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2. Docena vs Lapesura

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   THIRD DIVISION [G.R. No. 140153. March 28, 2001]ANTONIO DOCENA a! A #REDA DOCENA,  petitioners, vs . HON. RICARDO $. A$ES%RA, & h&' ca(ac&)* a' $r+'&!& -!+ o/ )h+ RTC, rach III, G&a, Ea')+r Saar R%#INO M. GARADO, Sh+r& IV a! CASIANO HOMRIA, respondents .D E C I S I O N GONAGARE6ES,  J .7  Th&' &' a (+)&)&o /or r+&+9 o c+r)&orar& !+r R:+ 45 o/ )h+ R:+' o/ Cor) '++;& )h+ ::&<ca)&o o/ )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' [1]  R+'o:)&o' !a)+! -+ 18, 1=== a! S+()+>+r =, 1=== 9h&ch !&'&''+! )h+ $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& a! $roh&>&)&o [2]  !+r R:+ ?5 a! !+&+! )h+ corr+'(o!& o)&o /or r+co'&!+ra)&o, r+'(+c)&+:*. Th+ a)+c+!+) /ac)' ar+ a' /o::o9'7O -+ 1, 1=@@, (r&a)+ r+'(o!+) Ca'&ao Ho>r&a <:+! a Co(:a&) /or )h+ r+co+r* o/ a (arc+: o/ :a! aa&') h&' :+''++', (+)&)&o+r'(o'+' A)o&o a! A:/r+!a Doc+a. [3]  Th+ (+)&)&o+r' c:a&+! o9+r'h&( o/ )h+ :a! >a'+! o occ(a)&o '&c+ )&+ &+or&a:. [4]  A c+r)a& G&::+ro A>!a &)+r++! & )h+ ca'+. I aD+c&'&o !a)+! No+>+r 24, 1=8=, )h+ )r&a: cor) r:+! & /aor o/ )h+ (+)&)&o+r' a! )h+ &)+r+or A>!a. [5]   O a((+a:, )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' r++r'+! )h+ !+) o/ )h+ )r&a: cor) a! or!+r+! )h+ (+)&)&o+r' B to vacate the land they have leased from the plainti-appellant [private respondent Casiano Hombria], excluding the  portion which the petitioners reclaimed from the sea and forms part of the shore, as shown in the Commissioners !eport, and to pay the  plainti-appellant the agreed rental of #$%% per year from the date of the &ling of the Complaint until they shall have actually vacated the premises . [?]  Th+ Co(:a&) & I)+r+)&o o/ A>!a 9a' !&'&''+!. [@] O Ma* 22, 1==5, (r&a)+ r+'(o!+) Ho>r&a <:+! a Mo)&o /or E+c)&o o/ )h+ a>o+ !+c&'&o 9h&ch ha' a:r+a!* >+co+ <a: a! ++c)or*. [8]  Th+ o)&o 9a' ra)+! >* )h+ (>:&c r+'(o!+) !+, a! a r&) o/ E+c)&o 9a' &''+! )h+r+/or. Ho9++r, )h+ (>:&c r+'(o!+) 'h+r& '>'+F+):* <:+! a Ma&/+')a)&o r+F+')& )ha) h+ B be clari&ed in the determination of that particular portion which issought to be excluded prior to the delivery of the land ad'udged in favor of plainti Casiano Hombria  & &+9 o/ )h+ !+/+c)' & )h+ Co&''&o+r' R+(or) a! )h+ S;+)ch+' a))ach+! )h+r+)o. [=]  A/)+r r+F&r& )h+ (ar)&+' )o <:+ )h+&r Co+) o )h+ 'h+r&' Ma&/+')a)&o, )h+ (>:&c r+'(o!