Benefits of Freedom of Speech

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  Benefits of Freedom of Speech Freedom of speech prohibits the government from arbitrarily or unnecessarily interfering withone’s personal opinion, or speech for that matter. As stated in the constitution, every citizenhas the opportunity to censure the federal government to support their ostracized, bizarre ideas,which may be offensive to those around you. 1. Shared responsibility For starters, freedom of speech gives a person a certain level of responsibility, enhanced trust,frankness, and better sense of liability. n addition, free speech acts a tool in nurturing socialevolution. !evertheless, in order to ensure that we all en oy freedom of speech, the governmentmust put measures into place to stop groups that promote offensive views, such as racism,fascism, se#ism and terrorism. 2. Enhances self-esteem  Another reason why the government should encourage freedom of speech is to help peopledevelop poise to e#press their views without fear of being condemned or punished. $y doing so, people can challenge the rules and laws and fight for what they believe is right. %uch inspiredfolks are usually front&runners in economic development. 3. New ideas foster development 'he benefits of freedom of speech are somewhat obvious, for instance, sharing of ideas canenhance productivity at the workplace, not to mention that it fosters social relationship. Althoughthe benefits of freedom of speech are evident, some groups may abuse this privilege by promoting racist views, as well as fascism. 4. Encora!es social evoltion (hile it is not prudent to restrict freedom of speech, the government should set up laws to ensureall individuals have the chance to e#press their views without any discrimination, especiallywhen the laws are enforced by the federal government. Also, it protects your rights of e#pressionand information in cases of war like circumstances.Freedom of speech has its limitations when a group of individuals promote biased ideas, likese#ism, fascism, terrorism, and racism. 1)information on how to make/obtain weapons (homemade bombs for example)readily available 2) inciting people to violent action is possible (hate speech versus a certain race/religion) 3) privacy is compromised, sometimes unknowingly (do a search for facebook personal information for an excellent case in point) !) propaganda/misinformation is easy to spread via the nternet  #) people are not held accountable for what they say (people are anonymous when on the nternet, though this is also one of the main pluses about the nternet) Environment odel Essay  ) *+onuest without conscience.- 'o what e#tent would you agree with this assessment of our relationship to the environment/umans are the 0masters1 of the 2arth today. +learly, it is not due to our physical prowess that gave us such a title. t is our intellect, innovation and creativity that have allowed the human raceto rise in power against all the other animal species that are more physically advanced compared to us. t is through innovation that has allowed us to win the conuest against the animal species,  bending them over to our will and sub ecting these animals to whatever we please. %ince cavemen conuered the animal species, humans have become bolder. 2ven in today-s modern world, conuests are made, in the form of the uncountable inventions appearing daily, to improvethe uality of life. /owever, the negative effects of the numerous *battles- we have held to  become more technologically advanced over the centuries is showing in the home we reside in, 3other 2arth. 'hese *battles-, regrettably, are still fought daily, and we show almost no effort to stop. n my opinion,  feel that *+onuest without conscience- is an accurate description of the humans- relationship to the environment. !umerous acts by humans clearly ustify my view. First, there is the act of pollution. 3any of the daily tasks that we do in our everyday life involve  polluting the environment. 'hese tasks take up a ma ority of our lives and are often done withouta second thought to spare for the environment. +hina, a country that has up to 4.5 billion people is one of the largest contributors to pollution. t is not only due to the large number of people living in the country that causes the pollution to be high. 6ne of the main reasons that  have singled +hina out is due to their burning of coal to generate electrical power for the masses. 'he usage of coal is highly polluting and the main reason on why +hina uses it is due to the cost effectiveness of coal. 'he more e#pensive but cleaner alternative of fossil fuels, however, is adopted in many countries around the world. 'he usage of coal to generate electrical power for so many people is significant to the global emission levels of carbon mono#ide gas. 'his selfish act of rating cost effectiveness over the harm caused to the environment shows how the humans are involved with the notion of a conuest for advancement without conscience. 3other 2arth is then made to inhale so much more of these to#ic gases at the e#pense of coal being cheaper than fossil fuels. 7ollution is the result our never&ending need for cheaper energy to power our never&ending consumption of resources.%econd, deforestation too, leads to air pollution. 8eforestation is deemed as necessary for many countries as it is the only way for more land to be developed for industrial purposes and for housing. As a result, large areas of woodland are cleared on a regular basis to ensure that there is more space for development to occur. n many countries, there is a more eco&friendly approach in uprooting the trees such that another tree is planted in another region. /owever, in the case of ndonesia, the deforestation techniue is to burn the forest by large areas such that large areas of land can be cleared at once. 'he usage of this slash&and&burn techniue to clear the land, more notably by poor farmers, causes mass pollution for the country of ndonesia. 