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    JA BizTown   Jobs Classified Ads Revised 04/17 18 BIZTEE CEO Top company offers an excellent, exciting, career opportunity for a capable individual who possesses strong leadership skills. CFO We are in need of a confi-dent, competent person to organize and balance busi-ness records for our growing company. SALES MANAGER If you enjoy working with people, this is the job for you. Must wait on customers and set up tee shirts for dis-plays. Need honest person  who feels comfortable han-dling money. SCREEN PRINTING ENGINEER The qualified person will manufacture screen-printed tee shirts. Attention to detail is very important. Dependa-ble, hardworking candidates should apply. LAB WORKS CHEMIST  A conscientious person is needed to follow directions to perform a fun experiment as well as creating and mak-ing items to be sold for retail.  Attention to detail and fol-lowing directions is a MUST! CEO We are hiring an energetic, hard-working individual to manage our full-service mail and delivery outlet. CFO Someone needed to manage the books and write payroll checks. Computer experi-ence a plus. MANUFACTURING MANAGER If you like being creative and  working with people, then this is the job for you! Help be a part of making a “sli m y” product that will be sold to the JA BizTown community. REALTY OFFICE LEASING AGENT   We are looking for an out-going, organized individual  who can interact with all lo-cal businesses. Obtaining signed Rental Agreements and collecting rental signs are among the responsibili-ties of the Leasing Agent. CEO   This leadership position of-fers the right candidate a re- warding opportunity to lead a busy  JA BizTown  real estate business. PROPERTY APPRAISER Realty Company seeking knowledgeable, organized person to survey all business properties and complete re-lated paperwork. Attention to detail is essential! CFO The qualified candidate will be capable of handling rent-al and utility incomes, and keeping track of business expenses. Computer experi-ence is preferred. ENERGY SCIENTIST If you can work independent-ly and follow directions, we need you! Responsibilities include reading utility me-ters, completing utility appli-cations, and performing en-ergy savings experiment. JA BizTown Journal Serving JA BizTown since 2007       JA BizTown   Jobs Classified Ads Revised 04/17 19 DISTRIBUTION & DELIVERY CENTER CEO Dynamic leader needed to oversee all operations and assure top quality customer service. CFO Candidates must be orga-nized and detail-oriented. In-tegrity and honesty, is a must. STOCK MANAGER  Areas of responsibility in-clude order processing, in- ventory maintenance, and customer service. Apply for this great job today! PACKAGE HANDLER Looking for an organized in-dividual to collect, process, and deliver mail and pack-ages to  JA BizTown  business-es and individuals. CITY HALL TOWN TREASURER Need individual with excel-lent organizational skills. Will handle multiple City Hall transactions. MAYOR Successful candidate will possess a professional atti-tude and a desire to work  with the public. Effective  writing and speaking skills are necessary. Mayor’s r e-sponsibilities include over-seeing all aspects of  JA Biz-Town  government. DISTRICT ATTORNEY Needed: an honest, detail-oriented individual who likes to read, review legal docu-ments, do research, and in- vestigate cases. NON-PROFIT DIRECTOR Overall responsibilities in-clude leading fundraising for a major non-profit agency. Energy and confidence are important traits in the quali-fied candidate. DEPUTY MAYOR Responsible for the JA Biz-Town voting process and for collecting taxes. Energetic candidate needed as Mayor’s chief assistant!   TV STATION CEO Strong interpersonal and computer skills needed to lead the station staff and complete TV production. If interested, apply today. REPORTER Energetic and organized in-dividual needed to write news stories and conduct field interviews. Will work closely with the Host and Camera/Computer operator.  AD EXECUTIVE Confident executive needed to sell on-air ads and collect ad payments. Individual will be responsible for ad sched-uling and quality control. DIRECTOR  A responsible individual to  videotape interviews and as-sist the camera/computer operator is needed. Equip-ment provided. CFO Great working conditions for someone who likes numbers and enjoys working on a computer. Submit your ap-plication today! Do Incandescent light bulbs give off the same amount of heat as Florescent? Find out  Apply to be the Energy Scientist!    