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0 00:03:50,855 -- 00:03:52,948 I've kept aside your commission. 1 00:03:56,761 -- 00:03:58,820 Your gift is waiting for you in the bedroom. 2 00:04:02,833 -- 00:04:04,733 I have the money, don't worry. 3 00:04:20,885 -- 00:04:22,011 Kabir bhai.. 4 00:04:22,687 -- 00:04:23,813 I've planted the bomb. 5 00:04:30,661 -- 00:04:31,650 Call me after the blast. 6 00:04:31,729 -- 00:04:32,787 Okay. 7 00:05:05,296 -- 00:05:07,321 What's the count? - About a dozen, I guess. 8 00:05:09,634 -- 00:05
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  000:03:50,855 --> 00:03:52,948I've kept aside your commission.100:03:56,761 --> 00:03:58,820Your gift is waitingfor you in the bedroom.200:04:02,833 --> 00:04:04,733I have the money, don't worry.300:04:20,885 --> 00:04:22,011Kabir bhai..400:04:22,687 --> 00:04:23,813I've planted the bomb.500:04:30,661 --> 00:04:31,650Call me after the blast.600:04:31,729 --> 00:04:32,787Okay.700:05:05,296 --> 00:05:07,321What's the count?- About a dozen, I guess.800:05:09,634 --> 00:05:10,794Finally..900:05:13,504 --> 00:05:15,563Sources say the bomb wasplanted in a motorcycle.1000:05:15,640 --> 00:05:17,335About 15 people have been killedby the blast and..1100:05:17,408 --> 00:05:19,342..a large number are injured.1200:05:19,410 --> 00:05:24,473The government hasn't sent anyassistance as yet to the blast site.1300:05:24,715 --> 00:05:28,845The local MLA  Dr. Sudesh Maheshwari and..1400:05:28,886 --> 00:05:31,548the mayor of Mumbai, Dr. Nayarhave just arrived at the site.1500:05:37,595 --> 00:05:39,961It's suspected the bombwas planted in a motorcycle.1600:05:40,031 --> 00:05:42,829The blast wasn't very powerfulyet its effects were felt..1700:05:42,900 --> 00:05:44,333..for a 20 meter radius.1800:05:49,840 --> 00:05:51,307Let them come.1900:05:52,710 --> 00:05:53,938We're still not sure.2000:05:54,578 --> 00:05:55,670Finally, they showed up.2100:05:55,746 --> 00:05:57,771They stay in the shadows.. andnow they're here for the encore.2200:05:57,848 --> 00:06:00,908Bittoo, time for the second blast.2300:06:02,787 --> 00:06:04,414Yo, Ballerina!- Bhai!2400:06:04,488 --> 00:06:06,353Ever saw a cricket match live?- Yes.2500:06:07,024 --> 00:06:08,685Ever saw a bomb go off?2600:06:08,759 --> 00:06:10,556No.- Now, you will.  2700:06:14,532 --> 00:06:15,863Bloody..2800:06:27,745 --> 00:06:30,771People have gathered atthe site of the blast..2900:06:31,015 --> 00:06:32,812Hypocrites!3000:06:33,317 --> 00:06:35,751Never again!3100:07:55,432 --> 00:07:56,763Bhai.. the ACP has arrested Bittoo.3200:07:56,834 --> 00:08:00,395So what are you still doing here?3300:08:00,604 --> 00:08:03,471If Bittoo confesses..that will be the end!3400:08:03,541 --> 00:08:04,667You guys are..3500:08:04,742 --> 00:08:06,733Hey.. just a minute.. hold on!3600:08:06,811 --> 00:08:09,507What's did he say?Turn up the volume.3700:08:09,547 --> 00:08:11,276There's no terroristoutfit behind the blast.3800:08:11,515 --> 00:08:13,813They're mere hired killers..mafia dons.3900:08:13,918 --> 00:08:15,613We've arrested one of them.4000:08:15,686 --> 00:08:17,779  And we will get theinformation from him.4100:08:17,888 --> 00:08:19,355Two months.4200:08:19,824 --> 00:08:22,622Two months and Bombaywill be rid of this disease.4300:08:22,693 --> 00:08:23,785I will get rid of it.4400:08:23,861 --> 00:08:26,853This is my, Karan Malhotra's word.4500:08:28,866 --> 00:08:29,992Disease?4600:08:31,368 --> 00:08:32,699How dare he call me a disease!4700:08:32,837 --> 00:08:34,270He thinks he is with the PWD!4800:08:34,338 --> 00:08:35,464Anju!!- Bhai!4900:08:35,539 --> 00:08:36,836I've had it.5000:08:37,374 --> 00:08:40,343Everyday he appears on TVlike a soap star.. and warns me!5100:08:40,411 --> 00:08:42,038Enough is enough!5200:08:42,313 --> 00:08:43,610Listen..5300:08:43,781 --> 00:08:46,682till he isn't shot dead..5400:08:46,750 --> 00:08:50,379

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