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International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278! 7#$ %olu&e'$ I((ue2$ July 2 '2 '#2 Abstract) Studies on applications of lean in a continuous process industry are limited. There is lot of opportunities for improvement in the process industries like automobile industry if lean tools are utilized. This paper addresses the application of Value Stream Mapping as one of the Lean tools to eliminate waste an
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   International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278! 7#$   %olu&e'$ Iue2$ July 2 '2 '#2  Abstract     Studies on applications of lean in a continuous  process industry are limited. There is lot of opportunities for improvement in the process industries like automobile industry if lean tools are utilized. This paper addresses the application of Value Stream Mapping as one of the Lean tools to eliminate waste and improved operational procedures and productivity. !urrent state map is prepared and analyzed and suggested to improve the operational process. Accordingly the future state map is drawn. The study reveals that there is an improvement in the takt time by implementing the proposed changes if incorporated in the future state map.   nde# Terms    !urrent state map future state map takt time Value Stream Mapping $VSM% I.   INTRODUCTION Before giving the definition of VSM it is important to understand what Vaue and Vaue Stream is. !o us on vaue in the onte#t of what the ustomer$end%user is prepared to  pa& for. To arr& out this a tivit& the ompan& needs to understand what the ustomer re'uires in terms of features and performan e( and how mu h the& are wiing to pa& for the produ t. The out ome of this a tivit& is a ear understanding of what produ ts the ustomer re'uires. These re'uirements ma& not )e feasi)e immediate&( )ut it provides a true representation of ustomer need. The vaue stream is the entire reation pro ess for a  produ t. The vaue stream starts at on ept and ends at deiver& to the ustomer. *ver& stage the produ t goes through shoud add vaue to the produ t( )ut often this is not the ase. Mapping of the vaue stream aids the identifi ation of vaue adding and non%vaue adding +i.e. waste, a tivities- some e#ampes are isted )eow. %alue adding activitie Ma hining( ro essing( ainting( /ssem)ing  Non value adding activitie S rapping( Sorting( Storing( Counting( Moving( Do umentation et . / vaue stream map is an end%to%end oe tion of  pro esses$a tivities that reates vaue for the ustomer. / vaue stream usua& in udes peope( toos and te hnoogies(  ph&si a fa iities( ommuni ation hannes and poi ies and  pro edures. / vaue stream is a the a tions +)oth vaue added and non%vaue added, urrent& re'uired to )ring a  produ t through the main fows essentia to ever& produ t0 +a, the produ tion fow from raw materia into the hands of the *anucript received on July$ 2 '2 . +r, -,*, .elo/ar ( produ tion *ngineering department( .*.C Universit& of Te hnoog&( Chandigarh( India %i/a 0u&ar ( produ tion *ngineering department( .*.C   Universit& of Te hnoog&(Chandigarh(India. Sandeep Singh 0har1 ( produ tion *ngineering department( .*.C Universit& of Te hnoog&(Chandigarh(India. ustomer( and +), the design fow from on ept to aun h. Standard terminoog&( s&m)os( and improvement methods aows VSM to )e used as a ommuni ation too for )oth interna ommuni ation and sharing te hni'ues and resuts with the arger ean ommunit&. VSM is the pro ess of visua& mapping the fow of information and materia as the& are preparing a future state map with )etter methods and performan e. It heps to visuai1e the station & e times( inventor& at ea h stage( manpower and information fow a ross the supp& hain. VSM ena)es a ompan& to 2see3 the entire pro ess in )oth its urrent and desired future state( whi