A Model Answer of Revision Sheet Chapter 4-5-6

Rev.Ch.4&5&6 Date : Name :____________________________________________ Grade:4 Port Said International Schools – National Section etter ed!cation or !t!re #enerations $n#lish De%artment &nchored to S!ccess Pa#e ' o ( Re Story: Sherlock Holmes Silver Blaze Answer the following questions:- 1. Who did Holmes and Watson meet at Dartmoor? They met two men. One was Inspector Gregory, a tall thin m
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   Rev.Ch.4&5&6 Date :  Name :____________________________________________ Grade:4  Port Said International Schools – National Section  etter ed!cation or !t!re #enerations   $n#lish De%artment nchored to S!ccess Pa#e ' o ( Re  Story: Sherlock Holmes  Silver Blaze  Answer the following questions:- 1.Who did Holmes and Watson meet at Dartmoor?They met two men. One was Inspector Gregory, a tall thin man. The other was shorter. He was Colonel Ross, the owner o !il er #la$e.%.Who is the owner o !il er #la$e?The owner o !il er #la$e is Colonel Ross.&.How did Inspector Gregory thin' that (it$roy !impson was the thie and the m)rderer?He said that he went to the sta*le to steal !il er #la$e. He mi+ed )p a dr)g into ed-s s)pper.ed ell asleep, and (it$roy !impson too' the horse. !tra'er o)nd !impson near the sta*le. There was a ight, and (it$roy !impson m)rdered !tra'er. .Why didn-t Holmes s)spect (it$roy !impson?Holmes didn-t s)spect him *eca)se i he wanted to stop !il er #la$e rom r)nning in the race, why didn-t he in/)re the horse in the sta*le? There is no need or him to steal the animal.0.What did Gregory say a*o)t the relation *etween !ilas #rown and ohn !tra'er and his relation with the m)rder?He said that e eryone said that !ilas didn-t li'e !tra'er. 2lso, he said that they co)ldn-t ind any e idence that !ilas #rown had anything with the m)rder. 3.What was the 'nie o)nd in !tra'er-s hand )sed or?It was )sed or eye operations.4.What were the doc)ments that Gregory o)nd in !tar'er-s poc'et?The doc)ments that Gregory o)nd in !tar'er-s poc'et were a receipt or ood or the horses, a letter rom Colonel Ross and a *ill rom a ladies- dressma'er in 5ondon. 6.What were the cl)es that Inspector Gregory had collected in the *ag?He collected a *oot that 7r.!tra'er wore on the night o the m)rder, a shoe rom (it$roy !impson, and an old horse shoe rom !il er #la$e.8.Why did Colonel Ross call the horse !il er #la$e?#eca)se o a white mar' on the horse-s ace 9 *etween the eyes.11. Why did Holmes and Watson go or a short wal'?They went or a wal' to see i they can ind the ootprints o !il er #la$e. The rain on the night o the m)rder made the gro)nd sot so the ootprints sho)ld still *e there.    $n#lish De%artment nchored to S!ccess Pa#e ( o ( 1%. Why wo)ldn-t the horse thie es steal !il er #la$e? #eca)se they wo)ldn-t steal s)ch a amo)s horse. They wo)ldn-t *e a*le to sell it. They wo)ld 'now that the police wo)ld *e loo'ing or it.1&. Where did the ootprints lead to?They led to the gate o the Capleton (arm.1. How did !ilas #rown react to Holmes when he wanted to tal' to him?He as'ed him to go away or his dog wo)ld attac' him.10. How were !ilas and Holmes *eore and ater they tal'ed to each other in pri ate?#eore !ilas tal'ed to Holmes in pri ate, he loo'ed ery s)rprised and e en angrier. #)t ater tal'ing to him, he was accompanied *y him and he was no longer angry. It was almost as i they were riends.13:How did Holmes descri*e !ilas #rown?He descri*ed him as a mi+ o a cheat, a liar, and a coward and li'ed to *e cr)el to other  people.14:Why was Holmes s)re that !ilas had !il er #la$e?#eca)se he tried to deny it, *)t he descri*ed e+actly what he was doing on the morning o the m)rder. He tho)ght that Holmes was watching him. 2lso, the ootprints o !ilas- toes were a  partic)lar shape and o)nd they were the same shape. Holmes told him that he came across !il er #la$e wal'ing on the path ery early in the morning. Holmes added that he decided that i he hid the horse )ntil ater the *ig race, his own horse, Des*oro)gh, wo)ld win it. 16. Why didn-t the ;olice ind !il er #la$e in the Capleton (arm?The ;olice didn-t ind !il er #la$e in the Capleton (arm *eca)se !ilas #rown has wor'ed with horses or a long time and he 'new many tric's. 18. Why didn-t Holmes want to tell Colonel Ross that he 'new where the horse was?Holmes didn-t want to tell Colonel Ross that he 'new where the horse was  *eca)se he hadn-t *een ery pleasant to him and he wanted to ha e some )n with him. Complete the following sentences: 1:Holmes didn-t  *elie e the story that Inspector Gregory said a*o)t !impson.%:(it$roy might ha e ta'en the horse to the horse thie es. &:One o the doc)ments was a receipt or ood or horses.:Holmes came rom 5ondon to Dartmoor to help Gregory with the in estigation.Inspector Gregory loo'ed em*arrassed< *y his own carelessness. 0:Holmes tho)ght the stolen horse was in 'ing-s ;yland (arm or the Capleton (arm. 3:Holmes as'ed Colonel Ross to 'eep the name o !il er #la$e in the list o names o horses r)nning in the Wesse+ C)p.4:The ootprint in the path and !il er #la$e-s old shoe was an e+act it.6:The ootprints led to the gate o the Capleton (arm.  $n#lish De%artment nchored to S!ccess Pa#e ( o ( 8:!ilas #rown as'ed Holmes to go away or his dog wo)ld attac'  him. 1=:Holmes as'ed !ilas i they are going to arg)e in p)*lic or they co)ld tal' in  pri ate. 11:2ter spea'ing to him, Holmes was accompanied *y !ilas #rown and it was as i they were riends.1%:!ilas #rown was a mi+ o a cheat, a liar  and he li'ed to *e cr)el to people. 1&:!ilas #rown tried to deny that he had !il er #la$e. Who sai the following an when! 1.>I thin' that (it$roy !impson went to the sta*le to steal !il er #la$e>.Inspector Gregory said that when Holmes as'ed him a*o)t i he tho)ght a*o)t what happened in the crime and that ater arri ing at ;addington !tation where they ca)ght a train to Dartmoor.%.>Is !tra'er-s *ody here at yo)r arm?>Holmes to Colonel Ross ater arri ing at ing-s ;yland (arm where he co)ld chec' !tra'er-s  *ody and tried to sol e the crime.&.>Why is 7r. Holmes on his hands and 'nees?>Colonel Ross to Watson when he was chec'ing the cl)es that Inspector Gregory had collected. .>@o) 'now, Watson *eing a detecti e is li'e playing the *est game in the worldA It-s an occ)pation )ll o s)rprises. 2nd this game has /)st started.> 7r.Holmes to Watson when they were trying to 'now where the ootprints led to. 0. >Does he ha e !il er #la$e?>Watson said that to Holmes when they were tal'ing a*o)t what !ilas- relation to the crime and Holmes was descri*ing him ater tal'ing to him in pri ate.3.>He 'nows many tric's>.Holmes said that to Watson when Watson said that the ;olice didn-t ind !il er #la$e in the Capleton (arm. Holmes said that he had wor'ed with horses or a long time and 'new many tric's.
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