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  IBA BBA ADMISSION TEST ENGLISH LECTURE SHEET 6 REVIEW TEST Correct mistakes in the following sentences. 1. Our neighbor's music sounded loud last night. 2. Laurie seemed quiet after she had read her friend’s letter. 3. The roses and lilacs smell nice every spring. 4. Do not drink that milk; it tastes sour. 5. My sister has always looked heavy because she has broad shoulders. 6. He appeared nervous as he began to take the exam. 7. A barracuda’s teeth are awfully large and knifelike. 8. This fall's television shows are surely interesting. 9. Jefferson did well in the state-wide art contest held last spring. 10. I ran badly in my first race, but in the second race I did much better. Define whether the sentences are CORRECT (C) or INCORRECT (I). Correct mistakes. 1. CORRECT 2. INCORRECT Correct: Ask the operator what the charge for a three-minute call to New York is. 3. INCORRECT Correct: We don't know when we will see our friends again. 4. CORRECT 5. INCORRECT Correct: Would you please ask them where the subway entrance is? Correct mistakes in these sentences. 1. He likes to travel, and so does she/ she does too   . 2. I didn't know the answer, and he didn't either/ neither did he   . 3. Mary wants to go home, and so do we/ we do too   .  4. She is not in agreement, and neither am I/ I aren’t either    . 5. California relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and Florida does too/ so does Florida   . 6. This table is not sturdy enough to support a television, and that one probably isn't either    . 7. They are planning on attending the convention next month, and so am I/ I am too   . 8. Pioneer men and women endured terrible hardships, and so did the children/ the children did too   . Fill in the following blanks with the right word from the options below. 1. a) elixir 2. a) exacerbated 3. c) extricated 4. a) esoteric 5. d) equivocal Exercise 1: Choose the one option A, B, C, or D that correctly completes the sentence. 1. B. founded 2. C. was eaten 3. D. were captured 4. A. broke 5. C. was broken Exercise 2: Problem Verbs 1. lies 2. sit 3. lays 4. rose 5. raise 6. raise 7. had lain 8. set 9. lays, sets  10. raise Exercise 3: Choose the best alternative 1. to accept 2. having 3. winning 4. going 5. of 6. to reach 7. opening 8. of 9. from 10. to return Exercise 4: Choose the best alternative using gerunds and infinitives 1. to win, writing, traveling, his not receiving 2. to save, to travel, wasting, to save, leaving 3. to go, fishing, to bring, to catch, trying, to catch, doing 4. talking, to give, giving, to have, interacting, to be 5. having, shutting, restarting, to see Exercise – 5: Choose the correct answer from the options. 1. C. of which 2. D. that 3. C. became 4. B. where engineers were educated 5. A. which she arranged Exercise 6: Expand the following reduced adverb clauses. 1.When he was confronted, he confessed his crime. 2.While he was going to school, he was bitten by a mad dog. 3.Although William Shakespeare was a great playwright, he was not that great a poet.  4.While I was talking to my father about my carrier choices, I decided to quit working for MNCs. 5.After I had gone to the Sundarbans, I was dumbfounded by its beauty. Exercise – 7: Choose the correct answer from the options. 1. C. as if 2. A. As soon as 3. B. After 4. D. Because 5. C. If Exercise-8: Identify the noun clauses (if any) in the following sentences 1.The professor stated quite clearly that all the papers would have to be given in next week.  2.The students felt that their assignments were too time-consuming.  3.In the last five minutes, the professor always reviewed his lecture. 4.John was worried about his grade point average. 5.We were always told what to study for the final   . Exercise-9: Choose the correct answer from the options. 1. D. That raindrops 2. B. how fleas are 3. A. That Anna Winlock 4. D. What ecologists call a “gallery forest” 5. B. Heavy industry Exercise 10: Use So / Such 1. so 2. such 3. so 4. such 5. so
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