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No portion of this publication may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic, scanned or electronic process without prior written permission from the Publisher.SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE: + 248.866.8756 WWW.ARABHORSECOUTURE.COMARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 20174Table of Contents SUMMER 2017 8 What We Transmit to Our Horses Written by Jean Paul Guerlain Riding in the Classical Way on Your Beautiful Arabian Horse12 Prince Alsharif RLBROL INTENCYTY X SANIBELLA LA BY MAGNUM PSYCHE Cover Photo Laurelle AndersonCover Feature - Summer 2017 Prince Alsharif RLB 2016 Black Yearling Colt Owned & bred by Lauran Arabians Northville, Michigan18 EVANGELOS ZISOPOULOSWood Carving Artisan24 A PORTRAIT OF ANSATA IEMHOTEP Written & Photographed by Judith Wich-WenningARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 2017634 The Luminous Fine Art of Hocine Ziani44visionpure The Hero’s Journey Chapter 1: Who am I, who are you? Written by Eva Reifler56 How to Believe You Can Be an Olympic Equestrian Written by Nancy Dye66Truth is Beauty, Beauty TruthDiscoving the Straight Egyptian Horse Through Photography Written & Photographed by Diana Cantey52Equestrian Law Written by Julie I. Fershtman, Attorney at Law80Hotel Selman Marrakech Photographed by Ignacio Alvar-Thomas 7SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREWhat We Transmit to Our Horses RIDING IN THE CLASSICAL WAY ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL ARABIAN HORSE WRITTEN BY JEAN PAUL GUERLAINHave you ever thought about what you unconciously transmit to your horse? We all know that when we are in a bad mood our horses are also often in a bad mood and we know that the very best riders are able to put aside their own issues and stay calmly focused on helping and understanding their horses. However, what we often forget is just how much our horses understand about how we feel towards them. I am not just talking about when actually in the saddle, but also how we feel about them on the ground. When we ride and get frustrated with our horse, we see immediately that the horse becomes tense and unwilling. As we relax, so too our horses relax and are more willing to help us get our message across in a subtle and gentle manner. Stil, if your horse knows that when you dismount you release all ties to him, he will become distant and the work unexpressive. I noticed this and the power of this concept recently with my two horses. One horse is my star and I talk about him constantly. My other horse is older and a little bit more of a worry-wart and sometimes I forget how special he is. So, one day I went into the stable after training and looked into his eyes. He was sad with me and not because I was unfair or frustrated with him in training as I work very hard to always keep the calm relaxed me on the go. He was sad because he knew that he was number two and that perhaps I did not love him like I love the other. I felt very bad, but he was right. The next day I went into his stable and told him that I was going to make an effort to show him that he was as special as the other horse. From that day forward, his work was more focused--he tried harder and I found that I enjoyed riding him so much more.ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 20178In the past, in addition to his role as master perfumer for the House of Guerlain, Jean Paul Guerlain also accumulated World Championships in Dressage and Carriage Driving. Guerlain is a French perfume house, amongst the oldest in the world. The House of Guerlain was founded in 1828, when PierreFrancois Pascal Guerlain opened his perfume store in Paris. Jean Paul Guerlain is fourth generation Geurlain and the last family master perfumer. Jean Paul continues to travel the globe to develop new fragrances.Nuno Oliveira (one of the great dressage masters) used to say, “To be a good rider, you have to love your horse. Horses pick up on our state of mind and attitude. I now use my common sense; it seems obvious to me that if dogs can smell fear, then horses feel what you transmit to them, and if you will fail, your horse will become tense, then surely you will fail. Have you ever thought about approaching him before a training session and telling him what is expected? Or visiting him post bath to discuss what could have gone better? Of course, the non-horsey’s will think you are mad, but chances are they do not even notice when people discuss their lives with their canine or feline friends. If you do not believe me, then try it, but believe in it or of course you are fooling yourself and your horse. A horse with a rider that loves him will show it. A horse with a negative and unfriendly rider will produce the same emotion in the Dressage Test (or any other