Another 25 Benefits of Using an iPad in the Classroom

1. ANOTHER 25 BENEFITS OF USING AN IPAD IN THE CLASSROOM F R O M A P P E D I A 2. CREATE AND USE AN APP ã There is a lot of software which children can use to create an…
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  • 2. CREATE AND USE AN APP • There is a lot of software which children can use to create an app. • However, it’s even more rewarding when children can then use their newly created app in the classroom.
  • 3. MERAKI • Meraki is a system which will enable you to “push” newly installed apps out onto every iPad at once, saving you the time of installing them individually. • You can set this up to cover the whole school and organise the iPads into groups so you can send apps to specific groups.
  • 4. DATA LOGGING • As part of the computing curriculum, children have to use data loggers and examine data. • There are iPad apps (such as pedometers) which children can use to measure data without having to use a lot of equipment.
  • 5. UPSKILLING YOURSELF • Technology is becoming more prominent in everyday life and having an iPad which you regularly use in the classroom will help you become more proficient when using this technology. • This will give you a huge advantage over those who don’t have that knowledge and might help you create a niche for yourself in your school
  • 6. LEARN A LANGUAGE • Apps such as Duolingo provide children with a programme to follow that will help them learn a new language. • This is a great asset for any children to have in an MFL lesson or to use as part of an extra-curricular club.
  • 7. MULTI-LINGUAL APPS • A lot of apps are multi-lingual so EAL children can access the learning as well.
  • 8. INNOVATIVE APPS • Developers are constantly creating new apps which means you’ll always have access to an array of constantly developing resources. • They’re also focusing on new types of apps such as augmented reality and virtual reality allowing you to constantly bring new content into your classroom.
  • 9. PHOTOGRAPHY • Apps such as Photobooth allow children to take photographs with different lenses and in different colours, allowing them to create some very artistic effects. • They can also use this type of software to edit their photographs with different effects.
  • 10. GOOGLE EARTH • The Google Earth app is a great way to help children learn about the world and the local area. • Children can view the world through satellite imagery and see 3D streets anywhere in the world, as well as local landmarks and street names. • It’s also useful for researching the local area and drawing maps.
  • 11. FINE MOTOR SKILLS • As the iPad encourages children to use the fingers to type, move and resize objects, it’s constantly helping them to develop their fine motor skills. • There are letter-forming apps which can help with this as well.
  • 12. NO COPYING AND PASTING • When children are given access to the internet for research, they often just copy and paste the information without really understanding it. • However, it’s a lot more awkward for them to do that on an iPad so they’ll have to read and process the information before typing it up themselves.
  • 13. CLASS TRIPS • Taking an iPad on a class trip will allow you to take videos and photographs as well as to Tweet throughout the day. • This is a great way to communicate with parents and to gather evidence for their work.
  • 14. APPS ARE CHEAP • Buying software for a computer will generally cost you a lot of money, however, the average app is normally only a couple of pounds so you can buy a lot more with your budget.
  • 15. USEFUL NOTIFICATIONS • As a teacher, you’re always thinking about several tasks at once, but having an iPad will give you access to an organizer that you can customize to provide you with a bulletin whenever you have a deadline approaching.
  • 16. QUIZZING APPS • Giving the children a quiz is a useful way of consolidating their learning and there are a lot of apps for each subject which will provide this quiz for you. • Certain apps will also allow the children to create their own quiz.
  • 17. OWNERSHIP • Giving each child an iPad can help give them a sense of ownership and responsibility which will help them mature and can lead to improved behaviour.
  • 18. DIFFERENTIATED IPADS • If every child has an iPad, you can choose which apps to put onto certain iPads which will allow you to differentiate the devices. • Using Meraki, you can also “push” apps out onto a class set of iPads, meaning EYFS apps won’t be pushed out onto Year 6 iPads and vice versa.
  • 19. LESS WIRING • Using iPads will ensure there is less wiring in the room because they don’t require a mouse, monitor, keyboard or power cables. • This eliminates the danger of children pulling a wire out, increases mobility and also ensures your classroom remains tidy.
  • 20. CREATING E-BOOKS • Children enjoy writing stories but you can take this one step further using an iPad. • There are plenty of apps, such as Picture Book, which allow children to create their own e-Book. • They often have images included as well so that the children can create professional looking books to share with the class.
  • 21. APPEARANCE • iPads look slicker than laptops or computers and (in my opinion) look a lot neater and more technologically advanced when used in a classroom. • They’re also easier to store because of their size.
  • 22. CREATING CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS • Using apps like Kidspiration, children can create incredible diagrams, charts and graphs. • For example, when creating a Venn diagram on Kidspiration, children can customize the size of the diagram, label it and then choose images (from a lot of categories) into the diagram – leaving them with a neat and colourful piece of work.
  • 23. SPELL-CHECKER • Just like Microsoft Word, apps such as Notes and Pages have a built-in spellchecker.
  • 24. SAFARI SPEED • The iPad uses an app called Safari as its default internet browser and it nearly always has extremely fast loading times so the children can access information quickly.
  • 25. CLASS BASED STORAGE • Whereas laptop trolleys are often huge, iPads are normally stored in small charging containers so that they can be kept in the classroom, giving the children instant access to them.
  • 26. NO DOUBLE BOOKING • As the iPads can be stored in the classroom, there is no chance of double booking the ICT Suite and thus having to rearrange your lesson. • This also eliminates any arguments among staff about using the equipment or booking it out.
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