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20 Comparision of Design Codes ACI 318 11 IS 456 2000 and Eurocode II.pdf

20 Comparision of Design Codes ACI 318 11 IS 456 2000 and Eurocode II.pdf
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   International Journ Interna ISSN No: 245 @ IJTSRD | Available Online @ ww   Comparisi IS 4   ABSTRACT  National building codes have been different countries to lay down guid design and construction of structures.  been evolved from the collective wis structural engineers, gained over the codes are periodically revised to brin with current research, and often current The main function of the design code adequate structural safety, by spec essential minimum reinforcement for render the task of the designer relati simple, results are often formulated i charts. The codes ensure a certai consistency among different designers. have some legal validity in that the structural designer from any liability d failures that are caused by inadequa and/or faulty material and construction. The aim of this project is to compare th of IS 456-2007, ACI 318-11code an The broad design criteria (like stres  parameters, L/D ratio, load combina will be compared along with the area major structural members like beams, footing to get an over view how the comparison with each other. The emph  put the results in tabular and graphical so as to get a better clarity and compara INTRODUCTION Structural design is the methodical in the stability, strength and rigidity of s  basic objective in structural analysis a produce a structure capable of resisti loads without failure during its intended   al of Trend in Scientific Research and D ional Open Access Journal | www.ijtsr 6 - 6470 | Volume - 3 | Issue – 1 | No | Volume – 3 | Issue – 1 | Nov-De n of Design Codes ACI 318-16:2000 and Eurocode II   Iqbal Rasool Dar   Student, Al-Falah University, Faridabad, Haryana, India formulated in elines for the he codes have om of expert years. These them in line trends. s is to ensure fying certain design. They ely easy and formulas or n degree of Finally, they y protect the e to structural e supervision e design codes Eurocode II. strain block ions, formula f steel for the slab, columns, codes fair in asis will be to representation ive analysis. vestigation of tructures. The d design is to g all applied life. The shear capacity, compress capacity of a structural memb of the overall analysis requi evaluating an assembly sections. The aim of the research is to criteria of the said three des the area of steel for different s the respective codes for the subsequent comparative analy A brief about the Design Cod     IS 456-2000 This Indian Standard (Fourth  by the Bureau of Indian St finalized by the Cement a Committee had been ap Engineering Division Council This standard was first publi title 'Code of practice for concrete for general buil subsequently revised in 1957 revised in 1964 and publish 'Code of practice for plain a thus enlarging the scope o structures other than genera also. The third revision was included limit state approac fourth revision of the stand taken up with a view to keepi development in the field of to bring in further modificati light of experience gained version of the standard.   velopment (IJTSRD)  – Dec 2018 2018 Page: 136  , ion capacity & moment er is a fundamental part red when designing or f structural concrete compare broader design gn codes and calculate tructural members using ake of comparison and sis. s; Revision) was adopted ndards, after the draft nd Concrete Sectional roved by the Civil . shed in 1953 under the  plain and reinforced ing construction' and . The code was further ed under modified title nd reinforced concrete', f use of this code to l building construction ublished in1978, and it to design. This is the ard. This revision was g abreast with the rapid oncrete technology and ns/improvements in the hile using the earlier  International Journal of Trend in @ IJTSRD | Available Online @ wwIS 456-2000 Plain and Reinforced Con Practice is an Indian Standard code o general structural use of plain and reinf The latest revision of this standard wa 2000, reaffirmed 2005. This code uses design approach. It is written for use in extensive information on the variou concrete. IS 456 is considered as the Engineers in India.    ACI 318 The American Concrete Institute expec the ACI 318 updating it regularly to ke sync in contemporary design technological achievements and requirements. The process to codify d and other design consideration goes b USA when Charles C. Brown with issu Engineering discussed the idea of organization to bring order and standa the industry. The newest version of A launched in 2019.    