tests). The best judge to appreciate the quality of the rider’s aids is the horse. Look at his attitude, his ears and eyes. If the rider who just won a dressage test or other dismounts and his horse has a miserable appearnce, we can say that the rider is a savage; the work was some kind of sport and not equestrian art.” In my opinion, it is equestrian art, not science. So even if we cannot prove something works, it is simply magical when it does. Good luck and please me know about your experiences using the above technique. Questions or comments may be forwarded to: info@arabhorsecouture.com9SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 201712ON THE COVER2016 BLACK COLT Lauran ArabiansLCal Poly Tech Arabian Horse Breeding Center intype athletic purebred Arabian horses. Only the finest purebred Arabian stallions are chosenCalifornia. The second black full sister has been retained for the Lauran Arabians breeding sire the beautiful second and third generationThe third chestnut full sister was recently sold andpurebred Arabian mares at Lauran Arabians stables in Southeast Michigan; conveniently located 30is currently in training for English Pleasure preparing for the AEPA English Pleasure Class held at theminutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Northville, Michigan USA.US Arabian & Half-Arabian National Championship Show for which she will be eligible to show as aauran Arabians focuses on breeding true tofour-year-old in 2017.Lauran Arabians has been breeding purebred Arabian horses since 1995. The start of the breeding program began with one foundation mare; she wasLauran Arabians’ second daughter of their foundation mare was born in 2008—sired by Multi-the lone remaining mare of a dear friend who hadInternational Arabian Stallion, Magnum Psyche. Thisbred purebred Arabian horses for 40 years prior to the formation of Lauran Arabians. The true credit for the success of Lauran Arabians lies in this nowmare is jet black! The foundation mare being dark bay and Magnum Psyche who is chestnut, it was a welcomed surprise to receive a beautiful blackretired 30-year-old purebred Arabian mare, with rich Polish and Crabbet bloodlines, that she so eloquently passed on to her sons and daughters.filly. The mare, Sanibella LA, has produced two fillies and one colt. The first filly is a beautiful grey by *L A Karát—an absolutely lovely face and sculpted head, smooth bodied, great legs and feet, movement and wonderful tail carriage. The second filly is an elegant bay sired by the Pure Polish Champion and Triple Crown US National Champion Arabian Stallion, *Pogrom. Lovely like her sire and dam in the face and head, again possessing the same beautifulThis most important foundation mare produced only two fillies, her remaining foals were colts. Both fillies were retained for Lauran Arabians’ breeding program. These fillies, now second generation broodmares, are currently producing the supreme type and athleticism that is so highly treasured by purebred Arabian breeders and owners today.Arabian type as the black Magnum daughter’s first filly. Both of these fillies have been retained by Lauran Arabians as third generation broodmares. In 2016, this black mare foaled a spectacular black colt sired by the black Champion Arabian Stallion ROL Intencyty, sire of World Champion Arabian mare RH Triana. The black colt is magnificent and was trained as a yearling at Arabian Expressions, Greg Knowles, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 2016 black colt’s name is Prince Alsharif RLB. Lauran Arabians holds this colt in high esteem as both a show colt and futureThe first daughter is bay, sired by the imported Pure Polish Reserve US National English Pleasure Champion Stallion *El Ghazi. She has proven herself a truly invaluable broodmare of English performance purebred Arabians. To date, she has produced three fillies, all sired by US National Unanimous Arabian English Pleasure Stallion, Afires Heir. The first two fillies are black and the third a bright chestnut. The first black daughter, Afire Lily LA, is now a current producing broodmare at the historic facility ofbreeding stallion.13SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREAVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE TO THE SELECTIVE BUYERARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 201714ON THE COVER To backtrack to Lauran Arabians’ foundation mare, inand daughters themselves proving themselves as2006 this mare produced a beautiful dark bay coltsuccessful show, racing and endurance Arabians assired by the Champion and world-renowned Arabian Stallion, *Gazal Al Shaqab—he himself siring *Marwanwell. Lauran Arabians has a rich history of breedingAl Shaqab and numerous Champion sons andpurebred Arabians in its 22-year history. The ownersdaughters as well. The bay colt is named Ali