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A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation: The Physical and Ethereal Aspects of Existence

It is explicated, herein, that we are more of the ethereal (or "angelic") form than being purely physical. In fact, we are all multidimensional beings that have different aspects of us living in different parallel dimensions, experiencing
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  A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation: The Physical and Ethereal Aspects of Existence By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract It is explicated, herein, that we are more of the ethereal (or “angelic”)  form than being purely physical. In fact, we are all multidimensional beings that have different aspects of us living in different parallel dimensions, experiencing different sojourns of life than us, simultaneously. Thus, we all live multiple lives at once, but the other aspects of our existence are purposefully hidden from us to afford us deciphering the sojourns of lives in our present space-time in which we reside with objectivity and without complexity or confusion. This is also commensurate with our low level of frequency, making us incapable to be actively and physically aware of our all other personalities and their  programs of reality at once. Ultimately, it is frequency that determines the state of consciousness, and in fact, everything else that transpires within our Cosmos. Accordingly, a discussion of relevance of frequency to physical and ethereal state of existence has been presented. In  particular, the nature of our ethereal as well as physical existence has been explicated with direct reference to our genetics and the relevance of the concept of soul with what is known as our DNA. It is explicated that both are of quantum nature that have a direct bearing to the  particle-wave dualism of quantum mechanics theories. Finally, a brief discussion of our energetics has been presented that makes a direct reference to our chakras as the agents that connect us to other dimensions to which our energy of consciousness transfers, defining our ethereal state.  Introduction •   As conscious entities capable of thoughts and rationalization we have come to be aware of ourselves [1-2]. •   We have developed the urge to self-reflect and to seek what we are . •   Unfortunately, this level of curiosity has been highly limited, which has centered on ‘ what ’  as opposed to ‘ who ’  we are [3]. •   Of course, such an urge for rationalization has been triggered, and particularly accentuated, by misinformation as well as disinformation by a horde of aliens who have been controlling us for much more than the past 13 millennia, leading us to believe that we are, indeed, purely physical beings. •   In this regard, we have come to see ourselves from the highly limited point of view of physical (visible) matter that actually only occupies a very small portion of Cosmos (of the order of 3%). •   In this respect, we have adopted the hypothesis that if something is not visible or cannot be detected by our 5-sensory perception of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, and accordingly, cannot be detected, dissected, or categorized within a laboratory setting, it must not exist. •   This is what has sprawled the sciences of physics, chemistry, bio-chemistry, and what w e have categorized as “genetics . ”   •   Thus, by adopting such a path of rationalization, we have come to see ourselves as a conglomerate set of elements combined biochemically to form a macromolecule of matter that describes our genetic heritage that we refer to as deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA for short. •   Furthermore, we have adopted the postulate that our DNA is of purely particulate or physical matter occupying the only apparent dimension of existence available to us that we refer to as ‘physicality . ’    •   In this regard, the most important question of our ‘consciousness,’ the very essence of our existence and rationalization, has been left widely open [4]. •   And, in this regard, according to the assertion of the fundamental sciences of physics and chemistry, all that could not be seen or categorized in this limited world of physicality has been dubbed as taboo, esoteric, “metaphysical,” or indeed, as once decl ared by our greatest acknowledged dubbed as the “genius” of our species, is viewed as “spooky”  [5]. •   The crux of the matter is that we are, indeed, multidimensional beings [6-7]. •   And, it may appear that we operate with what the author has referred to as tot al ‘unconscious multidimensionality,’ nevertheless we exist and operate in multiple dimensions at once [8]. •   In this regard, our consciousness is of a discrete and quantum manner [9], carrying us to multiple dimensions each and every night in our dream stat e, or in fact, via ‘day dreaming’ [10]. •   And, although dreams have been commonly dismissed as unreal, the fact remains that our brain, even during its seemingly dormant state, can only perceive what it experiences, even during the dream state. •   In other words, we indeed, live multiple lives simultaneously in what is referred to as the ‘NOW moment’  [11]. •   In fact, we constantly and sequentially jump into different parallel dimensions and subsequently return back to the very same dimension (perceived as our physical world) within the tremendously small interval (of quantum scale) of 10 -43  earthly seconds [12]. •   Thus, although as a “physical” entity, our consciousness may appear to be of a discrete form, we continuously thrive in myriads of dimensions that are commensurate with the natural frequency and light quotients of our own [13].  •   So, in essence, we are not purely “physical beings.”   •   In fact, it needs to be clarified, herein, that we have an ethereal or “ angelic ”  state, as well as what we perceive as “physical.”   •   More clearly, we are ALL light beings [14], experiencing our carefully selected life sojourns on this so-called physical plane, and many like it in the parallels. •   And, it is all made possible through the advent of holography that serves to separate our chosen sojourns of life onto distinct parallel planes [15]. •   After all, every reality is projected through light [16]. •   It is light that contains the pixels of life or consciousness through an essence we refer to as the “ adamantine ”  or “ Akash ”  or the ‘ God particles ’  [17]. •   And, these pixels of life are encoded within light that gives us our consciousness. •   In the ethereal state, everything progresses as consciousness energy waves [18]. •   These essences of consciousness are disseminated by light and transduced from a higher order light being (e.g., a rishi) to a lower order light being (e.g., an avatar) in a step-down manner [19]. •   In this regard, the progenitor of the light of consciousness is none but the Prime Creator that the author refers to as the SOURCE [20], and on the lowest point of the podium, there resides us as sentient beings [21]. •   Therefore, it is clear that we are not just physical beings, but we also have an ethereal or angelic side that thrives as energetic waves. •   This is what is referred to as our ‘spirit’  [22]. •   And, intermediate between our spirit and our physical being lies what is referred to as the ‘soul’  [23-24].  •   This is a part that lives in antimatter and not in matter [25], but is not of antimatter as there is a difference. •   The soul through its existence in antimatter has the capacity to record all the events or the life sojourns that we, as sentient beings of light, experience in all dimensions. •   Therefore, in its role, the soul partly functions as a storage device. •   Being embedded in antimatter plasma, the DNA-soul also functions as a superconductor, being capable of communicating its energy of consciousness with our bodies (DNA) via a crystalline form of electricity [26] by way of progression or settlement of electrical potential between the cations and anions abundant within the antimatter plasma [27]. •   And, crystallinity is the underlying characteristic of our ethereal state that is precise, operating in coherent waves as ‘laser’ light.   •   Thus, it goes to say that the soul is what mediates our physical-spiritual affairs, interfacing with both our spirit as a pure form of consciousness energetic waves, as well as, with our DNA in the so-called physical state. •   Therefore, there are two separate aspects to the soul, what the author has referred to as the ‘consciousness instigator’ (that interfaces with our spirit) and the ‘Bookkeeper’ (that serves as a recording and communicating device with our DNA with crystalline laser-like precision). •   Indeed, what we refer to as our DNA epitomizes our soul. •   It thrives in both physical and ethereal states in a quantum manner [28]. •   It receives its instructions by a way of frequential signals from a higher state of light, and is capable to record them via “laser mirrors”  [29].
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