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   H-AMAS CONFUS DE CHOSES SANS VALEUR - -  ADELINE LARAMIDIA The nassagaweya script, rendered as ‘ aerhce’  or ‘circe’  via channel island ordinances and ordinals also served as scripts for overland travel. Here, the innocuous “comment ç'est-t il”   was centered upon provisions or conveyance. Thus rendered, sites that evoked ancient rule -- such as those associated with Te-X-anda  or ‘atl-a’  sites in the strait of georgia zone -- were encrypted as zones of host, agency and environs with traditional ‘al-e’ value stabilizers. The prototype representative of lambaesis ‘stele’ gate dediche clerk traditions, was often pictured via votive stone as agent posited in a small person or child holding a scroll in one hand and a bunch of grapes in the other, in reference of such modes. Here, the lambaesis script provisioned a longing for home, as in the votive providing the Third Legion at Lambaesis of Numidia [123 AD] in the mode of attempted censure, such as in the statement-- io vide dep vlso -- which in noric rendered ‘means’ via ‘ways.’ Data emanating from Pliny’s investigations of the northern ‘barrens’ of ci-liq-ia , related to associative tones found at puglia on the continent were evolved in rendered meaning. Both his commentary circa 111 AD, in a  p-li-n-y  missive sent to Trajan, Epistulae, VIII.8 and his appeal to ‘degna’ in the scroll, circa 112 AD, Epistulae, X.96, are tra-jan type documentations of type, kind and kin and as such, a duplicity. When and so rendered in non-registry idem, apud tone style, as a re-directorate the vein of meaning for souq tone was lost via this method. Military report accessed similar veins of message note, and were as such typified as a re-emergence along borderland lines. Here, a data entry of rock rune or inscriptive detailing of morphe, renders such scenes at tabla: the y arnot, or arno stone encryption By ix Bibl ll lh hy irl yiglha liq  and the Milq stone ensign Beg mt xe rx dyt rlz pu ot ik qof   had often formed a backdrop on the subject of military provision as a necessary means toward path. In order to better understand data derived from such ancient isopol ‘natures’ or ‘proximals’ these zones took measure from such data. As such, Iso-glossic type ridden geomorphic code zones--such as glosses  on raetic insertions and environs thus derived further via faetar tone were considered happenstance, in allocative tone. Hence, a Faetar dialect or ‘cellese’-- ‘  jdi ti ile i lu  -- nu vu els’  was a presentation of sorts as an allocative insertion via Raetic systems, the simplest being -- ‘ ia i k -- nu na.’  The ‘assort’ of Margaret of Scotia and Yolanda dedreux Scotia [1042, 1311] also membered such novice effort via a straten code,  “sein ite mi igni ypi sa sille” meaning be nigh my fired round this celle . Under unusual conditions, such a re-evaluation of labour, fervour, effort or endeavor -- often cast as enterprise  -- often made note of messaging devize or interlocutionary efforts to elide the two ‘conditions,’ via aspect, tense, mode-- the key of which was known by an ‘inr’ kagen participancy. As such, interpretative data such as at McKinley Lake, were indicative of type based custom yield. Hence, at Clover Point, Victoria, BC, demonstrations of how two brown seaweeds -- Desmarestia aculeata -- and -- Desmarestia viridis -- were different in both category and use, was as such a practice of pitch perfect assertion upon ‘gland’ or ‘gandli’ right of passage. As such, Williams Lake area data derived via excavations revealed housing sites for planned labour results, such as at pit sites and trail sites along Cedar creek. Hence, the repositioning of ‘market’ envisioned by planning of the