EUROCODE II The process of codifying EUROCODE 1975 in Treaty Of Rome when Europea asked CEN (Centre European de Nor draft structural design standards that across the Common Market. It has several times since then the latest u available by 2020. AIM AND SCOPE OF PROJECT   Sr   No   Country   Standards   Mo El 1 American Std. Ec=w1.50c2 European Std. Ec ¼ 2200 3 Indian Std. 5000 squar ELA IS 456 2000 doesn’t consider stress bl for high grade concrete and strain d deep beams, high grade concrete has cientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) | Volume – 3 | Issue – 1 | Nov-De   rete - Code of f practice for rced concrete. done in year the limit state India. It gives s aspects of ible for Civil s to publishes ep the code in developments, construction sign formulas ck to 1904 in of Municipal forming an d practices to I 318 will be I goes back to n Commission malisation) to ould be used  been updated  pdate will be The crux of this thesis is the  prevailing concrete design co and detailing of RCC. To accomplish this, a series were created to ensure the a of all calculations per  programming is not the point simplifying assumptions we time required to create, vet an Both sections focus solely o laboratory experiments were c were based on but not limite allowable load. The objective of this thesis is  between the two prevailing ACI 318-05, IS 456, and categorize them as 2 major, cases where other editions ar under discussion shall be note A comprehensive literatu coverage of examples differences found between t codes AND EUROCODE II. DESIGN PROCESS AND R  BROADER DESIG N CRIT The broad design criteria of (ACI 318), EURO CODE, a tabulated below to get a differences among the codes. dulus of    asticity   Stress block    parameter for   high grade   concrete   Dis(B ×0.043√f′cMPa Changes Non Line (fc’/10)^0.3 Changes Non Line e root of fck Not considered Not ConsSTIC MODULUD OF CONCRETE ck parameters istribution for  become very common now, even in India, the above given lacunas to scode with current situations. ISSN: 2456-6470 2018 Page: 137    comparison of the three es regarding the design of Excel spreadsheets curacy and consistency ormed; however as of this research several e made to reduce the utilize these tools. n analytical results; no arried out. Comparisons to maximum predicted o clarify the differences concrete design codes, EUROCODE II and inor, or insignificant. In referenced, the edition d. e review providing illustrating additional e ACI 318 and IS 456 ESULTS ERIAS AMERICAN CODE d IS 456 (2000) are contrasted view of train   ribution   Deep   eams)  ar ar idered so BIS should consider re- ngthen the design  International Journal of Trend in @ IJTSRD | Available Online @ ww Sr No   Country   Standards   ( 1 Americn Std. c2 European Std. c3 Indian Std. c  Load Combination Code  IS 456 ACI 318 EC 2 The load combinations EUROCODE ar in design process that is loads come out Beam Parameters of different Parameters   Aci L/d Cantilever S.S Continuous 8 16 18 L/d RATIO The L/d ratio for ACI 318 is modest a other two codes, while EUROCODE criteria. cientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) | Volume – 2 | Issue – 6 | Sep-Oct   ensile   trength of    oncrete   Flexure   esign)   Max Concrete   strain   Curing   Effect on   concrete   strength  ot onsidered .003 Not Mentioned ot onsidered .0035 Mentioned ot onsidered .0035 Not Mentioned BASIC STRESS STRAIN PARAMETERS Combination  1.5 (D + L) 1.2 (D + L ± W) 1.5 (D ± W) 0.9 D ± 1.5 W   1.4D 1.2D+1.6L+0.5Lr 1.2D+1.6Lr+(L OR 0.8W) 1.2D+1.6W+1.0L+0.5Lr 0.9D+1.6W   1.35D+1.6L 1.0D+1.5W 1.35D+1.5L+0.9W   LOAD COMBINATIONS more as compared to other two codes, this dif to be higher than other two, and hence the area country codes   18   Ec2   I p=1.5% 6 14 18 P=.5% 8 16 18 7 20 26 s compared to as more strict Concrete Design Strength Lim  a.   EuroCode II Min=12  b.   American code Min= c.   Indian std Min 20 Mp The Indian code has neglect than 80MPA). Which could b ISSN: 2456-6470 2018 Page: 138    onfined   oncrete   tress   train   urve  ot entioned entioned ot entioned erence makes its impact of steel. 456   ts  pa, Max 90Mpa 7 Mpa Max no limits max 80 Mpa d higher grade (higher incorporated in future.  International Journal of Trend in @ IJTSRD | Available Online @ ww STRESS/STRAIN BLOCK PARAM a.   ACI 318  STRESS b.   EUROCODE II S c.   IS 456 2000 IS The codes of EC II, ACI 318, don’t con also the lever arm calculations. Also t moment calculation different in all the t cientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) | Volume – 2 | Issue – 6 | Sep-Oct TERS TRAIN DIAG ACI 318 RES/STRAIN DIAG. OF EC II 456 2000 SRESS/STRAIN sider parabolic portion thus this makes the stre e lever arm in EC II, ACI 318 is greater tha ree codes. ISSN: 2456-6470 2018 Page: 139    s block calculation easy IS 456, this makes the  International Journal of Trend in @ IJTSRD | Available Online @ ww DESIGN OF DIFFERENT STRUCTUR DESIGN OF SINGLY REINFORCED B For the sake of comparison, the parameters strength (fck=30). Fy=500, dimensions of b Example1 length=.6m, Breadth Live Load of 40kn BY ACI 318 Area Of Steel (main reinf.) = 1By EUROCODE Area of Steel = 1570.8mm2 By IS456 Area of steel= 1341mm2 A DOUBLY REINFORCED BEAM LL=80KN/M, B=230 D= 450, fck= 30, DESIGN CODE ACI 1 AST 1943 ASC 496 AST FOR D-R BEAM 13912001300140015001600ACI DESIGN CODE AREA OF STEEL(mm2) cientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) | Volume – 3 | Issue – 1 | Nov-De L MEMBERS EAM required in design process were taken to be same ex eam were taken to be same. 230mm, Depth=600mm 95mm2   T FOR SSB fy=500 EC II IS452154 175522 386 515701341 18EC IIIS456 SSB Series 1 CI 318 EC II IS456 1395 1570 1341 ISSN: 2456-6470 2018 Page: 140  ample, Cube compressive 6
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