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1. Visual Literacy Debbie Abilock, NoodleTools, Inc. 21st Century Learning Hong Kong (21CLHK) January 25, 2013 2. Two ways of knowing with different cognitive strategies…
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  • 1. Visual Literacy Debbie Abilock, NoodleTools, Inc. 21st Century Learning Hong Kong (21CLHK) January 25, 2013
  • 2. Two ways of knowing with different cognitive strategies • Written text is governed by the logic of time or temporal sequence whereas visual images are governed by spatiality, composition, and simultaneity (Kress, 2003). • In addition, meaning is derived from position in the temporal sequence of written text, whereas meaning is derived from the spatial relations or grammar of visual images (Kress & van Leeuwen, 1996).
  • 3. From observing to constructing meaning What we notice What it might mean Implications
  • 4. Read, understand, evaluate, create
  • 5. Winter, Damon. March on Jena, La. 20 Sept. 2007. New York Times. New York Times, 21 Sept. 2007. Web. 15 Dec. 2010. < 0070921JENA_8.html>. Body Language Candia, Robert. Chile Prison Fire. 8 Dec. 2010. AP Images. AP, 8 Dec. 2010. Web. 5 May 2010. 101208042875
  • 6. Maurer, Daniel. Germany Government. 6 Jan. 2011. AP Images. AP, 6 Jan. 2011. Web. 5 May 2010. 11010614683 >. Yu, Vincent. South Korea Koreas Nuclear. 12 Mar. 2003. AP Images. AP, 8 Dec. 2010. Web. 12 Mar. 2003. 03031203828 >.
  • 7. “The bridegroom leaps and bounds like an acrobat strutting, swaggering, showing off for his bride.”
  • 8. SnooK irlone ~ Ma/1jfy/1 Nelso/l Iljll.dMII~/I~1 TiIIlothy Basil E/I/~~ Abba Jacob splashed out. He ran to meet the barking somersault that leaped into his arms. "Oh, Snook," he said. "Good dog!" Snook whimpered against his friend's chest. He licked his chin. his ears. Abba Jacob laughed. "You silly. 'orriblt: littlt: beastie. you.
  • 9. Questions for a “Picture Walk” • What catches your eye first? • How do the books' physical components relate to the content? • Where is the text located on the page? • How do the illustrations spreads, single-page images, collages, overlapping images, or portraits convey the content? • Where is the viewer positioned? • Do the images in the book change from beginning to end? • What is foregrounded, and what is included in the background? • What are the dominant colors? • How is white, or negative, space used? • Are there recurring image patterns (motifs, symbols)? • Are there elements that seem odd? • What is large? Why are certain elements larger than others?
  • 10. Problems with “picture walks” “During a picture walk, the illustrations and design elements of a picture book are often reduced to serving as prompts for reading the written text, rather than as a system of meaning in their own right (Serafini & Ladd, 2008).” Serafini, Frank. "When Bad Things Happen to Good Books." Reading Teacher Dec.-Jan. 2011/ 2012: 238-41. Print.
  • 11. The “grammar” of images • Elements – line, scale, shape, texture, patterns, light • Arrangement – balance, contrast, dominance /subordination, emphasis, movement, repetition, rhythm, variation, unity
  • 12. The angle Where are [ you ] standing?
  • 13. Eye moves from side to side – spacious and stable © Debbie Abilock
  • 14. © Debbie Abilock Eye moves from near to far Vertical image exaggerates depth and distance
  • 15. “The same text is interpreted differently depending on context.” Harry Farid, Digital Forensics, Computer Science Dept. Dartmouth
  • 16. © Debbie Abilock
  • 17. Hoshiko, Eugene. China Rich at 60. 11 Aug. 2009. AP Images. AP, 29 Sept. 2009. Web. 5 May 2010. 090811065979
  • 18. Light What is illuminated? Where is the light source?
  • 19. © Debbie Abilock
  • 20. Hine, Lewis. Manuel the young shrimp picker, 5 years old and a mountain of child labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Biloxi, Miss. 20 Feb. 1911. National Archives. National Archives and Records Administration, 2006. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>.
  • 21. Warren, Jon. "Cambodia - Garbage Pickers." Images of Child Labor. Child Labor and the Global Village: Photography for Social Change, 2003. Web. 15 Dec. 2012. < /warren.html>.
  • 22. Yunsheng, Geng. Young coal miner in the Wumeng Mountains. [2001-2005]. Coal + Ice. Web. 1 Oct. 2011. < photographers/>.
  • 23. Caption: “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, third from left, prayed during the first Friday prayers of the holy month of Ramadan in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday.” New York Times Photo Gallery 2007
  • 24. Nichols, Michael. Jou Jou, captive chimpanzee reaches out it's hand to Dr. Jane Goodall. 8 Apr. 2008. National Geographic. National Geographic Society, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2010. < wallpaper/photography/photos/milestones-wildlife-photography/goodall-touch/>.