+) !+, & a R+'o:)&o !a)+! A') 30, 1==?, h+:! )ha) B no attempt should be made to alter or modify the decision of the Court of (ppeals$ )hat should be delivered therefore to the plainti xxx is that portion leased by the defendant-appellees from the plainti-appellant excluding the portionthat the defendant-appellee have reclaimed from the sea and forms  part of the shore as shown in the commissioners report xxx$*  [10]    $r'a) )o )h+ R+'o:)&o, )h+ (>:&c r+'(o!+) 'h+r& &''+! a a lias  r&) o/ D+o:&)&o. Th+ (+)&)&o+r' <:+! a Mo)&o )o S+) A'&!+ or D+/+r )h+ I(:++)a)&o o/ r&) o/ D+o:&)&o. Th&' o)&o 9a' !+&+! >* )h+ (>:&c r+'(o!+) !+ & a Or!+r !a)+! No+>+r 18, 1==8, a co(* o/ 9h&ch 9a' r+c+&+! >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' o D+c+>+r 2=, 1==8. [11]  A:'o o D+c+>+r 2=, 1==8, )h+ (>:&c r+'(o!+) !+, & o(+ cor), ra)+! )h+ (+)&)&o+r' )&: -aar* 13, 1=== )o <:+ a Mo)&o /or R+co'&!+ra)&o. [12]  O -aar* 13, 1===,(+)&)&o+r' o+! /or a +)+'&o o/ )h+ (+r&o! )o <:+ a o)&o /or r+co'&!+ra)&o )&: -aar* 28, 1===. [13]  Th+ o)&o 9a' <a::* <:+!>* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' o -aar* 2@, 1===, >) 9a' !+&+! >* )h+ )r&a: cor) & a Or!+r !a)+! March 1@, 1===. [14]  A co(* o/ )h+ Or!+r 9a' r+c+&+! >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' o Ma* 4, 1===. [15] A $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& a! $roh&>&)&o 9a' <:+! >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' 9&)h )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:', a::+& ra+ a>'+ o/ !&'cr+)&o o )h+ (ar) o/ )h+ )r&a: cor) !+ & &''& )h+ Or!+r' !a)+! No+>+r 18, 1==8 a! March 1@, 1===, a! o/ )h+ 'h+r& & &''& )h+ alias  r&) o/ D+o:&)&o. I a R+'o:)&o !a)+! -+ 18, 1===, )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:'!&'&''+! )h+ (+)&)&o o )h+ ro!' )ha) )h+ (+)&)&o 9a' <:+! >+*o! )h+ ?0!a* (+r&o! (ro&!+! !+r S+c)&o 4 o/ R:+ ?5 o/ )h+ 1==@ R+&'+! R:+' o/ C&&: $roc+!r+ a' a+!+! >* ar Ma))+r No. 803 ++c)&+ S+()+>+r 1, 1==8, a! )ha) )h+ c+r)&<ca)&o o/ o/or 'ho((& a))ach+! )h+r+)o 9a' '&+! >* o:* o+ o/ )h+ (+)&)&o+r'. [1?]  Th+ Mo)&o /or R+co'&!+ra)&o <:+! >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' 9a' !+&+! >* )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' & a R+'o:)&o !a)+! S+()+>+r =, 1===. [1@] H+c+ )h&' (+)&)&o. Th+ 'o:+ &''+ & )h&' ca'+ &' 9h+)h+r or o) )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' +rr+! & !