'he haze generated  by the fire is then blown by the wind over to %outh 2ast Asian countries, causing an  inconvenience to the locals living there and affecting the air uality in these countries. %uch acts  by the ndonesians further support the claim on how conuests by the humans are made without conscience. 'he ndonesians, in the conuest to clear more land, not only contributes to the  pollution, but also seriously inconveniencing the locals in the %outheast Asian countries. /ence, their selfish methods of clearing land for development illustrates the little conscience they have in the conuest for land for development purposes.2ven in the world of medicine, the statement is relevant. n medicine, new drugs are formulated daily in order to battle against the many sicknesses and illnesses that cause harm to humans. /owever, due to the reluctance of humans in trying out the drug for fear of adverse side effects, the scientists turn to animals. n laboratories that deal with medicine, rats are bred, for the sole  purpose of testing the drug on them. 'hese rats are first in ected with the virus, then with the drug and kept under observation. t is only when the rat is close to death that is it put to sleep. 'hese animals form part of our environment, and yet are sub ected to pain and misery due to our conuest against diseases. 9ittle thought is spared for how the animal may be feeling during the  process of being in ected with the virus. /ence, in the conuest against illness and diseases, the humans are too, without conscience and do not mind doing the species that share the planet with us, harm. /owever, as our daily activities contribute increasingly to harming the environment, we too, have been trying to make up for our wrong doings and lessening the impact of our rash conuests. First, countries are working together on a global scale to scale down the effects of their global emissions on a regular basis. n :;;), a summit was held at +openhagen and it was attended by almost every country in the world to discuss issues regarding global emissions and what can be done by each and every country to scale down their carbon emissions. At the summit, many countries, notably +hina, had each made an effort to reduce the impact of our conuests on the environment. %uch acts by the leaders of the countries of the world then demonstrates that although pollution is not going to stop any time soon, the negative effects of  pollution to the environment have been recognised and something is being done about it. 2ven inthe upcoming world e#po that is going to be held in %hanghai this year, e#hibits of the countries are to have a *green- theme to them, raising awareness on the need to cut down pollution. /ence, there is a conscience present for the environmental damage caused and things are being done about it.Also, other than global efforts, even automobile companies are starting to play their part in showing their regret in harming the 2arth. 3ore environmentally friendly cars are emerging as automobile companies try to cut down global emissions due to their cars. 'hese new cars, many of them hybrid cars, can run on the conventional fuel for convenience sake and too, can run on the bio&diesel that is uoted to be environmentally&friendly. %uch acts by the giants in the automobile industry will demonstrate how the harm caused to the environment is noted and that the owners of the automobile industry recognise that part of the fault is theirs and something is  being done about it. 'here is then a conscience present in these car&makers such that they are willing to do something for the harm they have caused in their conuest. All in all, great amount of harm is being dealt to the environment in our conuest for a more advanced and easier life. /owever, this harm is being compensated for by a few environmentally&mind individuals that actively care for the environment. 'hese are the people, sadly to say, the minority that possess a conscience for the various conuests made. #o what e$tent shold rich nations bear responsibility for solvin! environmental problems%  &eneric' <    bear responsibility $   criteria =cause, ability, self&interest> &eneric (command)' $   2#tent uestion ? reuires student to acknowledge that responsibility is shared #opical' $   rich, developed nations $   implied ? developing nations $   solving $   cutting back & reducing consumption and production $   active measures ? reforestation, alternative energy, $   mitigation@adaptation ? coping with conseuences *hat environmental problems% $   Apart from global warming, these problems include deforestation, $   loss of biodiversity, air, water, and land pollution. +ow to measre e$tent of responsibility% $   =4> /ow much of the damage were their doing $   =:> /ow able are they to solve the problems $   =5> /ow much is at stake for them+riteria +AB%2Cich nations8eveloping nations ndustries =3!+s, '!+s>+ause/istorically, rich nations are  primary contributors to global warming due to past industrial activity.7er capita consumption  patterns are highest in the developed world. +urrently, some of the developing nations who are the larger contributors to global warming.n the future, it is the current rapidly developing nations that will be the primary contributors to global warming. &&(hile it may appear that someof the developing nations are greater contributors to carbon emissions today, much of such emissions are from industrial activity from companies owned  by rich nations. &&7hysical location is thus not asimportant as national ownership.Abilityt is the rich nations who  possess most of the technological know&how and financial means to deal with environmental catastrophe and to research possible alternativeenergy solutions. t is the developing nations who hold the key to solving environmental problems because they make up most of the world-s  population and control


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