h deveop the road map that prioriti1es the pro4e ts or tas5s to )ridge the gap )etween the urrent state and the future state. The vaue stream mapping is used to ana&1e 6 map in order to redu e the waste in pro esses( ena)e fow( and to ma5e the pro ess for )etter effi ien &. The purpose of vaue stream mapping is to highight sour es of waste and eiminate them )& impementing the future%state vaue stream that an  )e ome a reait&. The goa is to )uid a hain of produ tion where the individua pro esses are in5ed to their ustomer+s, either )& ontinuous fow or pu( and ea h pro ess gets as ose as possi)e to produ ing on& what its ustomer+s, need when the& need it. II.   7IT*R/TUR*   R*VI*8   Ba5ema and Rotterdam +9::;, have reated urrent state map for a stee produ er( a stee servi e enter and first%tier omponent suppier. The urrent state map identifies huge  pied of inventor& and ong ead%time. In the future state map target areas were su)4e ted to different ean toos in uding 5an)an( supermar5et( and ontinuous fow. Baard and <owe +=>>;, suggest that( the vaue stream mapping an serve as a good starting point for an& enterprise that wants to )e ean. It provides a ommon anguage for ta5ing a)out manufa turing pro ess. It ties together ean on epts and te hni'ues whi h hep to avoid ? herr& pi 5ing?. It forms the )asis for an impementation pan )& heping to design the whoe fow. <apan and @ue 5mann +9::=, e#pain vaue stream mapping in air raft manufa turing. The& draw urrent and future state maps were deveoped with the o)4e tive of redu ing ead time a ording to ustomer re'uirements. The impementation of the future state map attained ead%time redu tion. Summer( =>>A has des ri)ed / tivit& Based Costing +/BC,( identif& various ost omponents and ana&1e the reative ontri)ution to the tota ost. The essen e of /BC is that( produ t onsumes a tivit&( a tivit& onsumes resour e and resour es generate ost. Thus it is ne essar& to deveop the reationship )etween a tivit&( oast drivers and a tivit& measures. Target osting is to anti ipate the /n /ppi ation of Vaue Stream Mapping In /utomotive Industr&0 / Case Stud& -,*, .elo/ar$ %i/a 0u&ar$ Sandeep Singh 0har1   n pplication 3f %alue Strea& *apping In uto&otive Indutry:  4ae Study '#! a epta)e mar5et pri e through intensive ustomer fo us. Design and manufa turing team3s aies to )ring the produ t within the target ost. Target ost is the ost that an )e in urred whie sti earning the desired )enefit. The o)4e tive of the present wor5 is to demonstrate how a manufa turing s&stem operates with timing of step%)& step a tivities. Taii hi Ohno +=>AA,( 8oma 5 et a +=>>:,( 8oma 5 and ones +=>>A( 9::,( Danie. T. ones +9::,( Rother and Shoo5 +=>>>,( and eter <ines and Ni 5 Ri h +=>>E, have studied the impementation of Vaue Stream Mapping effe tive&. Taii hi Ohno +=>AA, oud not see waste at a gan e +espe ia& a ross a geographi a area,. <e deveoped Materia and Information !ow Mapping +VSM, as a standard method for mapping the fows visua& and it )e ame the standard )asis for designing improvements at To&ota % as a ommon anguage. It )e ame one of their )usiness panning toos. VSM is now utii1ed throughout the word( in man&  )usinesses to strategi a& pan and it is the starting point to an& ean transformation and impementation. The vaue stream mapping was e#tended in the fied of air raft manufa turing aso. /))ett and a&ne +=>>>, have dis ussed the appi ation of vaue stream mapping in an air raft manufa turing unit. The& have deveoped the urrent and future state maps with the o)4e tive of redu ing ead time a ording to ustomer3s re'uirements.  