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BIZ202 The Business Environment Assignments ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and TitleBIZ202: The Business EnvironmentAssessmentBusiness CaseIndividual/GroupGroup (3-4…
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BIZ202 The Business Environment Assignments ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and TitleBIZ202: The Business EnvironmentAssessmentBusiness CaseIndividual/GroupGroup (3-4 Students)Length4500 words per groupLearning Outcomesa)Examine the influence of the external environment on the organisationb)Identify an apply appropriate frameworks and tools to the problems and challenges faced by organisationsc)Research industry specific factors to the organisation decision-making processd)Apply a relevant framework to evaluate themacro and micro environmental influences on an organisation e)Create a business case for potential growth opportunities based on analysis of external environmental factorsSubmissionWeek 11Weighting40%Total Marks100 marksContext: Businesses which do not properly address the factors in their environment which can impact them may succumb to pressures which they did not account for. Past examples of businesses which have experienced severe disruptive events causing a significant loss of revenue, or businesses which have had to close entirely due to factors in their environment are common. Objectives: Correctly identify a business which has made a loss or had to close due to environmental influences outside its control Understand the events leading up to this loss or closure, and accurately discuss the key factors which caused it Accurately apply course concepts to the key event(s) to offer an alternative path which may have prevented the loss/closure.BIZ202 Environmental Scan B.docxPage 1 of 6Condense findings into a relevant format suitable for presentation to a business in a consulting environment. Linkages between Case Study (Assessment 3) and Presentation (Assessment 4): The business case study is a comprehensive, retrospective review of a business which suffered a loss or closure due to environmental factors beyond its own control. This report should be suitably structured to present on its own, but the presentation’s purpose is to provide a more accessible and interactive medium through which to showcase the data of the case study, and the presentation should offer an alternative solution to the problem discussed in the case study, with reference to strategies discussed in the subject. Instructions: The business case study is a comprehensive assessment of the environmental factors which lead to a prominent business of the past to make a significant loss, or which lead to its closure. You must choose the case of a high profile Australian or International business which fits this criteria. Correctly identify and analyse the specific event(s) which lead to the loss/closure Describe the environment in which the business was operating, discussing the four elements of the business environment Describe the environmental factors leading to the loss by categorising these events into the four elements of the business environment Accurately describe the response by the business which was unsuccessful The structure of the assignment should follow standard case study structure Introduction and background informationBody of information and discussion of relevant topicsConclusion and summaryReferencing in the APA styleSubmission Instructions:Submit copy of b Case in .docx or .pdf format via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ202 The Business environment. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback with reference to the criteria below via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades. Team Member Evaluation Form The team members for Assessment 3 & Assessment 4 will remain the same. Each team member should fill out a team Evaluation Form individually and confidentially and submit it in Assessment 4. BIZ202 Environmental Scan B.docxPage 2 of 6You will rate each group member’s contribution to each category by providing a score of either 0,1, 2, 3 and 4 (0 for low, 4 for high). You will then total your ratings. This total rating will be used in calculating the Team work attribute mentioned in the marking rubric of Assessment 3 and Assesssment 4. BIZ202 Environmental Scan B.docxPage 3 of 6Learning Rubric: Business CaseCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction(Functional)(Proficient)(Advanced)(Exceptional)(50-64)(65-74)(75-84)(85-100)AssessmentFail Pass (Unacceptable)Attributes(0-49)High Distinction is Distinction isawarded forPass is Fail grade will awarded for be workGradeawarded if a student isshowing a satisfactoryunable to demonstrateachievement of allsatisfactory academiclearning outcomes and anperformance in adequate the understandingDescriptionsubject or has failed toof theory and application(Grading Scheme)complete requiredof skills. A consistentassessment points inacademic referencingawarded forwork ofwork of superior qualityoutstanding quality inCredit is awarded for workin achieving all learningachieving all learningshowing a more thanoutcomes and a superioroutcomes together withsatisfactory outstanding integration and achievement of integration all learning outcomes and aand understanding understanding of theory ofmore than adequateand application of skills.theory and application ofunderstanding Evidence of theory of in-depthskills. Evidence of inâ€?and application research, of skills. A reading,depth research, reading,consistent academicanalysis, original andanalysis and evaluation isaccordance with thereferencing demonstrated. creative system is used system is used A thought is andsubject’s requiredsources are appropriatelyassessment points.and sources areconsistent academicdemonstrated. Aappropriatelyreferencing system isconsistent academicacknowledged.used and sources arereferencing system isappropriatelyused and sources areacknowledged.acknowledged. appropriately acknowledged. Limited