7 Health Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet

Have you ever tried the Mediterranean diet? We live in portugal and it is just fantastic you do not even realise that you are eating healthier because the food is just so tasty.
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  “7 Health BeneftsO TheMediterraneanDiet” Brought To You By:MyWeightLossDream!ou     You Ha#e $%LL &i#ea'ay (ights To This)D$ *s Long *s +t +s ,ot *ltered +n *nyWay Whatsoe#er- +ntrodu!tion A big welcome to my “ 7 health.enefts o the Mediterraneandiet” . I live in Portugal and it’s very much aMediterranean diet wherever I look. Thestaple starter is always a mixture o tapas !garlic carrots olives ham slices#and resh bread or starters. This will also alwaysinclude some local cheese and pate. Then the main course will include some lovely poultryalong with more vegetables or salad and somepotatoes or rice.In act i you live in any o these main $uropeancountries such as %pain Portugal &rance or Italy youare expected to eat lots o carbs. %omethingthat many people rown upon and neverhave in their diets.'ery ew people have obesity problems andthey are happy with ood revolving aroundday to day amily lie.And it makes me love the local diet and be glad tohave the Mediterranean diet as part o day to day lie.    $rom My Weight Loss Dream  This is %amantha at MyWeightLossDream!ou   and I wanted to introduce you toour mission and why these P(&sare o great use to you. They are short P(&s that provideyou with inormation about a particular orm o exercise or diet. And o)er a great introduction to asub*ect.+ike many people beore us we have ound ourselvesto be obese and are doing everything we can to avoiddieting but to maintain a healthy liestyle. /o ar our 0rogress has .een good I have gone rom a ,MI o nearly - down to a normalone and (ominic !my hubby and partner in my weightloss mission# has dropped rom a ,MI o *ust over /0 toa more respectable -1. 2 course we are no where  near the end o our *ourney but we are a healthyliestyle in progress.  3ou can read all about our currentweight loss .y !li! ing here . 4hen we look back at our at photos wedon’t think about how big we were!even though we were massive5# wethink about how unhealthy we were andhow much horrible ood that was stu)edwith chemicals was entering our body.(on’t get me wrong 6 we /T+LL  adore Mc(onalds Pi77a 8ut 9 :&; but we *ust en*oy them inmoderation and eat more healthy oods anddo regular exercise !most o the time5# Belo' on the ne1t 0age is an inogra0hi! where we share our top tips or those o you that areconsidering trying out the Mediterranean diet.Print it o) share it add it to your Pinterest account orshare it with your riends. The sky is the limit in whatyou do with it5 Then on the page ater we have shared the inographicin written ormat so that you can print it or keep theideas or uture use.
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