&'&''& )h+ $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& a! $roh&>&)&o. Th+ (+)&)&o &' +r&)or&o'. Th+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' !&'&''+! )h+ $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& (o )h+ /o::o9& ro!', vi+  7 1 )h+ (+)&)&o 9a' <:+! >+*o! )h+ ?0!a* (+r&o! (ro&!+! !+r S+c. 4, R:+ ?5 o/ )h+ 1==@ R+&'+! R:+' o/ C&&: $roc+!r+ a' a+!+! >* ar Ma))+r No. 803 ++c)&+ S+()+>+r 1, 1==8 a! 2 )h+ c+r)&<ca)&o o/ o/or 'ho((& 9a' '&+! >* o:* o+ o/ )h+ (+)&)&o+r'.%(o )h+ <r') ro!, )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' ')a)+! & &)' R+'o:)&o !a)+! -+ 18, 1=== )ha)7 )h+ ?0!a* (+r&o! &' co)+! o) /ro )h+ r+c+&() o/ )h+ Or!+r !+*& )h+&r Mo)&o /or R+co'&!+ra)&o >) /ro )h+ !a)+ o/ r+c+&() o/ )h+ Or!+r o/ No+>+r 18, 1==8 9h&ch 9a' o D+c+>+r 2=, 1==8,&)+rr()+! >* )h+ <:& o/ )h+ Mo)&o /or R+co'&!+ra)&o o -aar* 2@, 1===. Th+ Mo)&o /or R+co'&!+ra)&o 9a' !+&+! & a Or!+r !a)+! March 1@, 1=== r+c+&+! >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' o Ma* 4, 1===. Co)& )h+ r+a&& (+r&o!, )h&' (+)&)&o 'ho:! ha+ >++ <:+! o -+ 4, 1=== >) &) 9a' <:+! o:* o -+ 14, 1=== or )+ 10 !a*' >+*o! )h+ ?0!a* (+r&o! co()+! & accor!ac+ 9&)h ar Ma))+r  No. 803.   [18]  Th+ (+)&)&o+r' ar++ )ha) )h+ co)& o/ )h+ ?0!a* (+r&o! 'ho:! co+c+ o D+c+>+r 2=, 1==8, )h+ !a)+ o/ )h+ r+c+&() >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' o/ )h+ a''a&:+! )r&a: cor) or!+r, &)+rr()+! >* )h+ <:& o/ a o)&o /or r+co'&!+ra)&o o -aar* 2@, 1===, a! r+'+ (o r+c+&() >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r' o/ )h+ !+&a: o/ )h+ o)&o >* )h+ )r&a: cor) o Ma* 4, 1=== ho9++r, )h+ (+)&)&o+r' co)+! )ha) /ro D+c+>+r 2=, 1==8 ( )o -aar* 2@, 1===, o:* )h+ 15!a* (+r&o! a::o9+! /or )h+ <:& o/ a o)&o /or r+co'&!+ra)&o [1=]  'ho:! >+ !+++! )o ha+ +:a('+! co'&!+r& )h+ ra) >* )h+ )r&a: cor) o/ a +)+'&o o/ )h+ (+r&o! )o <:+ )h+ o)&o )&: -aar* 13, 1===. H+c+, o Ma* 4, 1===, )h+ (+)&)&o+r' ')&:: ha! 45 !a*' )o <:+ a (+)&)&o /or c+r)&orar& a!Jor (roh&>&)&o, a! )h+ <:& a!+ o -+ 14, 1=== 9a' )&+:*.+ ho:! )ha) )h+ $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& a! $roh&>&)&o ha' >++ )&+:*<:+!.A.M. No. 00203SC, 9h&ch )oo; ++c) o S+()+>+r 1, 2000, a+!+! S+c)&o 4 o/ R:+ ?5 o/ )h+ 1==@ R+&'+! R:+' o/ C&&: $roc+!r+ [20]  )o (ro&!