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  Page 1  of 4   Department of Education Region VI  –   Western Visayas Division of Aklan District of Numancia Navitas Elementary School Navitas, Numancia, Aklan ACTION RESEARCH I . Situation: Attitude of Grade Five Pupils in Section Squid of Navitas Elementary School towards schooling. II.   Problem: Why are the pupils not attentive during class discussions? III. Objective: To minimize the number of pupils who are not attentive during class discussions. IV . Problem Causes: ( Know the probable causes using SWOT analysis  –  Internal    Analysis and External Analysis. Causes can be Ws and Ts of SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Before you can do SWOT analysis, however, you must gather information. After having gathered information, you can now identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. See attachment A.)    Personal problems of pupils encountered at home and in school    Malnutrition    Teaching materials used by the teacher are not interesting  V. Probable Solution : (Find strategies/interventions through blending of SWOT. You must identify strategies/interventions to be placed in the first, second, third or fourth quadrant. See attachment B.)    Conduct home visitation.    Have a one-on-one conversation with the child about the problems he/she encountered at home and in school.    Conduct classroom-based feeding program.    Development and improvement of teaching materials and strategies used by the teacher to arouse the interest of the learner. VI.   Prioritized Probable Solutions:    Conduct home visitation.    Develop and improve teaching materials and strategies to be used by the teacher to arouse the interest of the learner.  Page 2  of 4   VII.   Plan of Action for Each Prioritized Intervention/Solution Intervention No. 1 1.   Conduct home visitation. Activity Timeline Budget Persons Responsible Beneficiaries 1.   Secure Home Visitation slip. July 2016 P100.00 School Head, Teachers Teacher School Head 2.   Conduct home visitation. July 2016 P 300.00 Teachers Guidance Counselor Pupils Parents Intervention No. 2 2.   Develop and improve teaching materials and strategies to be used by the teacher to arouse the interest of the learner. Activity Timeline Budget Persons Responsible Beneficiaries 1.   Create, develop and improve teaching materials August 2016 P1,000.00 Teacher Pupils Teachers VIII.   Monitoring Plan Date Activity To Be Done Actual Action Done Corrective Action (if actual action is not within standards)  Name of Monitor July 2016 Conduct home visitation I had visited homes of target pupils. August 2016 Development and improvement of teaching materials Had created interesting visual aids, and used multimedia presentations in class. IX.   Results (with supporting figures) Initial Condition Final Condition 15 pupils were not attentive during 12 out of 15 pupils are attentive class discussions during class discussions X.   Conclusion The number of pupils who were not attentive during class discussions was minimized; therefore the action done was correct.  Page 3  of 4   XI.   Reflection Being attentive in class is one of the factors that the learner needs in order to learn. Parent’s guidance and teacher’s creativeness is needed in keeping the attention of the learner so that they can understand the lesson that is being discussed . Prepared by: MADONNA Y. REYES Teacher I Noted: REMEGIO I. VILLANUEVA Head Teacher III Approved: ROSIE B. REYES Public Schools District Supervisor  Page 4  of 4   Attachment A: Information Gathering (Source) (as many as possible) Note: Only a portion of the information gathered is included here. 1.   Most teachers are creative and good in art education. (Observation) 2.   Most teachers are very good at solving problems. (Observation) 3.   Malnutrition of pupils. (Observation) 4.   Some pupils have personal problems encountered at home and in school. (Observation) Attachment B: SWOT Analysis (the identification of S.W.O.T is based on information gathered.)   Internal External Strengths 1.   Creative teachers Weakness 1.   Malnutrition  2.   Personal problems encountered by pupils at home and in school  3.   Lenient teachers   Opportunities 1.   Supportive PTAs 2.   Availability of pupils’ record   Strength-Opportunities Interventions: 1.   Development and improvement of teaching materials. Weakness-Opportunities Interventions: 1.   Conduct classroom-based feeding program. 2.   Change attitude of teachers in dealing with classroom management. Threats 1.   Lack of parents’ guidance  2.   Presence of non-nutritious food   Strengths-Threats 1.   Conduct home visits. Weakness-Threats Intervention: Strength: Creative Teachers   Weakness: Malnutrition, Personal Problems Encountered at Home and in School
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