  • 25. © Robert Abilock
  • 26. Lines Where do your eyes go? What patterns do you see?
  • 27. © Debbie Abilock
  • 28. Jeffrey, Paul. A boy scavenges in the municipal garbage dump in Chennai, India. He and other boys who work in the dump spend their nights safely in a shelter sponsored by the Madras Christian Council of Social Service. Images by Paul Jeffrey. KairosPhotos, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2012. < C0000_PhPeDw7ock>.
  • 29. Dana, Felipe. Brazil Elections. 29 Sept. 2010. AP Images. AP, 29 Sept. 2010. Web. 10 May 2010. 100929022349
  • 30. Pet:er McCart:y
  • 31. Stieglitz, Alfred. The Steerage. 1933. Alfred Stieglitz Collection. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 33.43.419. Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Web. 11 Feb. 2013. < orks-of-art/33.43.419>.
  • 32. Crowley, Stephen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, questioned General David Petraeus about the war in Iraq, as Senators Christopher J. Dodd and John Kerry listened. 2007. New York Times. New York Times, 31 Dec. 2007. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>.
  • 33. Moussa, Hatem. Mideast Israel Palestinians. 1 Oct. 2004. AP Images. AP, 1 Oct. 2004. Web. 5 May 2010. 041001016991
  • 34. “intertextuality” We recognize visual references in one  source that refer to an earlier one. Natharius, David. "The More We Know, the More We See: The Role of Visuality in Media Literacy." American Behavioral Scientist 48.2 (2004): 238-47. Web. 25 Dec. 2010. <>.
  • 35. Bruegel, Pieter. Children's Games. 1560. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna. Elliott Avedon Virtual Museum of Games. Web. 18 Dec. 2010. <>.
  • 36. Collodi, C. The Adventures of Pinocchio. Illus. Attilio Mussino. Trans. Carol Della Chiesa. 1925. New York: Collier-Macmillan, 1969. Print.
  • 37. Balilty, Oded. Mideast Israel Palestinians. 27 May 2010. AP Images. AP, 27 May 2010. Web. 10 Jan. 2011. 10052719895
  • 38. “The underlying goal of the encyclopedia is to promote knowledge that leads to human happiness, well-being, world peace.”
  • 39. Movement Which direction? What effect?
  • 40. The White Church, Hornitos, CA (1946) "The White Church, Hornitos, CA." CARE. Collaborative Arts Resources for Education, n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. < image-bank/o-1/the- white-church-hornitos-ca.html>.
  • 41. “No one looked down…”
  • 42. Balilty, Oded. A Jewish settler struggles with an Israeli security officer as authorities evacuate a West Bank settlement near the Palestinian town of Ramallah after Israel’s Supreme Court cleared the way for the demolition of nine homes at the site. Feb. 2006. Associated Press. AP, 16 Apr. 2007. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>.
  • 43. The context Which image is chosen?
  • 44. Lange, Dorothea. Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California. Feb. 1936. Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. Lib. of Congress, 2006. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>
  • 45. EL MERCURIO....,A...,u.. Transmision telerisiv.1 se convierle en hilo mundial de 1.1S comunica.ciones: Un rescate perfecto Pn:sidente Pi.[iera inie~'1 gira a Europa. m.u'od.l por el aito e inler~ en el s:llvalaje minem pr~ ~l:mlD ]6:m..."-nJi, ~ U!rIM':I;r I:!t~~ lIl' olt,IJrxid-=:n - EI ref:tlccentm y L'I reruperaci6n de los te5Gl3dos en el Hospilal de COp~'1p6 Mario SepUlveda sera capitan de telefonistas en la Teleton ,JIIIoo;Loi _ _ "--'1..._~ WI_.~.:JI • • ~ .._-~..- -~.....c-.llll'lvo-~ ____ ,.-Jw.~ ..... ,~""- 11ft. ~ ~ ~..-.. :=:~~.~.~- ...-.......-..~.--.- =-~~=:-.-ur:.r=.._1_UJl CQI • 11'U1lU1U<llt.5 Alb mc::idc=ocb t~t:nGJ a:rlx:;;r, ~ ublcci6cr. I J:)(lW r~ J r ___... _:....J _ _ .r. A1...:.1Ao-." ... _ ... -.....-. ~ S,.OIIproi.. _ lA emocion de los 33 mineros, al S.llir a b ~perficie, en sus primuas pilibras y geslDs I rx:. tI"IIQ fD~ Ir c:;&.irn;Q ":r'll'" ~t:I ~ !~~dm!i. k:ird tncr r1.1
  • 46. “Screaming silences” Which images are missing?
  • 47. The context Where is it embedded? Why is it there?