JA BizTown   Jobs Classified Ads Revised 04/17 20 TV STATION CAMERA /COMPUTER OPERATOR Tech-savvy individual need-ed to work with state-of-the-art camera and computer program. Apply today! HOST / ANCHOR On-air personality needed to deliver news reports and fa-cilitate interviews. Public speaking experience a plus! METEROLOGIST   A trained scientist who studies weather and creates forecasts to report “On -  Air” during the TV show. Interest in science required! GRAPHICS SHOP CEO Need someone with creative flair and ability to supervise a high-energy staff. CFO Dedicated and detail-oriented individual is need-ed to process payroll and pay business expenses. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Conscientious worker is needed for production de-sign team. Computer and creativity skills are a strong-ly encouraged. SALES MANAGER Responsible for ordering and setting up product displays, assisting customers and han-dling sales. Photography ex-perience helpful. RADIO CEO We are seeking an energet-ic, hard-working individual to manage the Radio Station. Public speaking and writing experience a plus, as you  will be responsible for creat-ing and reading an on-air ed-itorial.  AD EXECUTIVE Hardworking person sought to sell on-air ads and collect payments. Will work with the public to sell song requests, dedications, and special promotions. MUSIC PRODUCER Person needed to oversee and manage the recording and production of a song for  JA BizTown. Must have strong computer skills, be detailed oriented and be able to read and follow directions carefully. CFO Dedicated and detail-oriented individual is need-ed to process payroll and pay business expenses. DISC JOCKEY Need an imaginative, quick thinker with a strong voice. Must be able to operate complicated sound equip-ment and make broadcast decisions. Will train. PLANET EARTH CEO We are looking for a hard- working person with good time-management skills. Must be able to supervise energetic/creative staff. CFO Dedicated and detail-oriented individual is need-ed to process payroll and pay business expenses. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST Conscientious scientist needed to perform an exper-iment involving reducing, reusing and recycling. SALES MANAGER Need individual with good selling techniques and talent. Responsibilities include set-ting up product displays, as-sisting customers and han-dling sales. GEOLOGIST Eager person to discover and find precious stones and gems that are located within our earths services.    JA BizTown   Jobs Classified Ads Revised 04/17 21 CONSTRUCTION COMPANY    ARCHITECT Responsible for creating a project design blueprint us-ing CAD software. Computer and attention to detail person is a must. CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Looking for a hard-working person to construct top quali-ty products. Good safety record a must. CFO Organized person needed to  write payroll checks and keep business records at a busy construction company. CEO Need an individual with strong organizational skills and the ability to supervise a busy construction team. PROJECT DESIGNER Work with clients to help as-sist with remodeling of busi-ness space. Qualified appli-cant should enjoy working  with people. Interest in de-sign helpful but not neces-sary. BANK CEO Need honest individual with organizational skills and a good business sense. Will approve business loans, pro-cess deposits, and be re- sponsible for the Bank’s money supply. CFO  A sharp, well-organized in-dividual needed to handle numerous payroll and busi-ness transactions. TELLER We are seeking candidates  with a working knowledge of computers and the ability to  work independently. Pleas-ant attitude toward the public is a requirement. Accuracy is a must! CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER Personable individual who enjoys working with the pub-lic is needed to assist cus-tomers with their checking and savings accounts. Com-puter skills and problems solving is a must! FILE CLERK Must organize deposit tickets and checks for all personal accounts. This leadership position requires working  well with others. SAVINGS OFFICER    Are you interested in helping  JA BizTown  citizens open their savings accounts? If so, this is the job for you. Apply today. Learn about recycling and see firsthand how things can be reduced and reused as an Environmental Scientist for Planet Earth . Apply Today BIZNET NEWS EDITOR  Ambitious person who works  well under pressure to make sure the production of the on-line news articles, ads, photos and videos are com-pleted. Good writing skills are a critical qualification. PHOTOGRAPHER Looking for a responsible person to handle a company camera and take quality photos of  JA BizTown  events, officials, and citizens. CEO We are looking for a dynam-ic person with good time-management and writing skills. Must be able to super- vise staff.
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