New +=>>F,( and ones et.a +=>>E, and other resear hers deveoped individua toos to understand the vaue stream. VSM e#tends guidan e for improvements in the pro ess( identifies the need to improve wor5fow and fina& shows avenues to redu e waste. Shingo +=>A>, has dis ussed the strategies for the effe tive impementation of Vaue Stream Mapping in a wood industr&. <e aso opines that oops an )e formed to identif& the simiar  pro esses and these oops wi )e hepfu in identif&ing the non vaue a tivities in a s&stemati manner. <e has suggested the wa&s to eiminate non vaue added a tivit& and proposed measures to in rease the Vaue added ratio. III.   OB*CTIV*   O!   R*S*/RC<   Toda&( automotive suppiers have a great on ern over improving 'uait& and deiver& and de reasing ost( whi h eads to improved s&stem produ tivit&. In order to remain ompetitive( waste from the vaue stream must )e identified and eiminated so to run s&stem with ma#imum effi ien ies. / rodu tion is to order and arge num)ers of different  produ ts are produ ed( ea h in reative& sma voume. / rodu tion shop onsists of num)er of ma hine entres( ea h with a fundamenta& different a tivit&. The pro)ems of ma hine shop are dea&ed deiveries( ong 'ueues( and high wor5 in pro ess inventories( improper utii1ation. These  pro)ems in rease overa ost of produ tion. The need for ustomi1ed produ ts$parts with redu ed ead times together with the re'uirement of go)a ompetitiveness re'uires that  produ ts$parts )e produ ed in sma )at h si1es as per ustomerGs re'uirement. The pro essing in sma )at h si1es ne essitates the ad4ustment in the fow of produ tion through different pro esses as per their pro essing speeds. In addition it re'uires ose monitoring of pro esses to redu e pro ess varia)iit& +defe t free produ tion,( effi ient panned maintenan e of a ma hines +for in reased avaia)iit&, and redu tion in non vaue added a tivities su h as setup times( movement of materia in )etween the wor5 pro esses and additiona pro essing of materia. The effi ient utii1ation of ma hines whie produ ing in sma )at hes redu ed 8I inventories( redu ed throughput times and redu tion in ead times eads to ompetitive manufa turing. It is need for ma hine shop manufa turing s&stem to adopt ean environment. To improve produ tivit& )& identif&ing waste and then removing that )& impementing ean prin ipe in this industr& we fo us our attention on VSM too. Vaue Stream Mapping ena)es a ompan& to identif& and eiminate waste( there)& streamining wor5 pro esses( utting ead times( redu ing osts and in reasing 'uait& and hen e produ tivit&. The goa of VSM is to identif&( demonstrate and de rease waste in the  pro ess( highighting the opportunities for improvement that wi most signifi ant& impa t the overa produ tion s&stem. In this stud& ean on epts are introdu ed using VSM in wor5ing environment. I%,   %S*   *ET53+363   To start improving produ tivit& )& identif&ing waste and then removing it )& impementing ean prin ipe in the industr& there is no other too )etter then VSM. The Vaue Stream Mapping method +VSM, is a visuai1ation too oriented to the To&ota version of 7ean Manufa turing +To&ota rodu tion S&stem,. It heps to understand and streamine wor5 pro esses using the toos and te hni'ues of 7ean Manufa turing. The goa of VSM is to identif&( demonstrate and de rease waste in the pro ess. 8aste )eing an& a tivit& that does not add vaue to the fina produ t( often used to demonstrate and de rease the amount of HwasteG in a manufa turing s&stem. VSM an thus serve as a )ue print for 7ean Manufa turing. This se tion presents a methodoog& to deveop a vaue stream mapping to identif& materia and information of urrent state.   enera& VSM has four ma4or steps as given )& Rother and Shoo5 +=>>,0 =. rodu t 9. Drawing urrent state F. Drawing future state ;. Deveop wor5 pan for impementation of future state. V.   C/S*   STUDJ   / ase stud& was arried out in an automo)ie industr& C//RO 7IMIT*D o ated at Bawa +Rewari, in India. =: rodu ts are manufa tured there. But main tunne foor was hoosen )e ause it was most riti a  produ t from the point of view of safet& 4urrent State   +ra9ing   roduct ;uture State   +ra9ing <or/ lan   International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278! 