Answers to Building Technology Review Questions Parts 2 to 6

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   nswers to Building Technology Review Questions Parts 2 to 6 1. a.2. b.3. d4. b. c6. b.!. b. antile#. c. $oundation wall%. b. control &oints1'. c. balloon $ra(ing11. a. tryolean $inish12. c. chord13. a. )asein14. b. alloy1. a. Bac*set16. c. wrought iron1!. a. Pabalagbag1#. b. ta*i sili an1%. c. sinturon2'. c. oleva21. c. hulog22. b. cantiliver 23. c. shear 24. a. 12. a. gluing+ asting26. c. '.%' (eters2!. c. 24, - 4#, - ,2#. b. 1/'%# b$ 2%. b. ost0tensioning3'. b. ost0tensioning31. c. roviding building a er sheathing and s ace $illed32. a. wood33. a. glossy sur$aced as halt saturated a er/ ' lbs or (ore34. c. lath and laster 3. b. $urring36. a. $lashing (aterial3!. b. grade bea(3#. c. batten3%. a. ost0tensioning4'. b. bea( bloc*ing41. c. western $ra(ing42. c. at(os heric ressure43. a. bay window44. b. $le(ish bond4. b. cold &oint46. b. cast iron4!. c. *usturada4#. c. estunyo4%. c. reostra'. a. so o1. a. tahilan2. b. 1, thic* 0cut wood boards3. b. adeuate insulation4. a. co(bination o$ wood boards and lywood with  cavity between. a. double wall lywood on horiontal and vertical studs with absorbents6. b. 3.6% (eters!. a. lath and laster #. a. 12.224! inches%. a.  5 lastic hose $illed with water 6'. b. 3040 (ulti les with the use o$ steel ta e (easure61. a. $elt a er below sub0slab then P on to o$ the sub0slab62. c. e- ansion &oints63. a. cor*board64. c. 4.16 (eters6. a. colu(ns/ s lices/ (aterials/ lot66. a. colu(ns/ s lices/ (aterials/ lot6!. c. ceiling only6#. b. nic*el steel6%. b. ser entine!'. a. $le(ish bond!1. a. western $ra(ing!2. c. vaciada!3. b. bolada!4. a. 1# risers!. b. soil bearing ressure!6. c. alu(inu( $oil sheets!!. c. rein$orced concrete and high grade steel!#. b. orous concrete/ glass $ibers/ guilt (aterials!%. b. asbestos0ce(ent shingles#'. c. 6  inches#1. b. !.%'6 (eters#2. b. door &a(b#3. a. *nob bolt#4. b. dutch door #. b. la sea(#6. b. la sea(#!. b. (ission tile##. a. grade bea(#%. b. a $orti$ication%'. c. *ilo%1. a. roda is%2. c. lightning%3. a. soil bearing ressure%4. a. 3.13 (eters%. c. concrete/ steel and wood/ ty e o$ $loor $inish%6. c. 7.8. sheets%!. c. s ace $ra(es/ light steel s*eleton structures%#. a. 9going,%%. b. , double wall on 2, - 4, studs1''. a. itch or bitu(inous $elt1'1. a. asbestos ce(ent shingles1'2. b. 2  corr.1'3. c. chase1'4. a. torsionb. shear 1'. b. sheet iling1'6. c. wood siding1'!. c. *ala(ein  1'#. c. soleras1'%. a. tirante11'. a. 9AA,b. 9A,c. 9B,111. a. s lit0ring112. c. lu(b bob113. c. cla( nail114. c. weathered11. c. hi ra$ter 116. c. batter boards11!. b. co( osite11#. a. *ostilyahe11%. a. biga12'. b. s irit level121. d. construction &oint122. d. torsion123. b. chase124. b. hybrid girder 12. a. one0way slab126. a. urlins12!. b. s ace $ra(e12#. b. s ace $ra(e12%. c. 1 ((13'. d. shear wall131. b. in$lection oint132. a. inc chro(ate133. a. alu(inu( coating134. a. ! : 6 wood lan*s13. b. sta le wire136. a. 24 hours13!. c. studs13#. a. 1 13%. b. acrylic late- ty e14'. a. acrylic aint141. b. ; hoo* bolt142. c. chal*ing143. c. construction &oint144. d. bearing wall14. a. $lat slab146. a. the slab is being su orted by two arallel bea(s14!. a. tool used $or guiding and testing the wor* to a vertical and horiontal osition14#. b. tool $or testing and $or $ra(ing wor*14%. d. riser 1'. b. (asonry tool11. c. bearing tool12. d. 2 years13. b. not less than 1, thic* - 4, and u wide14. a. 2, to , thic*1. c. run16. c. ortable hand router 1!. b. girder 1#. a. *nots1%. c. s(oothed or laned lu(ber 16'. b. cross0cut161. a. load bearing walls  162. a. live load163. c. e$$ective length164. c. volu(e16. a. contraction &oint166. c. height16!. a. ce(ent16#. d. cantilever bea(16%. a. hi roo$ su ort1!'. b. total run1!1. a. $acade1!2. a. su( 1!3. b. re0construction o$ co( onents as a art o$ a whole1!4. d. s*ylight1!. c. so$twood1!6. c. $irebric*1!!. a. balloon $ra(ing1!#. b. laster ground1!%. c. s an1#'. b. <=;>?1#1. b. risers1#2. c. hi roo$ 1#3. a. ri 0ra 1#4. c. (oat1#. a. stri ing1#6. b. urlin1#!. a. anchor bolt1##. b. lintel1#%. b. glaing1%'. c. cult1%1. b. banister 1%2. d. la &oint1%3. d. lu(ber that still contains (oisture or sa 1%4. c. valley1%. a. $acia1%6. a. s i*e1%!. b. risers1%#. c. caisson1%%. c. vertical and horiontal wood stic*s and lu(ber used to deter(ine the elevation and ditances o$ the re$erence oints o$ the ro osed building2''. d. s(ooth on $our sides2'1. b. chord2'2. d. wood saddle2'3. b. 42'4. b. retaining wall2'. c. o-y+acetyline welding2'6. a. co((on wall2'!. a. alabaster 2'#. b. stabilie2'%. a. escutcheon21'. b. $lashing211. c. chase212. d. $or(wor*s213. d. car enter (easuring tool214. a. a wedge0sha ed stone o$ an arch21. a. a $ire roo$ door with (etal covering216. b. (illed lu(ber 


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