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Picotechnology for Bio rationals, Bio pesticides, Bio stimulants, Biologicals and Bio fertilizers. Science suggests that "PicoAg 4N1 25B" can be mechanical in primary sequential steps! This was our first and last attempt in 2008 at these
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  Picotechnology for Biorationals, Biopesticides,Biostimulants, Biologicals and Biofertilizers.   805 Cottage Hill Way, Brandon, Fl 5!!"#$ 800%&&5%&'0, (ntl )%0)%0!& *mail or Call+ donilshe-io suggests that /Pico$g 1! '5B/ can e mechanical in primary se2uential steps34his as our first and last attempt in '008 at these Biopesticides pests and e should of increased the rate to 5oz!0gallon acre application program, ut did 6ery ell3 We don't see these buys as Pico competition, The biologicals buying spree by agchem companies large and small swept the industry almost as fast as the spread of weed resistance. Bayer’s trendsetting purchase of AgraQuest for nearly !"" million to BA#$’s %."& billion acuisition of Bec(er )nderwood to *onsanto’s +"" million inestment in -ooymes in their BioAg Alliance  7r. 7a6id . 9iley Coastal Plain *:p. #tn. 7ept. *nt., P.;. Bo: <8 4ifton, $ !<& #2uash+ =>ello Croo?nec?@ Pic?leormCucumer eetles#2uash ugsAelon aphid#tin? Bugs #eet potato hitefly*$"$4(;1 ;F B(;%9$4(;1$ (1#*C4(C(7* 49*$4A*14# (1 #D"$#H, '008+ 6s P(C;4*CH1;;>3 >ello croo? nec? s2uash as direct seeded into ' ros per )%ft are ground eds on Eune !) and maintained ith standard cultural practices at the ang Farm, eorgia Coastal Plain *:periment #tation at 4ifton. $ total of 500 lsa of !0%!0%!0   as applied at planting to 4ifton pely clay loam field plots folloed y to side%dress applicationsof !!5 lsa %0%0. (rrigation as applied ee?ly ith an o6erhead sprin?ler system. #i: foliar applications of insecticide ere made on Eune ', 0, Euly ', 8, !<, and ''.  #couting as initiated on Euly ' and continued ee?ly through har6est. ;ne sample of ) plants, ith one leaf per plant for hitefly and aphid counts, as scouted per plot after ee?ly applications. #2uash as har6ested from 0 ft of ro on Euly '! and 0 and fruit ere categorized as mar?etale, Pic?leorm damage, or 6irus damaged and the a6erage eight as measured. 7ata as analyzed using A and #7 tests for separation of means #$# (nstitute !&&0G.4he est treatments in terms of melon aphid control early in the test ere the 4yratech $, D97 !) '2t rate, and=#oy#oap treatments@ By the Euly !!, the 11(%0!0! treatment had a delayed, ut 6ery strong effect on suppressingaphids hile the other treatments ere o6erhelmed y a large aphid migration. "nfortunately, none of the treatments pro6ided a strong reduction in the numer of mosaic 6irus%affected s2uash fruit compared ith the untreated chec?.$lso, 11(%0!0! tended to increase the incidence of Pic?leorm hich may ha6e offset the enefit of aphid control.*6en so, 11(%0!0! did pro6ide the highest mar?etale yield folloed y A;(%'0! and the ' 2t rate of D97!) in thefirst and second har6ests. 4he aphid and Pic?leorm pressure during this test as 6ery, causing the 2uality of s2uashfrom the chec? plot plants to e se6erely affected y the final har6est date & unmar?etaleG. Aost of the foliar treatments pro6ided some enefit in terms of mar?etale s2uash, ut under this hea6y insect and 6irus disease pressure,more fre2uent sprays ould ha6e een re2uired to impro6e yields. Aost of the commercial culti6ars of s2uash gron insouthern eorgia during the summer include a transgenic resistance to mosaic 6iruses, ut in this e6aluation of io%rational andor organic treatments e used the standard open pollinated culti6ar. (n order to e6aluate these treatmentsunder a loer pressure scenario, an earlier spring planting ould ha6e to e conducted. ;ne useful oser6ation under this hea6y insect pressure as that o6er all, none of the treatments significantly reduced the numer of predatoryarthropods.  4reatment rate per ac$phid<'08Predator  ! <!!08$phid<!!08eaf footed<'08#tin? Bugs<'08Predator o6er $phids o6er !. "ntreated Chec?) a'. ac'&! a0.5 a!. a!.) a<) a'. 1o6ozymes A*4 cd!.5 ac'8 a0.0 0.5 ac'. a< a. 4yratech $'8 d!. c'<! a0.0 0. c!.8 a)& a. 4yratech B< a!.5 ac' a0.0 0.5 ac!.< a) a5. $graDuest D97 !)0 cd!. c'5) a0.0 0.0 c!. a)) a). $graDuest D97 !)' ac'.8 a! a0.8 a!.0 ac!.5 a8) a<. $graDuest D97 !)  acd.5 a'5 a0. a0. c'.' a)8 a 1ichino $merica, (nc. 0 acd0. c< . a!.5 a!.) a a /. #oy#oap ".!0 1+% cd&.+ abc&!! a".2 a"." c&.% a3" a !0. Aarone A;(%'0! -  cd!.0 c'&& a0. a!. a'. a<5 a  4reatment K product rate per acreAar?et t<'!08irus fruit<008Pic?le Worm fruitt <0084otal t o6erallAar?et t o6erallPic?le Worm t o6erallirus t o6erall!. "ntreated Chec?0.5 <.8 c!. &.0 a0.) .' ac5. c'. 1o6ozymes A*40.< !'.0 c'. a!!.' a!.'! a .) ac5.' c. 4yratech $ 0 oza0.< !. ac!. 8.& a0.< a'.) c5.8 c. 4yratech B 0 oza0.5 8.0 c!.& !0.) a0. 5. a5.' c5. $graDuest D97 !)!. a!!.8 c!.8 !!.! a!. a. ac).' ac). $graDuest D97 !) ! 0.) !0.0 c!. 8. a0.5 .0 c.& c<. $graDuest D97 !) 2taI Jnac? !.! a!8.0 a!.8 !0.& a0.8& a'.' c<.& a 1ichino $merica '.' a).8 c.5 a!'.! a!.<5 a5.) a5.' c /. #oy#oap ".!0 1%." ab2.2 bc%.3 b/.% a".32 ab4." abc4.& c !0. Aarone A;(%'0! - 0.' 66'.! a''.8 a!.8 !!. a!.80 a'.< c<.! a  We did 6ery good eating companies that sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. We plan to enter that usiness ith our Pico$g '5B product in '0!& !! years after the ao6e test. 4his as our first and last attempt in '008 at these  iopesticide pests and e should of increased the rate to 5oz!0gallon acre application program, ut did 6ery ell3
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