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  CHAPTER - 7 ASIA Introduction Area: 43,608,000 million sq. km (30% of total land surface of the earth.) Population : 3588.9 million Latitudes : 10 0 11'S to 81 0 12'NOnly some of the Indonesian group of Islands is located to the south of equator in the SouthernHemisphere. Longitude : 26 0 2'E to 169 0 40'W in the east crossing 180 0  longitude. North-South Extent : 6,440 kmEast-West Extent : 9,650 kmSize : Largest continent inthe world, 13 times largerthan India. Situation :  The continent of Asia is situated entirely inthe northern hemisphereexcept some of the islands of Indonesia. To the north of itlies the Arctic Ocean, a frozensea, to the east the PacificOcean, to the south the IndianOcean and to the west liesMediterranean Sea. It isseparated from Europe by theUral Mountains, the CaspianSea, the Black Sea, theCaucasus Mountains and theStrait of Dardanelles in thewest and from Africa by theRed Sea and the Isthmus of Suez while the Bering Straitseparates it from NorthAmerica. Greatest extent, North-South : 6440 kmGreatest extent, East-West : 9650 km  Asia—Physical Important Seas  NameLocationPart of Ocean Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, and East Siberian SeaNorth of RussiaArctic OceanBering SeaNortherst of RussiaPacific OceanSea of OkhotskEast of RussiaPacific OceanSea of JapanWest of JapanPacific OceanYellow SeaWest of KoreaPacific OceanEast China SeaEast of ChinaPacific OceanSouth China SeaSouth of ChinaPacific OceanSulu SeaWest of the Philippines IslandPacific OceanCelebes SeaNorth of Celebes IslandPacific OceanBanda SeaEast of Celebes IslandPacific OceanFlores SeaSouth of Celebes SeaPacific OceanMolucca SeaEast of Celebes IslandPacific Ocean Java SeaNorth of JavaPacific Ocean Timor SeaNorthwest of AustraliaPacific OceanArafura SeaNorth of AustraliaSouth PacificOceanBay of BengalEast of the Indian PeninsulaIndian OceanArabian SeaWest of the Indian PeninsulaIndian OceanRed SeaSeparates Asia from AfricaIndian Ocean Important Gulfs  NameLocationPart of Ocean Gulf of ObBetween Yamal Peninsula and Gyda PeninsulaArctic OceanGulf of ChihliEast of ChinaYellow Sea(Pacific Ocean)Gulf of TonkinEastof VietnamSouth China Sea(Pacific Ocean)Gulf of ThailandSouth of ThailandSouth China SeaPersian GulfSeparates Arabian Peninsula from the Plateau of IranIndian OceanGulf of OmanBetween Iranian Plateau and OmanIndian OceanGulf of AdenBetween Somalia and YemenIndian OceanGulf of AquabaBetween Aquaba (Jordan) and Sinai Peninsula (Egypt).Red SeaSevernaya IslandsNorth of RussiaArctic OceanNew Siberian IslandsNorth of RussiaBetween LaptevSea and EastSiberian Sea,Arctic OceanWrangel IslandsNorth of RussiaEast SiberianSea, Arctic Ocean  NameLocationPart of Ocean Kurile IslandsBetween Kamchatka Peninsula and Hokkaido IslandPacific OceanãAn extension of thevolcanic KamchatkaPeninsulaRyukyu IslandBetween Kyushu and TaiwanPasific OceanãAn example of sub-merged island.Bonin IslandEast of Ryuky IslandPasific OceanBabuyan IslandsBetween Taiwan and Luzon (Philippines)Pasific OceanSpartly and ParcelIslandsA group of atolls in South China SeaPasific OceanãA disputed group of islands claimed by China, Vietnam,Malaysia, Taiwan,Philippines, Bruneibecause of the vastreserves of oilbeneth these islands. The PhilippinesLying 1200 km east of Vietnam and 15 0  north of thePasific Oceanarchipelagoequator. Luzon. ãThe largest and the important island of thePhilippines is known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Philippines’.ãMount Mayon, the only active volcano of thePhilippines, is located in the Luzon.ãGood quality cigar tobaco is grown in the northernLuzon (mainly Cagayan Valley).ãIgorot tribe lives in the northern region of island. Mindano Island ãSecond largest island located in southern part of the Philippines.ãMount Apo, a dormant volcano on Mindano, is thecountry’s highest peak. Important Straits  NameSeparatesConnects Bering StraitAsia and North AmericaEast Siberian Sea with Bering SeaLa Parouse StraitSakhalin Island and Hokkaido IslandSea of Okhotsk with Sea of Japan Tata StraitEastern Russia and SakhalinSea of Okhotsk with Sea of JapanKorea StraitSouth Korea and Kyushu (Japan)Yellow Sea with Sea of JapanFormosa StraitTaiwan and ChinaEast China Sea with South China(Taiwan Strait)SeaLuzon StraitTaiwan and Luzon (Philippines)South China Sea with Pacific Ocean.  NameSeparatesConnects Makassar StraitBorneo (Kalimantan) and CelebesCelebes Sea with Java Sea.IslandSundra StraitJava and SumatraJava Sea with India OceanMalacca StraitMalaya Peninsula and SumatraJava Sea with Bay of Bengalã One of the great ship- ping corridors of the worldStrait of JahoreSingapore and MalaysiaSouth China Sea with strait of MalaccaStrait of HormuzUAE and IranPersian Gulf with Gulf of Oman.Strait of BosporusAsia and EuropeBlack Sea with Sea of Marmara.Strait of DardanellesAsia and EuropeSea of Marmara with MediterraneanSea Important Mountains   The Himalayan Mountain RangeãLies to the north of Indo Gangetic Plain, is an example of mountain range which formed in the same age with sameprocess.ãAn example of fold mountain of Alpine orogeny.ãMount Everest (8,848 m) is the highest peak, located inNepal.Karakoram RangeãLies in the north of the Himalaya.ãGodwin Austen (K 2 ) is the highest peak of Karakoram.Kailash RangeãEast of Karakoram Range in Tibet.Kunlun Shan RangeãLies to the north of Tibet Plateau and to the South of thedesert basin of Tarim in China. TienshanãLies to the north of Tarim basin.Great Khingan MountainãThe Tien Shan extends to the north east and reaches theAmur River under the name of Great Khingan Mountains.Altai MountainãLies to the north of Tienshan in succession in a more orless east-west direction.Hangay MountainSayan MountainYablonovy Range,ãLies to the north east of Atlai Range in the eastern Siberia.Stanovoy Range,Dzhugzur Range andKolyama RangeVerkhoyansk RangeãLies to the east of the Lena River separates CentralSiberian Plateau from the eastern Siberian regio.Pegu YomaãThe Irrawaddy and Sittang are divided in their middlecourse by this mountain range.Arakan YomaãRunning southwards, is the western range of Myanmar.ãA range of the Himalaya which further countinues throughthe Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sumatra, Java and otherIndonesian islands.
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