffbold letters IASM (I Am Sold Myself) emblazoned across theirchests. As she grew Mary Kay Cosmetics from a startup visioninto an international success story, she never gave up the beliefthat to overcome the challenges and crises that everyone faces,you must be absolutely sold on your products and services.Being absolutely, positively sold leads to the persistence andtenacity needed to persevere. Epilogue It is how you respond to what happens to you that will keep you going when others give up. 4 We Care and You Matter It is difficult if not impossible to find a business that doesn’tclaim to care about its people and to hear how much they matterto the organization’s success. They say it, they put it up on signsand banners, and they brag about how they care and their peoplematter to anyone who will listen. The problem is that to reallyinspire your staff means that you must both say it and live it. When a Minneapolis-based company was forced to reor-ganize under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, one of the new practicesthey thought would inspire their embattled staff was to offercash rewards for good ideas and suggestions. One of the firstto take advantage of the offer looked at his $50 suggestionreward check and asked a very telling question. Why, he asked,when you were going broke did you not seem to care about 16
  • 17. Quick Ideas 3 to 5me and my ideas, and nowthat we are in bankruptcy AssignmentI not only matter but youare willing to pay me for On a 3 × 5 card, writemy ideas? Ouch! the word “ASK” again and Want a simple and mean- again. And below it add:ingful way to prove to your “People don’t care howpeople that you care and that much you know until theythey matter? Execute the know how much they care.”assignment at right and you’ll Then, routinely ask yournot only be rewarded with a people for suggestions—more inspired crew, you’ll and act on those suggestionsgain tons of great ideas and when you get to help you growand improve. Epilogue You can shout you care from the rooftops and you can put up signs and banners about how much your people mat- ter, but what will inspire them is when you demonstrate it. 5 Your Job Is All About THEM Sometime over the years you have heard the great debateabout which came first: the chicken or the egg? A second de-bate has been which comes first: your customers or your staff?After much discussion, debate, and research, my vote is thatyour staff must come first if you want to grow beyond yourselfand to multiply yourself through other people. 17
  • 18. 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff The late W. Clement Stone became one of America’s firstbillionaires by inspiring hundreds and then thousands of salesand management people to join him in growing his CombinedInsurance Company into an industry giant. One of his key suc-cess methods was to live and breathe the principle that you willget what you want when you help enough other people getwhat they want. He served as a role model and inspiration for many busi-ness leaders as he reminded them that the only way to getpeople back on track when they lose their way is to go back totheir individual goals, dreams, and aspirations. Assignment On a 3 × 5 card write down the following intro- spective question to ask yourself about your people again and again: “Do I really know what each of my people wants as his or her individual benefit of being part of helping me build and grow this business?” Put this card at the start of a file section that will include cards on all of your employees. Epilogue Nothing can pay off more than knowing what your people want from you and their work, and then helping them achieve it. 18
  • 19. Quick Ideas 5 to 6 6 The “Why” Is What Everyone Overlooks Young children are masters at asking the “why” question.In fact, many a parent has been driven to the edge of insanityas kids ask “why” in an effort to understand and deal with theirworld. Just because you are trying to inspire mostly “big people,”from perhaps teens to senior citizens, doesn’t mean inquiringminds have lost the need to know why. Consider the plight ofSue as her understaffed and Assignmentoverworked library stafffiled into the library confer- On a 3 × 5 card, writeence room for an unex- out a minimum of three an-plained but mandatory swers as to “why” you aremeeting. Sue was faced excited about the future ofwith telling her staff that your company and the oppor-they were about to endure a tunities for your staff to growyear of living hell as the and prosper with you. Thentown council had voted to begin incorporating suchnot only double the size of “why” dialogue to go alongthe library, but to renovate with the requests you ask ofand remodel the aging facil- your people.ity as well. With that announcement would come the reality that theyear ahead would be filled with noise, dirt, moving, hassles, and
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