Analysis of understanding Environment of theIdentifies a proportion of theCorrectly Identifies a Not only identifies all of majority of the identifies all theenvironmental environmental environmental environmental environmental factors factors factors factors factors, influencing20%influencing the influencing the the chosen chosen chosen; the largestprovides influencing the insight and chosen discussionbusiness.on potential furtherExamine the influence ofinfluencers are named.environmental challengesthe external environmentfaced by the business.on the organisation Correctly subcategorises and Neglects to subcategorise theDiscusses the wider AustralianCorrectly Correctly business explains all of subcategorises subcategorises environment as the factors a and wellenvironmental majority of the discussed. factors into factorsthoroughly as the external explains all of environment of thethe five categories offactors discussed.discussed.environmental influences.the chosen business to provide a linked picture of the complete externalBIZ202 Assessment3 Brief Business case Module 6Page 4 of 6environme nt of the chosen business. Mastery of concepts and Access es and correctl y referen cesapplication to newrelevan Accesses No t Accesses relevant situations/f referen inform and informati urther ces ation to correctly on discuss to and references discuss categor learning. relevant and ise Comprehe informatio categoris environ nsive n e mental factors. environ Compl to discuss reference mental ete and list with all factors. referen categorise new ce list. Incomple teenvironme points ntal citedreference list.factors. Correctcorrectly.reference list. Applic Demon Identifies ation Demon Demonst strates the key of strates rates correct issues in Frame no little and the work20%Identifies the key issues in theunderst understa comple external anding nding of te business of strategiesknowle environme framew to dge of nt orkexternal business environme ntconcep ts respond relevan to the t to the external fiveand provides a correct strategystrategi and es provides a relevan correct t to the strategybusines externa s business to deal l chosen, to deal environ with each, environ offers with each. ment by as well as a ment solutio ns to a providin range Identif compo g non- of y and nents. specific s issues apply olutions present ed inthorough explanatio n andapprop riate frame works and tools to the proble msto issues the discusse case. d in thejustificatio n of each strategy,report.and a feasible method ofand challen ges faced byimplement ation.organi sationsIndustr Resear Fail to y ches discuss Broadly Researches Researches Specifi and the mentions and and c discuss Austral industry discusses a thoroughly Decisi es a ian onrange industr Makin factors y g relevant specifi Factor to the c s external factors related business to environ busines ment sof industr y factors whichrange of industry factors whichcontrib contribute ute to to the the external externadiscusses all industry specificfactors which contribute to thel20%busines business s environme environ nt. Ties ment.external business environme nt.these Ties these factors in factors in with with referenceSLO addres sed:to the Australian/ reference local to the businessa) Resear ch andAustralian/ environme local nt/context. businessrelate industr yReferences environme this nt/context. informatio Uses this n tospecifi c factorsdevelop decision makingto therelevant strategies. decision makingorgani sationinformatio n to developstrategies.decisio nmakin g Applic Does Identifi ation not Identifieses all Applies Applies of address certain relevan known known Frame selecte issues t issues framework framework work d by discusse issues d in in any report way. with correctapplyin g thoroughly exactly to known to situation issues framew to discussed, ork asmethods as discusse d in coursediscuss ed in correctly refines and course identify all extends content issues upon this toPartiall y adresse content. s issues withsituatio which need framework n to be to not only accurat addressed. identify ely.15%incorre SLO ct addres method sed: s.current environme ntal issuesBIZ202 Assessment3 Brief Business case Module 6Page 5 of 6b)Apply a relevantExtends upon knownand influences, but speculatesframework toframework to discuss novelon possible external influencesevaluate theand solutions to environmental issues at hand. issues notmacro and microdiscussed with insight.environmental influences on an organisationGrowth OpportunityDoes not address possibleProvides relatively broad ideafor future future growth growth by of business applying15%using frameworks and toolsProvides specific strategies forOffers specific Offers insightful growth and novelpotential future strategies for strategies which growth by each of the four address eachexternal concepts and addressing area of the environmental discussing four each of the four external factors,from course content, orareas of environmental as well as by environment external factors addressing the comprehensively, environment.through SLO addressed: discussion ofc)Create a businessspecifically.external environment.broader as well as environmental discussing the contextas a for potentialbroader environmental contextat length.growth opportunities based on analysis of external environmental factorsTeam WorkPlaces individual goalsIdentifies team Works together Facilitates team Leads teams. and individual with others developmentahead of thegoals, tasks,towards shared10%groupresponsibilities goalsresponsibility.and schedules Identifies teamRenegotiates Evaluates team’s responsibilities, outcomesRenegotiates tasks and and individual responsibilities schedules to goals, tasks, to meet Hinders the responsibilities meet needed group process and schedules changneeded changeand upsets the schedule.issues.Implements strategies for enhancing team effectivenessSupports the Contributes to team in a group valuable processes.way.BIZ202 Assessment3 Brief Business case Module 6Page 6 of 6
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