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Assignment One revised
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  Assignment One   ABC Family’s “Switched At Birth”   Note:  The observations listed below came from the first 20 minutes of three different episodes; “This Is Not a Pipe”, “American Gothic”, and “Portrait of My Father”.   Relevant Background Information: The setting of my figured world is the Kansas City metropolitan area during the freshman year of high school for the two main characters, Daphne and Bay. The main scenes of the show take place at the Kennish household (Bay’s house), East Riverside (a low-income neighborhood in Missouri), and Buckner Hall (the school which Bay attends). It is key to understand that “Switched At Birth” is the first recognized television show to have scenes that are completely shot in American Sign Language (ASL).   Figured World: A large organization that has certain regulations and proper behavior.   The ABC Family television show “Switched at Birth” is my figured world. The show goes through the lives of two teenage girls after they have found out they were switched at birth. Their home, school, and various jobs are located in Kansas City. The rules and conventions for appropriate behavior revolve around the realities of the hearing impaired characters, Daphne Vasquez and the other deaf characters that she interacts with. The form of communication is mostly constant in this show; it is American Sign Language. For example, instead of just outwardly talking to someone, the characters have to use sign language or write down what they mean. When deaf characters encounter someone who does not sign, they have to lip read. Instead of doorbells, there are flashing lights, and when “talking” on the phone, characters do not talk  but video chat. Music is not a big component of the show either. Loud volumes of noise would  be unexpected because some of the characters could not hear them. Inappropriate behavior would include characters making fun of the deaf characters. People who scream or talk in slow motion would be inappropriate even though they are trying to compensate for the deaf characters. Inappropriate behavior also includes family members of a deaf person who do not attempt to learn sign language or treating deaf people differently and not giving them the same opportunities as hearing characters. The various communities of practice include the family, which has a common goal of getting to know each other better and a common way of communicating (sign language). Groups of school friends share the common goal of going to an all deaf school, a common interest in signing, and communicating by sign language.   Actors: An individual who a has a certain role in a community. These are not all of the actors in the show but only the important characters for this specific observation. Only the most important actors are listed.   ●   Bay Kennish: Bay is one of the two teenagers who got switched at birth. Having been raised in a very wealthy neighborhood, Bay takes her wealth for granted. She has always  wondered why she was so different from her family including her blood type, which she finds out is impo ssible from the two blood types of her “parents”. Bay is artistic and  passionate, unlike her mother .At first, Bay has a very hard time adjusting to the idea that her parents are not her biological parents and takes out her anger on Daphne, the other teenager who was switched. ●   Daphne Vasquez:  The other teenager that had gotten switched but was raised in a low-income neighborhood. Being raised this way, Daphne is very humble which is expressed through her loving interactions with people around her. Bay’s rig id characteristics allows the audience to see the innocence of Daphne. Daphne will soon face the challenge of moving into a different neighborhood and attending a different school while being hearing-impaired. Daphne loves to cook and is naturally athletic. ●   Kathryn Kennish:  The biological mother of Daphne but the legal mother of Bay. Kathryn is filled with hospitality, for example, opening her home to Daphne, Regina (Daphne’s legal mom), and Adriana (Daphne’s legal grandmother). Kathryn is very enthusiastic about cooking (which we can infer is where Daphne found her love for cooking), and learns to deal with the switch by writing a book from her point of view of the switch. Kathryn also has a husband, John Kennish, and a son, Toby Kennish, who are very influential in the decisions made about the girls. ●   Regina Vasquez:  The biological mother of Bay but the legal mother of Daphne. Regina raised Daphne alone after her legal father knew that Daphne could not be his biological child. Regina has a strong opinion about most things and is not afraid to speak her mind, many of these attributes we see in Bay. Regina raised Daphne in East Riverside with Adriana (Regina’s mother) where they were surrounded by many people of different ethnicities and races. This environment allowed Daphne to grow up to be very well-rounded. Regina has taught Daphne to be very independent and take pride in who she is. Regina has sacrificed a lot to be able to provide Daphne with the deaf education she needed. This was very tough because Regina struggled with alcoholism which halted her artistic career. Artifact: Something that has special meaning in a community of practice and therefore in the figured world.   ●   The Switch: The Switch is the incident when Daphne and Bay were switched at birth.   