Automated human recognition and tracking for video surveillance system/Fadhlan Hafizhelmi Kamaru Zaman

Automated human recognition and tracking for video surveillance system/Fadhlan Hafizhelmi Kamaru Zaman
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  AUTOMATED HUMAN RECOGNITION ANDTRACKING FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMBYFADHLAN HAFIZHELMI BINKAMARU ZAMANA dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of therequirements for the degree of Master of Science(Communication Engineering)Kulliyyah of EngineeringInternational Islamic UniversityMalaysiaNOVEMBER 2010  ABSTRACT Recent research in video surveillance system has shown an increasing focus oncreating reliable systems utilizing non-computationally expensive technique for observing humans' appearance, movements and activities, thus providing analyticalinformation for advanced human behavior analysis and realistic human modeling. Inorder for the system to function, it requires robust method for detecting and trackinghuman from a given input of video streams. In this thesis, a human detectiontechnique suitable for video surveillance is presented which requires fast computationsin addition of accurate results. The techniques proposed include adaptive framedifferencing for background subtraction, contrast adjustment for shadow removal, andshape based approach for human detection. The tracking technique on the other handuses correspondence approach. Event Based Video Retrieval (EBVR) system is alsoproposed for efficient surveillance data management and automated humanrecognition with unique ID assignment. Proposed human detection and tracking areintegrated with EBVR and motion detection into a complete automated surveillancesystem called Active Vis Video Surveillance Analysis System (AVSAS) whichproduces good result and real-time performance especially in non-crowded scene. TheEBVR system also proves to be able to handle automated human recognition withunique ID assignment accurately. n COPYRIGHT © UiTM  £^tj! J&KIA S^jijl s.LiJ} JJLP }Sj^ (j SiLj jri-M-^ M'y 4-«Jajl JUr j ALJJ-I c->U^i O^JS>I Ar»-Ju:j ^U^i^l iljLJ ^JuLu LJL^- j»UiJ AJ^- ol»jl*^ ?.LUP^ J^LJJ ..^^daAjlj <L>-U -jA ( j&\s>tJ*y\ ,*-~JJ L_i->i»SJ 4J aS \JUJs 1 L)aX) 4J13 c^Uajjl J-O-*J /pJ ./»-» Ajxilj •J" •/• , "" 4-awLaii ol^iai) 1 .5-4^5^ T^J^J (I' 2iU^ jL; 5»jj^ obL»*c>- •.. .iy»~~ .J^j tjj-UiJI *Juj\> diiiS'j cJJaJi AJIJN ^LJl iji-^j ^jy^ <-iL>- SjljN ^g^> J%\ b Ij—CJ*-1 ^ (EBVR) O.jJ-1 ^LP wUJ^il JJ-L^I ab^l j»UaJ JCJLSJ" f dUJi" .JjUaJi j»U2J .2 „-•»-> jj j k ju*j /*-« ^?L>t^i*^j j,I ;*-£ fUaJj <L5i j\\ oLaJjd. 4Jl*i Sjl^ldliiTj (EBVR) il>Jli-! (JLP JLOJUII jjJuiJl ib_/o»1 fUaJ j p^VJj ^U^.N/1 _^»_C *j>-Sj\S yS- Jlg^iil j A^>L>- bjy sblj sJL?r ?Jbj j»AjL OjjJ-» c£Jl>l (AVSAS) ^LP jiU AJI ^y&jjj Uajl (EBVR) o>jJ~1 JLP Jui*ll JJJ^I ib^i MjaJ .^UxJ.^L 111 COPYRIGHT © UiTM  APPROVAL PAGE I certify that I have supervised and read this study and that in my opinion it conformsto acceptable standards of scholarly presentation and is fully adequate, in scope andquality, as a dissertation for the degree of Master of Science (CommunicationEngineering). JDCf^L Amir Akramin ShafieSupervisorCo-supervisorI certify that I have read this study and that in my opinion it conforms to acceptablestandards of scholarly presentation and is fully adequate, in scope and quality, as adissertation for the degree of Master of Science (Communication Engineering).Teddy Surya GunawanExaminerThis dissertation was submitted to the Department of Electrical and ComputerEngineering and is accepted as a partial fulfilmentoi>ttiS requirements for the degreeof Master of Science (Communication Engineering). -=£^r.. Othmanl^g&JKHead, Department of Electricaland Computer EngineeringThis dissertation was submitted to the Kulliyyah of Engineering and is accepted as apartial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science(Communication Engineering). rrny Amir Akramin ShafieDean, Kulliyyah of Engineering IV COPYRIGHT © UiTM  DECLARATION I hereby declare that this dissertation is the result of my own investigations, exceptotherwise stated. I also declare that it has not been previously or concurrentlysubmitted as a whole for any other degrees at IIUM or other institutions.Fadhlan HafizHelmi Bin Kamaru ZamanSignature 5$^ v* ..MM.*f>&. COPYRIGHT © UiTM
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