7#$   %olu&e'$ Iue2$ July 2 '2 '#=  purpose of the ustomer. There is a ot of s ope for stud& and go for further improvement in the pro ess to ena)e higher  produ tion rate. <en e this was see ted for the ase stud&. Takt Time  =  Available time& customer demand K 9E L=F9: L:$:::: K ;9.E se .  Num)er of shifts per da& K F(  Num)er of wor5ing da&s K 9E  Net wor5ing time per da& K =F9: min. Demand for month K :::: C& e time K ;F se 7ead time K A se rodu tion per da& K =F9:L: $ +;FA, K=: parts per da& VI.   R*SU7T   8hen & e time for ea h pro ess is ompared with ta5t time it is found that & e time of weding pro ess e# eeds the ta5t time so there is need to improve the pro ess apa)iit& of weding pro ess to meet the demand of ustomer within the time. So it an )e improved )& using various ean toos )ut here we are improving the & e time of weding pro ess )& introdu ing a new weding ma hine and )& improving a&out of wed shop. C& e time )efore improvement K ;Fse . C& e time after improvement K 99 se .  improvement in produ tion K +9::  =:,$=: There is near a)out E improvement )& improvement in vaue adding a tivities. VII.   CONC7USION   7ean produ tion means ontinuous improvement( we must 5eep on hanging future state into urrent state that wi not end during our ife. VSM have )een proven to )e a great& usefu too to eiminate some waste in a & e and find there are more waste for &ou to eiminate in ne#t & e( during whi h ean )e omes a ha)it or uture.   n pplication 3f %alue Strea& *apping In uto&otive Indutry:  4ae Study '##    C  u  s   t  o  m  e  r   D  r  a  w   i  n  g   R  e  s   t  r   i   k  e   T  r   i  m  m   i  n  g   &   P   i  e  r  c   i  n  g   U  p   B  e  n   d   i  n  g   &   C  a  m  p   i  e  r  c   i  n  g   Q  u  a   l   i   t  y   C   h  e  c   k  u  p   W  e   l   d   i  n  g   A  n  n  u  a   l     o  r  e  c  a  s   t   !  o  n   t   h   l  y      c   h  e   d  u   l  e   W  e  e   k   l  y   R  e  #  u   i  r  e  m  e  n   t   !  o  n   t   h   l  y      c   h  e   d  u   l  e   D  a   i   l  y      c   h  e   d  u   l  e   D  a   i   l  y      c   h  e   d  u   l  e   D  a   i   l  y   R  e  #  u   i  r  e  m  e  n   t   P   l  a  n  n   i  n  g   D  e  p  a  r   t  m  e  n   t   Q  u  a   l   i   t  y   C   h  e  c   k  u  p   $   i  n   i  s   h  e   d   i   t  e  m  s       t  o  r  a  g  e      u  p  p   l   i  e  r   %  s  e  c    '   (  s  e  c   )  s  e  c    '   *  s  e  c   )  s  e  c     s  e  c   )     s  e  c   (   +  s  e  c    %  s  e  c   ,     s  e  c   %   -  s  e  c   (   ,  s  e  c   P  r  o  c  e  s  s   i  n  g   T   i  m  e  .   *      (  s  e  c   T  o   t  a   l   P  r  o   d  u  c   t   i  o  n   /  e  a   d   t   i  m  e  .   *   0   d  a  y  s   *   -   h  r  s     m   i  n   (   -  s  e  c   *   -   h  r  s     s  e  c    '   0  s  e  c   C   T  .    '   0      e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   U  p   T   i  m  e  .   *   +   +   1   C   T  .    '   (      e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   U  p   T   i  m  e  .   *   +   +   1   C   T  .    '   *      e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   U  p   T   i  m  e  .   *   +   +   1   C   T  .         e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   U  p   T   i  m  e  .   *   +   +   1   C   T  .   (   +      e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   C   T  .   (   ,      e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   U  p   T   i  m  e  .   *   +   +   1   C   T  .   ,         e  c   ,       h   i      t  s   U  p   T   i  m  e  .   *   +   +   1   *   0   d  a  y  s   ,   d  a  y  s    C  u  r  r  e  n   t       t  a   t  e   !  a  p  
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