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2) Buzon vs. Velasco

Buzon vs. Velasco
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  BUZON vs. VELASCO A.M. No. RTJ-94-1209; Feb. 13 199! PANGANIBAN, J. In a letter dated May 6, 1994, Reymualdo Buzon, Jr. charged respondent  Judge Tirso .!. elasco o# Branch $$, Regional Trial !ourt o# %uezon !ity &ith gross ignorance o# the la& and alleged 'illegal acts' and(or irregularity in granting )ail to the accused amounting to gross partiality in !riminal !ase *o. %+$9+1- entitled 'eople o# the hilippines /s. 0ernando Tan', alias ing' #or murder, &hich &as pending in the said court.2#ter receipt o# the respondents !omment, the !ourt on June 6, 1993, re#erred this case to 2ssociate Justice !onrado M. asuez, Jr. o# the !ourt o# 2ppeals #or in/estigation, report and recommendation.In his report dated ecem)er 11, 1993, Justice asuez narrated the #acts as#ollo&s52#ter a preliminary in/estigation, the 7ce o# the !ity rosecutor o# %uezon !ity 8led the In#ormation :;hi)its 1 and <, 0ormal =er> #or Murder in !riminal !ase *o. %+$9+1- against accused 0ernando Tan ? 'ing' #or the death o# Reymualdo Buzon, @r. 2pparently, the corresponding &arrant o# arrest &as issued against the accused )ut could not )e ser/ed. n May A1, 19$9, the case &as ordered archi/ed :;hi)it A, supra> and an alias &arrant o# arrest 2nne; <, complaint> issued. *ota)ly, no )ail &as recommended in the &arrant.@ometime in 0e)ruary o# 1991, accused Tan sur#aced and 8led a motion that he )e granted )ail on the ground that the !ity rosecutor recommended in the criminal charge sheet against him a 3-,---,-- )ail #or his pro/incial sic> li)erty. 2cting on the motion, on 0e)ruary <-, 1991, the respondent  udge granted )ail to the accused in the amount o# 3-,---.-- :;hi)it 4, 0ormal =er> and accordingly recalled the &arrant o# arrest :;hi)it 3> on 0e)ruary <3, 1991 a#ter the accused had posted the reuired )ond. It is &orth&hile stating that the Motion #or Bail &as granted &ithout a hearing norcomment #rom the prosecution.2ccused &as su)seuently arraigned on March $, 1991 :;hi)it 6, supra> andtrial &as set #or se/eral postponed hearings at the instance o# )oth the prosecution and the accused :;hi)its , +a, $, and $+a, supra>n 0e)ruary 1-, 199<, the prosecution su)mitted Motion to !ancel Bail Bond :;hi)it 1-, supra> alleging, inter+alia, that the In#ormation 8led &as tampered )ecause the In#ormation srcinally stated '*o Bail Recommended'.Co&e/er, the &ord '*o' &as sno&paDed and the 8gures 3-,---,-- added a#ter the &ord 'recommended', to read5 'B2IE R:!MM:*:5 3-,---.--'.   The prosecution &ent #urther asserting that the o=ense o# Murder is punisha)le )y Reclusion erpetua &here )ail is not a matter o# right.2ccused initially 8led his opposition through his la&yer C. J. a)lo, III :;hi)it 11, supra>. Eater, 2tty. Moises 2. @amson posted a *otice o# 2ppearance :;hi)it 1<, supra> as co+de#ense counsel simultaneously reuesting #or time to su)mit supplemental opposition to the Motion To !ancel Bail and the postponement o# the scheduled hearings o# the case. The supplemental opposition &as not at all 8led ,> neither &as the Motion to !ancel Bail Bond resol/ed )y the respondent e/en until a#ter the prosecution had rested its case on @eptem)er <A, 199< :;hi)it <4, supra>.2longside &ith sic> the prosecutions resting its case, in open court the accused &as granted lea/e o# court to 8le a emurrer to :/idence. *onetheless, on cto)er 3, 199<, &hat the accused 8led &as a #ormal Motion0or Eea/e to 0ile Motion to ismiss By Fay o# emurrer To :/idence :;hi)it <3, supra> &hich surprisingly &as met )y the prosecution &ith an 'ppositionto emurrer to :/idence'. 