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Black Mask Detective

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  DETECTIVE  “Give   Me   Your Measure   and   I’ll  Prove   in   the   First   7   Days   You   Can   Have   a   Body   like   Mine ”   I’ve   No   Use   or   Apparatus   CHARLES   TLAS   Dept.   125-K)   2   DEAN   STREET,   LONDON,   W.l.   No   other   Physical   nstructor   in   the   World   has   ever   DARED   make   such   an   offer   I ’LL   give   you   PROOF   n   7   days   hat   1   can   turn   you   nto   a   man   of   might   and   muscle.   ight   n   he   first   week   you   will   see   and   eel   he   mprovements hen   continue   o   ebuild,   enew   nd   over¬   haul   ”   our   body.   oon   you   are   the   roud   wner   f   owerful   build   ike   ine.   eople   ill   notice   he   uddy   glow   f   ealth   n   sparkle   in  your   clear   eyes,   he   readth   of   our   houlders.   You   ill   e   he   fellow   who   will   walk   off with   the   prettiest   girl   and   the   best   job.   Post   he   oupon   below   for   a   REE   copy   f   y   ew   book.   t   reveals   the   secrets   that   changed   husky   who   won   the   title   f   The   World’s   Most   er¬   fectly   Developed   Man.”   Are   ou   nderweight?   ’ll   dd   pounds   here   eeded re   ou   fat   in   spots   ?   ’ll   pare   you   down   to   fighting   trim And   ’ll   lso   ive   ou   ugged   health   hat   anishes   onstipation,   indigestion   nd   imilar   onditions   that   ob   you   of   the   good   hings   of   life S °—G.t.'f.   Gains   0   bs.    A   Uagazine   f   gripping,   mashing   Vehciive   iorics   Vol.   X,   No.   2.   British   Edition)   ovember   952   Contents   TRAP   FOR   A   TIGRESS ohn   D   Macdonald   The   uscious   hellcat’s   crimes   were   catching   up—to   her   sucker   of   an   ex-husband STRICTLY   GULT EDGEDAbert   Simmons   6   Joe   onney   had   o   crash   millionaires’   ow—to   see   how   he   other   half   killed THE   BEAUTIFUL   MISS   BORGIA   Talmage   Powell   8   It   ook   more   than   hree   years   of   jail   o   make   Bob   mmune   o   the   deadly   blonde   THE   GOOD   NEIGHBORSPhlip Ketchum   7   Her   friends’   wagging   ongues   were   alking   poor   Mary   right   nto   he   chair HERE’S   BLOOD   N   MY   YE ichard   Deming   4   Tod   Horton   couldn’t   esist   one   fatal   ittle   drink  for   the   corpse.   SING   A   SONG   OF   MURDERLarry Holden   8   Marty   was   so   hepped   on   snaring   he   killer,   he   used   his   best   girl   as   bait YOUR   NEXT   SSUE   WILL   BE   ON   SALE   —   THURSDAY,   NOV.   0th   —   BLACK   MASK.   The   editorial   contents   ot   this   magazine   have   not   been   published   before   in   Great   Britain;   they   are   protected   by   copyright,   and   cannot   be   reprinted   without   the   publishers’   permission.   All   stories   are   fiction.   No  manuscripts   or artwork  can   be   accepted.   No   actual   persons   are   designated   by   name   or   character   and   any   similarity   is   coincidental.   Published  monthly by ATLAS   PUBLISHING   &  DISTRIBUTING  CO.  LTD.,   18   Bride   Lane, Fleet  Street,   London,   E.C.4,   by   arrangement   with   Popular   Publications   nc.,   05   East   42nd   Street,   New   York   7,   New   York,   U.S.A.   Annual   Subscription   13s.   Gd.   post   tree.   Sole   Trade   Distributors:   THE   MAGAZINE   COMPANY,   18   Bride   Lane,   Fleet   Street.   London^   E.C.4.   Sole   Agents   for   Australia and   New   Zealand:   GORDON   &   GOTCH   (AUSTRALASIA)   LTD.    .   TRAP   OR   2  
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