Maripole site zone, circa 1340 AD. Other site types have been excavated in the Williams Lake area near Brunson Lake and Starlike Lake as well as fishing weir zones -- both in the Cariboo Island site and on the Quesnel Lake Site and the Starlike Shore Site as well as on Fraser and Chilcoten and Ward confluences. As an inversion expression, the greeting to cue or alert was a traditional bypass greeting, ‘Se ti le me nt’ or ‘comment ç'est-t il telment’ both meaning ‘how goes it’ or ‘how goes it so’ revealing an in-depth notation of practice related to certitude with modular alerts on scale and differentiation. Adjacent directorate evocations were rendered thus. In the Faetar system, which relied upon a belief in one’s own ‘judgement’ or ‘avocar’ it or so was an evocation re-iteration of common belief in one’s own agency, as a stable directorate from which to proceed. Hence, the encrypted ‘devize’ of utterance, which would at once  display personhood and an understanding of what agency accomplishes in trade settings as a think-do protocol cue or queue system. INDEX APPENDIX ROMAN DE FAUVEL [1310] 55 Folio 34va, Fatras p. 125 [r] mfm mrdr mfm r | d rdr m rrd | r mfs f s | l lsf | m :|| An dieus! Ou pourai je trouver: confort, secure, n’alegement [L]l ll | sl fs | ll ll | sf s :|| En non dieu agace agace vous n’i ferez plus vo ni TRACKING KEY -- ‘Burin’ intaglio Landscape -- ’Menulte’ Marshland -- transfer ‘Guodi Site’ ‘Donggutuo Site’ -- ni ki o -- am aw wa lle  [cue] -- Q: operate, agency, form, switch, initialize, promotion -- omi-imi-ika-a exchange, replay, vitiation, end point -- Land Grid pattern [1] N [2] E [3] W [4] S -- Fen grid pattern [1] [2] [3] [4] -- Water grid pattern [1] [2] [3] [4] -- Conveyance grid [1] [2] [3] [4] -- Affiliation grid [1] [2] [3] [4] -- Augur grid [1] [2] [3] [4] -- Gate function [1] [2] [3] [4] -- type grid -- [P] Point, [ π ] Pi, [ ψ ] Psi, [El] Elision, [d] dogleg DATA [Q] Petit Nord NL Inscription -- 12 [N] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [g] 8 9 10 11 [2t] N th Ivv R h x p hy t l io yy Overton inscription -- XO nows Arno stone -- By ix Bibl ll lh hy irl yiglha liq Norumbega rune -- Ny a i lir si fe ri hi is ec Griqet stone -- Fe Ec Ay yi ti fat Milk stone -- Begmt xe rx dyt rlz pu ot ik qof Haystack stone -- Bij iu li rn sy it  Yarmouth stone -- vezelay jll lqud lyn Bon echo inscription -- lhcq ttw ui aqq uu yy bxu ox dd vhq MAPPA pytheas TEXT Childebert II [Jugement] 595 AD Ise chi gebord iug repi Ijs pra yzec atn tiz E cimi norindi noni eon lec digne ln pic Leri honor eiq rijk qinq erm nor er prq alet Sey ural ymb boec Ix iqu Birn eir lp tsair Aq pale murmur mairm en er az Nc cli mor aiyr llir eic Qu reccr enz eroqbil cir Ix fic cindr Nic tobr debu ri lrric Yrric Domi diu wo ir Lrii lep repr gor arln agri Eor popr rey iq qln Liq ru req rebeiz Bi oyem pr lem ey q-ran nerq Undq gen euyr piqor hcu dorp er rci Qpn dts ip pocr Y-burax raer rqi lboy rccr Er pi iq ri iq qm Ecce hepre lir rpet ceor Fi io nir epo An Id er bun fec ybir Siglar ec iur regn lir  aq lof sis eir Tocharian “B” [700 AD] Gi nie gc Lu ji arq G xi Y’ ir ki Oq Lidq Tg vy y q a ic [z ll] Go t ot m zir ib lij Kzy Czij xa iy sy fy Av nB Ls v dq an qr sy llvg lij th eyyr lqy ly Gfe uq EGw rx yq Eg th sycr xy zg mvr lzi w f Lgig dy rzei zc pi Eq Biy ez xy gxy iq ypi q Eg q Xvv hQs Bi Qar sqr pi u jlig [sqtg Qy] lvy lij lruaq zh On pi s q Ki ij Qu Et ci Ox hoir ijn Jyi Ja Qx lqr j Qy eq Cox q En xy Ij Y ir glr CHART LENGUA Coptic -- jnk ntt nj tj nts -- jnn nttn mtw Koine -- eyw du au tn to -- ny vy toi Franq -- ix du he zei et -- mi i ze Alderney -- ij i li ce on -- nu vo ni Salaans -- TEXTA tocharian TIMELINE
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