2dding to the miscommunication, the respondent denied the emurrer to :/idence in its rder o# cto)er 13, 199< :;hi)it <, supra>.2ny&ay, on *o/em)er 1<, 199<, the accused 8led a Motion #or Reconsideration :;hi)it <9, supra> stating that5 1> he has not yet 8led a emurrer to :/idence as &hat he had su)mitted &as only a simple Motion 0or Eea/e to 8le one emurrer to :/idence>G and <> that the e/idence presented )y the prosecution is insu7cient to con/ict the accused. The prosecution opposed the motion claiming that the accused tried to put one o/er the court &hen he stated that he has not yet 8led a emurrer to :/idence and that the de#ense allegation that the prosecutions e/idence is insu7cient to pro/e the guilt o# the accused )eyond reasona)le dou)t is contrary to the #acts on record. n ecem)er <, 199<, :;hi)it A<, supra> theMotion #or Reconsideration &as granted in such a &ay that the accused &as gi/en ten 1-> days to 8le a emurrer to :/idence &hich &as ultimately 8led on ecem)er 19, 199< :;hi)it AA, supra>.:/entually, the emurrer to :/idence together &ith> its Motion #or Reconsideration &ere respecti/ely denied on January <1, 199A :;hi)it A6, supra> and on March 3, 199A, :;hi)it 4A, supra>. In the meantime, pre/ious settings #or de#ense e/idence &ere cancelled #or #ailure o# receipt o# the denial o# the emurrer to :/idence.n May 11, 199A, the reception o# de#ense e/idence &as held in a)eyance :;hi)it 46, supra> pending 8nal resolution )y the !ourt o# 2ppeals on the etition #or !ertiorari and Mandamus 8led )y the accused in !2+H.R. @ *o. A-66, assailing the denial o# the emurrer to :/idence. n 2ugust <A,  199A, !2+H.R. @ *o. A-66 &as dismissed :;hi)it 3-, supra> and its Motion #or Reconsideration denied on January 3, 1994 :;hi)it 3>. The accused did not stop there. The matter &as ele/ated to the @upreme !ourt under H.R. *o. 11A33 :;hi)it 3$, supra>. n @eptem)er <6, 1994 :;hi)it 6, supra> the @upreme !ourt denied &ith 8nality the Motion #or Reconsideration o# the resolution dated 2ugust A, 1994 denying the etition #or Re/ie&.In the mean&hile, on *o/em)er <A, 199A, prior to the denial o# the Motion #or Reconsideration in !2+H.R. @ *o. A-6 and the 8ling o# H.R. *o. 11A33 )e#ore the @upreme !ourt, the prosecution su)mitted )e#ore the respondent  Judge a Motion to !ancel Bail To Reiterate Motion dated 0e)ruary , 199<> :;hi)it 3<, supra> duly opposed )y the accused :;hi)it 34, supra> and met &ith a Reply :;hi)it 33, supra> )y the prosecution. n ecem)er <-, 199A, the Motion to !ancel Bail &as denied :;hi)it 36, supra> )y the respondent, ruling50or resolution )e#ore this !ourt is the MTI* T !2*!:E B* 8led )y> plainti= thru the 2ssistant !ity rosecutor, the pposition To Motion to !ancel Bail> 8led )y accused thru counsel, the R:E T @ITI* T MTI* T !2*!:E B2IE and the reasons relied upon )y the parties &hich this !ourt :*I:@ #or lacD o# merit. The )ail )ond &hich the accused has posted &as pursuant to the recommendation o# the prosecution &hich the Rules o# !ourt allo&s to )e posted as long as it is in accord &ith the amount 8;ed )y the court or recommended )y the 8scal &ho in/estigated or 8led the case. The amount recommended &as 3-,---.