This is what the whole show revolves around and is a constant factor throughout all episodes. The Switch is what is behind all emotions and all events. It affects every single character in a different way that we see throughout the series. ●   Bay’s Attitude :   Bay’s attitude is what initially causes all the tension in the family revolving the switch. It makes the show more interesting to watch because everything is not flowers and butterflies and it makes the show more relatable. Bay’s attitude also ties into the connection we see between Bay and her biological mother.  ●   Comfortableness: The idea of being comfortable drives many decisions that take part in the show. Regina and Daphne move in with the Kennishes to be able to get to know the family on a more personal level.The characters act a certain way to prevent other characters from being uncomfortable, and the way the moms change who they are to make themselves comfortable are examples of how this concept is important. Communities of Practice: A group of people who have a common interest and better themselves in their group more than they would have alone.   ●   The Switched At Birth Family:  Bay, Daphne, Kathryn, Regina, John, and Toby. All of these characters were directly affected by the switch and start to live together to explore their common interest of getting to know their own biological children. Their shared way of communicating includes regret and remorse about the current event, but also joyful  because they are able to have an addition to the family. ●   The Doctors and Nurses:  Even though we don't see much of the doctors in the observation, they play an important part in the development of the show. They all have a  part in the main purpose of the show, which the physical switching of the babies. The communication includes the idea that the hospital, which all participants work, had no connections to the consequences that came from the switch because Regina found out years earlier. Domain: The specific factor that ties a community together.   ●   Family Relationship: One of the many things that the main characters have in common is the longing for a normal family relationship and bond. The characters go through many trials and tribulations to achieve this goal. They share the unique situation in which their family has to go through and all the feelings that accompany it. ●   Hearing-impaired Problems:  Though Daphne is the only main character that is deaf, she introduces a deaf community that interacts with the hearing cast. This domain involved a new influx of deaf characters that cause the hearing cast to learn sign language and to be put in different situations where they are not comfortable. Characters such as Kathryn, Toby, and John (Kathryn’s Husband) have to learn sign language. Bay is also included in this list but has a unique incentive to learning sign language because she starts dating a hearing impaired guy. ●   The Need to be a Normal Family:  This is one factor that ties everyone together. In the first efforts to get to know one another, the two families are just trying to figure out how to be normal. Various obstacles are thrown in the ir way such as other people’s opinions and disagreements on how to raise the girls.  Practices of the Community: The way the community comes together to complete a goal or task.   ●   Getting to Know Each Other:   Many of the initial scenes in “Switched at Birth” are targeted towards the family getting to know one another because essentially they are strangers. The community of practice understands that to make the switch easier for everyone, they must get to know one another and build a relationship with the opposite family. ●   Investigating the Switch: As part of the community of practice, the doctors and nurses take the precautions necessary to prove that they are not responsible for any damages involved in the switch. These methods include lawyers and private investigators to acquire more information t o help build their case. The Kennish’s and the Vasquez’s also did their own research to find out a way to counteract the hospital and in this effort they found out more information about themselves. For example, Regina knew that the girls were switched for thirteen years. These details put strains on many relationships in the family. The trust that was built between the family dynamic was broken and took some time to overcome. The dishonesty was definitely a catalyst that lead to the family splitting apart even more. The family stated taking sides and it was evident that Regina was on her own. Literary Practices: A certain way of communicating within a community.   ●   Sign language: The most common form a communication in the show is sign language. Characters use their facial expressions and their whole body to convey a certain message. Finger spelling can also be included for characters who do not know complete signs yet. ●   Lip reading:  This form of communication is mostly used by the hearing-impaired characters. It is used when the person they are talking to does not know sign language, so in order to communicate they have to lip read. ●   Flashing lights:  Flashing lights are another way of communicating day-to-day activities that usually correspond to sound. For example, door bells do not ring, but are flashing lights, and phones have the same signals. Observation One: “This Is Not a Pipe”   3:00mins: The show starts off with slow motion montage of the kids at Buckner Hall in their prestigious uniforms. Then, you st art to hear Bay’s Biology teacher begin to teach on genetics, as usual Bay is not paying attention to the experiment, but to her lab partner, Liam (her boyfriend). To find out their blood type, the students prick their fingers and put it on card. This fore shadows that Bay’s blood type will not match her legal parents’. The next scene shows Bay at the dinner table telling her parents that her blood type is AB
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