Gazalcontribute their successes to careful selection ofLA. He was sent to the professional and successful Arabian horse trainer Andrew Sellman in Wisconsinonly the finest National and International Champion Arabian breeding stallions for their eloquent mareswhere he then traveled with Andrew to theto carry on the tradition of fine breeding that is theScottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 2008 as a two-trademark of Lauran Arabians.year-old colt. Subsequently, prior to even showing, this colt was sold to a private international buyer from Poland and exported in 2008. Ali Gazal LAAnd God took a handful of South wind and from itwent on to become a successful Reserve Champion In-Hand Stallion at a prestigious Polish Show, aformed a horse, saying: "I create thee, Oh Arabian. To thy forelock, I bindsuccessful Arabian race horse stallion garneringVictory in battle.two first place races and then on to Arabian horseOn thy back, I set a rich spoil And a Treasure in thy loins.Endurance competitions where he again garnered several first place wins. In addition, Ali Gazal LA went on to become a proven Arabian horse breedingI establish thee as one of the Glories of the Earth... I give thee flight without wings." -- Bedouin Legendstallion for the Kielnarowa stud in Poland; his sonsLAURAN ARABIANS LLC Northville, Michigan USA Randall E. & Laura J. Brodzik + 248.866.8756 lauraj@arabhorsecouture.com15SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 201716ON THE COVERNorthville, Michigan Photo left: 2014 Bay FillyPiekna Arabella LA *Pogrom x Sanibella LAPhoto below: 2008 Black MareSanibella LA Magnum Psyche x Yermeh Sangayla Dam of Prince Alsharif RLB & Piekna Arabella LA17SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREW OOD C ARVING A RTISAN EVANGELOS ZISOPOULOSEvangelos Zisopoulos is a Wood Carving Artisan born and raised in a small mountainous picturesque, village in the Northern part of Greece. He was brought up surrounded by loving people and animals, of course some of them being beautiful horses. This is where the seed of love and respect for this animal was planted. His dream was to someday leave the village, explore new lands and to use his God given talent to capture the beauty around him in order to share it with the world. At the age of 13 he went to a four year Wood Carving boarding school where his talent was cultivated. Evangelos, during his journey ofARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 2017discovery, at the age of 21, had a great opportunity to work as a personal assistant for a successful multibillionaire Greek Shipping Tycoon and Thoroughbred horse breeder and racer, Mr. Stavros Niarchos. Mr. Niarchos was one of the greatest inspirations to the creation of the replica of “American Pharoah”. Mr. Stavros Niarchos’ love for horses and horse racing inspired Evangelos to admire even more the many qualities that a horse possesses, especially when he wins a race; Power, Strength, Elegance, Pride, Intelligence, and Perseverance, like the Kentucky Derby and more so, goes on to become a Triple Crown Champion.1819SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTURESecatibe runtum earum sincilla velenimus auta nobit raecus di omnietSecatibe runtum earum sincilla velenimus auta nobit raecus di omnietOnce “American Pharoah” won the Kentucky Derby in 2015, Evangelos knew in his heart that he may be the one. When he achieved, after 37 years, the next Triple Crown Title, Evangelos decided that this was the path that he wanted to take, to create an amazing replica masterpiece of "American Pharoah” .24 years with their two beautiful daughters Eleni, 18 and Ifiyenia, 16. Over the years Evangelos has worked hard and is the owner of Evangelos Designs, a place where he uses his talent to create unique and one of a kind pieces of Furniture for his eclectic clientele. Evangelos is such a grateful, humble, talented man that cherishes and appreciates the great opportunities that he has received in his life. Evangelos’ life story is "The American Dream"!While working for Stavros Niarchos, Evangelos fell in love with Mr. Niarchos’ private nurse Athena. She was born and raised in the United States and this is the reason he has lived in Michigan for overPhoto right: Evangelos Zisopoulos-Wood Carving Artisan Contact: athenazised@gmail.comARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 20172021SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTURENew, unique and elite media platform for luxury lifestyle brands in the GCC and Levant. For Editorials & Advertisment: M +971 55 3025550, +971 50 6534050, hares@carbookmagazine.comP.O.Box: 50324, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, T +971 4 4572348, F +971 4 4572126 CarBookMagazine CarBookMagazine www.carbookmagazine.comAnsata Iemhotep photographed at Ansata Arabian Stud in