+ )h'7SEC. 4.  )hen and where petition &led$--  Th+ (+)&)&o 'ha:: >+ <:+! o) :a)+r )ha '&)* ?0 !a*' /ro o)&c+ o/ )h+ !+), or!+r or r+'o:)&o. n case a motion for reconsideration or new trial is timely &led, whether such motion is reuired or not, the sixty ./%0 day  period shall be counted from notice of the denial of said motion$  Th+ (+)&)&o 'ha:: >+ <:+! & )h+ S(r++ Cor) or, &/ &) r+:a)+' )o )h+ ac)' or o&''&o' o/ a :o9+r cor) or o/ a cor(ora)&o, >oar!, oKc+r or(+r'o, & )h+ R+&oa: Tr&a: Cor) ++rc&'& r&'!&c)&o o+r )h+ )+rr&)or&a: ar+a a' !+<+! >* )h+ S(r++ Cor). I) a* a:'o >+ <:+! & )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:' 9h+)h+r or o) )h+ 'a+ &' & a&! o/ &)' a((+::a)+ r&'!&c)&o, or & )h+ Sa!&a>a*a &/ &) &' & a&! o/ &)' a((+::a)+ r&'!&c)&o. I/ &) &o:+' )h+ ac)' or o&''&o' o/ a Fa'& !&c&a: a+c*, :+'' o)h+r9&'+ (ro&!+! >* :a9 or )h+'+ r:+', )h+ (+)&)&o 'ha:: >+ <:+! & a! co&La>:+ o:* >* )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:'.No +)+'&o o/ )&+ )o <:+ )h+ (+)&)&o 'ha:: >+ ra)+! +c+() /or co(+::& r+a'o a! & o ca'+ +c++!& </)++ 15 !a*'. [E(ha'&' or']I )h+ ca'+ o/ 1ystems 2actors Corporation versus 34!C , [21]  9+ h+:! )ha) )h+ a>o+Fo)+! R+'o:)&o, >+& (roc+!ra: & a)r+, &' a((:&ca>:+ )o ac)&o' (+!& a! !+)+r&+! a) )h+ )&+ o/ )h+&r (a''a+. Th+ r+)roac)&+ a((:&ca)&o o/ (roc+!ra: :a9' 'ch a' )h&' R+'o:)&o &' o) &o:a)&+ o/ a* r&h) o/ a (+r'o 9ho a* /++: a!+r'+:* a+c)+! )h+r+>*, a' o +')+! r&h) a* a))ach )o or ar&'+/ro (roc+!ra: :a9'. [22]  Th+ r:& & )h+ 1ystems 2actors  ca'+ 9a' r+&)+ra)+! & )h+ r+c+) ca'+ o/ 5nity 2ishing 6evelopment Corporation, et$ al$ vs$ Court of (ppeals, et$ al . [23]  A((:*& )h+ R+'o:)&o )o )h+ ca'+ a) >ar, )h+ ?0!a* (+r&o! /or )h+ <:& o/ a  (+)&)&o /or c+r)&orar& a! (roh&>&)&o 'ho:! >+ r+c;o+! /ro )h+ !a)+ o/ r+c+&() o/ )h+ or!+r !+*& )h+ o)&o /or r+co'&!+ra)&o, &.+., Ma* 4, 1===, a! )h', )h+ <:& a!+ o -+ 14, 1=== 9a' 9+:: 9&)h& )h+ ?0!a* r+:++)ar* (+r&o!.A+) )h+ ro! )ha) )h+ c+r)&<ca)&o o/ o/or 'ho((& 9a' '&+! >* o:* o+ o/ )h+ (+)&)&o+r', &) &' )h+ co)+)&o o/ )h+ (+)&)&o+r' )ha) )h+ 'a+ &' 'Kc&+) co(:&ac+ 9&)h )h+ r+F&r++)' o/ S+c)&o' 1 a! 2 o/ R:+ ?5 $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& a!$roh&>&)&o & r+:a)&o )o S+c)&o 3 o/ R:+ 4? Or&&a: Ca'+' #&:+! & )h+ Cor) o/ A((+a:'. Th+ (+)&)&o+r' ar+ )ha) '&c+ )h+* ar+ '(o'+' 9&)h o&) or &!