Australia and Indonesia Relationship Good Dating20191016 25444 e8iakt

Australia and Indonesia Relationship Good Dating20191016 25444 e8iakt
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  Australian Studies 2019   Prades Adven Triman Zebua Universitas Negeri Medan 11 September 2019 Medan Unlike any other western countries, Australia is so close to Indonesia, literally. Geographically, Australia and Indonesia are neighbours. But, do they have a good relationship? To start with, we might have known that Australia and Indonesia have been good friends for so long. In fact, Australia was one of the first countries that gave de jure  recognition for Indonesia’s Independe nce and since then Indonesia fell in love with Australia although Indonesia almost has not helped Australia in any way. As a matter of fact, Australia is the one that spends money and time for Indonesia’ s development; Australia had not only given financial support but also technical assistances, training Indonesians to help them running their natural resources, using technology, etc. Unfortunately, in late 1999, as discussed in a journal article written by Peter Chalk, the journal entitled  Australia and Indonesia: Rebuilding Relations after East Timor  . Australia was interverring the problem between Indonesia and East Timor that was part of Indonesia. Australia voted for East Timor ’s separation from Indonesia.   Since then, Australia and Indonesia didn’t go so well, until one day they became close friends again although at some point they have had some fuss about things, for example, Australian drug dealers given capital punishment by Indonesia’s government and Australia did not agree with the decision, but Indonesia did not accept any excuse, the Australian drug dealers were shot to death. Nevertheless, Australia might have thought again and decided not to hate Indonesia, again. Regarding peaks and troughs in the Australia and Indonesia ’s  relationship. The questions to ask below: 1.   Is Australia-Indonesia bilateral relation more fruitful in the years of 2030s? 2.   Do you think Australians will extensively or intensively learn the cultures (including) of Indonesia? 3.   Will Australia be increasing its technical assistances to Indonesia in the future? 4.   Can you make scientific speculations on the good and bad sides of Indonesia-Australia bilateral relation? According to the official website of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia will give around $298.5 million as ODA (Official Development Assistance) and around $255.7 million as bilateral funding in 2019-2020. These financial supports are given to support Indonesia in tacking internal problems. Australia also provides scholarships for Indonesians to study in Australia. So, is Australia-Indonesia bilateral relation more fruitful in the next ten years? Yes. Looking back at what has Australia done to Indonesia and How long Australia has done it, Australia will keep supporting Indonesia and I believe that Indonesia will not just do nothing, Indonesia will be really glad to help Australia when Australia needs help. However, 2030s are way long ahead, there might be some things that could loosen Australia and Indonesia’s relationship but I do not think they will just cut off the wire and stop keeping in touch. The picture above is just one of Indonesian cultures being learned by Australian. As neighbours, Australia will learn about Indonesian culture and vice versa, although Australians might learn more intensively about Indonesian culture. It is no new viral news many Australians can speak Indonesian; some of them are even fluent. Quite a few schools in Australia put Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia as an optional subject in the curriculum. There are also some organizations in Australia that award Australians who can speak Indonesian, for example NAILA (National  Australia  Indonesia Language Awards). In a higher education level, Australian universities have Indonesian Studies which means Australian students will not only Bali Nine: Australian Drug Dealers before execution Australian kids playing Angklung at school  Australian Studies 2019   Prades Adven Triman Zebua Universitas Negeri Medan 11 September 2019 Medan learn the language but almost everything about Indonesia. Australia will not only help Indonesia with financial support but also Australia will help Indonesia in developing infrastructure, economic governance, human development and social policy. Australia will provide policy and technical advice regarding the development of the sectors above. The Australian government will keep sharing ideas and provide solutions to help Indonesia develop the country. The Australian Government helps Indonesia coping with major problems like low sanitation and lack of clean water are; Australia will show how to build water piping system and wastewater treatment. It is normal for countries to help each other financially, especially those that are neighbours. Learning other countries’ cultures is also normal. Providing huge scholarships to other countries’ citizen is something I am a little bit sceptic of. In this case, Australia has been providing lots of scholarship awards for Indonesians to have a chance to study in Australia. Many universities in Australia give fully-funded scholarship to Indonesians. But, the problem is the research done by the Indonesian students will be kept by Australia and through that Australia might have an axe to grind with. However, I am not completely sure if it will be related to espionage, that Australia will use the research or even the students to extract precious information of Indonesia and that one day Australia will use it to destroy Indonesia. It will not be a physical war but sometime when Indonesia and Australia have an argument and they break up , Australia will use the information to give a lesson to Indonesia. However, considering huge help from Australia for Indonesia, Indonesia will wisely manage their relationship; Indonesia will try as hard as it can to maintain a good relationship. Maybe today Indonesia gets lots of help from Australia and on the other hand Australia almost gets nothing from Indonesia. But, who knows in the future, Indonesia will be a sudden hero for Australia because no country is perfect. Despite Australia has a better economy than Indonesia, Australia is still dealing with some irritating problems, one of them is the ecological problems, the infamous cane toads for example, now spreading so fast, hoping from the northern part of Australia and continue colonizing the continent. To sum up, Australia and Indonesia are looking after each other pretty well; Australia might act as a boyfriend   who sacrifices lots of things for his girlfriend Indonesia. The relationship might not go well sometimes but because they are both pretty wise, they can get along again after a fuss. Indonesia always considers how much kind is Australia and Indonesia will definitely try not to disappoint Australia. Till, one day, they will really understand each other. References: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (n.d.).  Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade . Retrieved September 6, 2019, from Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: https://dfat.gov.au/geo/indonesia/development-assistance/Pages/development-assistance-in-indonesia.aspx Chalk, P. (2001). Australia and Indonesia: Rebuilding Relations After East Timor. Contemporary Southeast Asia , 233-253. Palembang City Sanitation Project co-financed by the Australian Government
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