Mena, Arkansas (USA), Photo Judith Wich-Wenning ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 201724A PORTRAIT OF...ANSATA IEMHOTEP Written & Photographed by Judith Wich-Wenning25SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREIn ancient times, at dusk, peace and silence spread over the endless deserts. The lastsun rays had immersed the sand into warm shades of golden light and created an atmosphere beyond space and time. When then a group of Bedouins assembled in one of the black woven tents to sip some shai - the Arabian tea - from small ornamented cups, tales of horses were narrated. Stories of exceptional Arabians went the round, horses who had gained unfading admiration through their achievements, pride and their very own aura. These Arabians where true aristocrats of the desert, treasured by their owners and desired by those who had met them or heard about their fame. Much may have changed in the past, but certain elementary things will ever be the same. There are horses that touch people’s souls, who move their hearts - horses like Ansata Iemhotep...Bred by Judith and Don Forbis of Ansata Arabian Stud in Mena, Arkansas, USA Ansata Iemhotep was born on March 4, 1993. Thinking back to this memorable day, Judith Forbis remembers: “There was an immediate charisma about Ansata Iemhotep. He looked you straight in the eye with that ‘look at me look’ from the minute he stood up. For a newborn foal he was elegant, with big dark expressive eyes, alert well-shaped ears, a very long neck, long legged, and with excellent balance. He had an immediate attitude that was unique; in essence, he simply ‘had it’. There was never a question that this was going to be a special horse with his very own type. I named him Iemhotep after the great architect of ancient Egypt who built the Step Pyramid in Sakkara, and came to be worshipped as a god and a great healer. Like his namesake, Iemhotep has begun to found his own dynasty.”Above: The immortal Ansata Iemhotep photo, Judith Wich-Wenning Right: A son of legandary Ansata Iemhotep: Ansata Riyadh (x Bint Faras Azali)ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 201726“Hotep”, as he was soon affectionately called, perfectly reflected his pedigree which wasof intense Nazeer breeding and all his get werecarefully planned by his well-experienced breeders. “His sire, Prince Fa Moniet (Thevery best individuals in the Ansata program. The Sudarra/Delilah/Bukra family has continuallyEgyptian Prince x Fa Moniet), was incorporatedproduced superior individuals.”into the Ansata program in the late 1990’s to give length of leg, overall scope, and longerWhen Hotep grew up, he soon turned outsuperb movers. Hotep’s pedigree reflects theneck to the herd”, Judith Forbis explains. “A task which he accomplished very well.”to be special and unique in many ways. He quickly developed a very personal and intense relationship with Judith Forbis who recalls: “ItBut Ansata Iemhotep’s damline is spectacular as well. “Ansata Iemhotep’s mother waswas obvious from the beginning that Hotep had many traits of Ansata lbn Sudan, from whomAnsata Nefara (Ansata Halim Shah x Ansatahe descends on his dam’s side. Sudan, whoSudarra)”, Judith Forbis continues. “She was one of Ansata’s most beautiful, charismaticbecame the 1971 U. S. National Champion, was ‘my horse’ from the day he was foaled, effectingand elegant Halim Shah daughters with a very refined head and neck. Halim Shah needs nothat unspoken bond between certain horses and their owners. Sudan wanted my attentionexplanation to the international world of Arabianall the time. He would even play dead in hishorses - he was considered by many to be the most prepotent breeding stallion of the past century - even surpassing his sire (Ansatastall to get me to come inside to see him. Hotep also wanted constant attention. When he came to the show barn he was assigned Sudan’slbn Halima) or his grandsire (Nazeer). Ansata Sudarra was by Ansata Abu Sudan and out of Ansata Delilah, a broodmare of superior merit and founder of a distinctive family. Like Delilah, Sudarra had a certain air about her that set herstall after Sudan had passed away.” Then, with a smile, she adds: “Hotep was also very fond of Don, seeing him as an admiring friend and the great ‘bringer of carrots’. And he demolished carrots faster than any horse I know.”apart, particularly her big dark soulful eyes. As to her sire, Abu Sudan, he was a classic beauty27SUMMER 2017 - ARAB HORSE COUTUREReflecting on Hotep’s extraordinary personality, Judith Forbis continues: “First of all, he was ‘aeach individual for their similarities as well ascharacter’- this was a thinking horse. He was not to be fooled or coerced into anything. Hethe breeding program and the overall breed. Ansata Sinan was the first bom of the
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