&&'&>:+ &)+r+') o+r )h+ a::++! coa: (ro(+r)* '>+c) o/ )h+ or&&a: ac)&o 9h&ch a+ r&'+ )o )h+ (+)&)&o /or c+r)&orar& a! (roh&>&)&o, )h+ '&& o/ )h+ c+r)&<ca)+ o/ o/or 'ho((& >* o:* o+ o/ )h+ 9o:! 'Kc+, +'(+c&a::* co'&!+r& )h+ :o !&')ac+ )h+* ha! )o )ra+: ') )o '& )h+ 'a&! c+r)&<ca)+. [24]  Mor+o+r, )h+r+ &' '>')a)&a: co(:&ac+ 9&)h )h+ R:+' o/ Cor) 9h+r+ )h+ c+r)&<ca)&o 9a' '&+! >* )h+ h'>a! 9ho &' )h+ ')a))or* a!&&')ra)or o/ )h+ coa: (ro(+r)*. [25] I) ha' >++ or (r+&o' r:& )ha) )h+ c+r)&<ca)+ o/ o/or 'ho((& 'ho:! >+ '&+! >* a:: )h+ (+)&)&o+r' or (:a&)&' & a ca'+,a! )ha) )h+ '&& >* o:* o+ o/ )h+ &' &'Kc&+). I )h+ ca'+ o/ 7fren 4ouias, et$ al$ vs$ 89ce of the 8mbudsman, et$ al ., [2?]  9+ h+:! )ha) )h+ '&& o/ )h+ V+r&<ca)&o a! )h+ C+r)&<ca)&o o No#or Sho((& >* o:* o+ o/ )h+ (+)&)&o+r' co')&))+' a !+/+c) & )h+ (+)&)&o. [2@]  Th+ a))+')a)&o co)a&+! & )h+ c+r)&<ca)&o o o/or 'ho((& r+F&r+'  personal :nowledge  >* )h+ (ar)* ++c)& )h+ 'a+, [28]  a! )h+ :o+ '&& (+)&)&o+r cao) >+ (r+'+! )o ha+ (+r'oa: ;o9:+!+ o/ )h+ <:& or o<:& >* h&' co(+)&)&o+r' o/ a* ac)&o or c:a& )h+ 'a+ a' or '&&:ar )o )h+ crr+)(+)&)&o. To +r&) )h+ Cor)' co'&!+ra)&o, (+)&)&o+r' ') 'ho9 r+a'oa>:+ ca'+ /or /a&:r+ )o (+r'oa::* '& )h+ c+r)&<ca)&o.I )h+ ca'+ a) >ar, ho9++r, 9+ ho:! )ha) )h+ '>+c) C+r)&<ca)+ o/ No#or Sho((& '&+! >* )h+ (+)&)&o+r A)o&o Doc+a a:o+ 'ho:! >+ !+++! )o co')&))+ '>')a)&a: co(:&ac+ 9&)h )h+ r:+'. [2=]  Th+r+ ar+ o:* )9o (+)&)&o+r' & )h&' ca'+ a! )h+* ar+ h'>a! a! 9&/+. Th+&r r+'&!+c+ &' )h+ '>+c) (ro(+r)* a::++! )o >+ coa: & )h+ &')a) +r&<+! (+)&)&o. Th+ V+r&<ca)&oJC+r)&<ca)&o o No#or Sho((& [30]  a))ach+! )o )h+ $+)&)&o /or C+r)&orar& a! $roh&>&)&o 9a' '&+! o:* >* )h+ h'>a! 9ho c+r)&<+!, inter alia , )ha) h+ a! h&' 9&/+ ha+ o) co+c+! a* o)h+r ac)&o or (roc++!& &o:& )h+ 'a+ &''+' ra&'+! & )h+ (+)&)&o & a* cor), )r&>a: or Fa'&!&c&a: a+c* )ha) )o )h+ >+') o/ )h+&r ;o9:+!+ o 'ch ac)&o &' (+!& )h+r+& a! )ha) h+ a! h&' 9&/+!+r)a;+ )o &/or )h+ Cor) 9&)h& <+ 5 !a*' /ro o)&c+ o/ a* '&&:ar ac)&o or (roc++!& 9h&ch a* ha+ >++ <:+!. Th+ (ro(+r)* '>+c) o/ )h+ or&&a: ac)&o /or r+co+r* &' coa:. h+)h+r &) &' coa: !+r )h+ N+9 C&&: Co!+ or )h+ #a&:* Co!+, a /ac) )ha) cao) >+ !+)+r&+! /ro )h+ r+cor!' >+/or+ ', &) &' >+:&++! )ha) )h+ c+r)&<ca)+ o o/or 'ho((& <:+! & )h+ Cor)

1. Gayon vs Gayon

Jul 23, 2017

4. Manacop vs CA

Jul 23, 2017
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