-- &hich this !ourt 8nds as appropriate #or purposes o# the motion in uestion and under the present circumstances, and since the #oregoing is in accord &ith @ection 11, Rule 114, Rules o# !ourt,2!!RI*HE this !ourt 8nds no merit in the a#oresaid MTI* T !2*!:E B* and must per#orce :* the same.'@ R:R:.'n June <A, 1994, the pri/ate complainant 8led a Motion #or Inhi)ition :;hi)it 6<, supra> o# the respondent Judge )ecause o# this 2dministrati/e case.In the rder o# 2ugust 9, 1994 :;hi)it 63, supra> The Motion #or Reconsideration o# the rder denying the Motion to !ancel Bail Bond &as denied &hile the Motion #or Inhi)ition &as granted. @aid the respondent5In the instant case, the posting o# the )ail )ond &as appro/ed pursuant to the recommendation o# the 8ling rosecutor. @ec. <, Rule 114 o# the Rules o#  !ourt pro/ides #or the conditions imposed on the )ail)ond &hich upon appro/al remains in #orce at all stages o# the case until its 8nal determination, unless the proper court directs other&ise. !onsidering that the accused has not /iolated any condition imposed therein and has su)mitted himsel# to the urisdiction o# the court )y regularly appearing at the hearings o# the case, this !ourt 8nds no cogent reason to reconsider the uestioned order.Fith regards the Motion #or Inhi)ition, liDe&ise 8led )y the pri/ate complainant, 8nding that he has clearly lost his trust and con8dence in the residing Judge o# this !ourt in the impartial disposition o# this case, #or the peace o# mind o# the complainant, this !ourt grants the motion and the residing Judge here)y /oluntarily inhi)its himsel# #rom hearing this case. To complete the picture, the case &as re+raed to Judge 2gustin @. @ison o# Branch $- o# the same court )ut &ho liDe&ise inhi)ited himsel# due to close #amily relations &ith a mem)er o# the la& 8rm appearing as pri/ate prosecutor.Re+raed to Judge Hodo#redo E. Eegaspi o# Branch 9 the Motion To !ancel Bail &as granted in an rder dated March <-, 1993 :;hi)it 6$+a, supra>.  Then again, a#ter issuing the rder, Judge Eegaspi /oluntarily inhi)ited himsel# #rom hearing the case &ithout acting on the Motion #or Reconsideration 8led )y the accused to the rder cancelling his )ail )ond. The case &as re+assigned to Judge Eucas . Bersamin o# Branch 96 &ho, on 2pril <-, 1993 :;hi)it 6$+), supra>, &ho sic> reconsidered Judge Eegaspis rder cancelling the )ail )ond o# the accused increasing, ho&e/er, the )ail to1--,---.-- #or the pro/isional li)erty o# the accused.Kltimately, on June 1, 1993, complainant Romualdo sic> Buzon, Jr. sho&ed his disgust )y 8ling a motion to inhi)it Judge Bersamin :;hi)it 6$+c, supra>. 2#ter #a/ora)ly acting on the motion, Judge Bersamin sent the records o# the case to the 7ce o# the :;ecuti/e Judge o# the Regional Trial !ourt o# %uezon !ity #or re+rae to another )ranch.Knder the a#orementioned en/ironmental #acts, respondent Judge is no& administrati/ely charged &ith gross partiality and gross ignorance o# the la&. Justice asuez #ound no )asis #or the charge o# gross partiality, reasoning out that5 The procedural #acts o# the case as earlier chronologically listed do&n in this report )etrays the accusation o# partiality. 2ll proceedings &ere apparently conducted in the most usual and regular manner. Fhile there may)e some delays, the same are eually attri)uta)le to )oth the accused and to the
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