  • 48. Page 2 lelegraph CO uk 0;;,) 620 x 387 - Mohammed Morsi grants himself sweeping new powers in wake of Gaza SIlTlllar More sIZes
  • 49. Monroe, Mary Alice. Turtle Summer: A Journal for My Daughter. Illus. Barbara J. Bergwerf. Mt. Pleasant, SC: Sylvan Dell, 2007. N. pag. Print. Tha~ks to: Bilrbar. Sthroeder of NOM's Natio~al Mari~e Fisheries ~rvl(e­ Offic~ of Protected Resour(u for ve"fvi~g the accuracy of the information j~ this book Educators and husbandry staff at the South Caroli~a Aquarium for identifvi~g shells. birds. and plants Ni(hol.sJohannes for his "day nester" photos Kelly Thorvalson. and Susan and Lauren Geddings for their help modeling Publ,,"er Cataloglng-In-Publication D,'~ "'OO",,", "'aryAlic~ Tu,tle ,ummer: ajou,nal lor my daugh,er / r..t~ry Alice Mon",,": Iphotog,.ph, by111.lrn.raj. k'gwe,l, .ket,h... ;llumal'on., and la)'OlJ' ~I>g" by liu Downey. I32J p.' col. ill., em ISBN: 978 O·977HH-5-6 (ha,deo,",.) ISBN 978-0-9777423-7-0,pbU 1. logge,head tu,tle--At"'"'" Coa>l'U.S.Hu,",n,lt I,(t,.ru,e. 1."I....A(I."to< COlt.( {U.S.}·)uvt"'" I"t,otu,,". 3.logg. ,hnd wnle 4. Seatun",._ I. k'gwerf, a..rboraj. II. Downty,lls.a. III. litle QL666.C536 r..t66 2007 59792/10975 2006938664 Tu, Copyright " 2007 by Mary Alice Mon,oe Photograph Copyrighl " 2007 by II.l,N,aj. k.gwerl Sketc..... illustrll,on•. and layout de.'gn by lis. Downev Tltt ·Fo. Creati'"' Mind,' ~u<atlo""l ,echon m.y be copied by t'"Owner lor personal u,e 0' bv educato.. u,lng cOpit> in d .."oom .ttl,ng, Syl"'n [)o,11 PubliSh,"II 976 Hou.ton Nonh<;u1 Blvd.. Su,(e 1 "'I. Plt..a"t. SC 19464
  • 50. MOVADOINTRODUCING MOVADO BOLD SHOP NOW ATMOVAro COM Saturday, December 18, 2010 a$ltJp~ al. 11 :02PMET IS ••rch I 6' ' SubsCtlbe '0 Horne OeIi'.""I)'-Bay Area I Per!>Onalize Y our Weather SWlcI! 10 Global Edition , .=~ REA!. ESTAiE AL'TOS A.Ll ClASSIFiEDS WORLD U.S. POUTICS NEW YORK BUSINI.SS DE..UBOOK TECH~OLOGY SPORTS SCI:£:l<CE Hl".ALTH OPIXION .>..RTS Bool:8 IJovteS IAus'!C Tek!lSflO Theater STYLE DIn! Q" Wme Fash">n & Stylt HI)me. Garden We<!dlltg$l Celol/ TRAVEL AI ~1c1iS Cartoons Class.rled" c.orrectlon Crossword I Games Educ.>oon Fvsr Lool Leernong I etwDr!< lJuitlmed . INC Guide ObrtlJ.roes POOCIIS. Pubic Edlor Sunday 'I......~i.r-.II. Senate Repeals 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' B~.. Vote of 65 to 31 Bill Is Sent to Obama !l, :Afil. HUL~ E The Senate repealed the baa on gays serving in tbe military. ~ P~t a Comment IRea" (308) · Senate Rejoctli Amendment Blocking :Sew Start Treaty · 9/ 11 Health lIill Wins SUpport From G.O.P. Politics in Iraq Casts Doubt on a .S. Presence After 2011 B, ST , 'E.). 1 1YE~:; T " SHAN>"ER pod J~.C ' HEI'.LY As contingencl" plaruting tor any lasting American military mission has contioued, the political landscape Ul both countries has made it more posslble tbat the 2 0 11 withdrawal could truly be total. · Ig) PhOlographs: A Hew front u,,, THE R06ERTS COl.lRT Justices Offer Receptive Ear to Business Interests 8.1 .....0:'1 f Uf""TAt- The percentage of busine.s& cases 00 theSupreme Court d.ocket has grown, as bas the pe,rcentage 1I'0n b:r business lotere·u. -... , - Senalors J~ph l Uebt!rman .1llI Sus.n Collils Bfter the 'ot, on 'don't as., d~nt lei P<EWS "NALYSIS lmmigration Vote Leayes Obarua's Polin' in Disarray . 8 . Ji.; fA P T 'I A Senate vote nOI 10 gram legal status to illegal immigrant students set back an emerging movement and rebuffed the administration's policy. . Senate elocb Bil fo, Y oung eg.l lrnrnlgr.nls Police Report Details Case Against Assange El, _C.H F EhJRNS -3" 0 RAVI so, W VA Theleak of a police re.port 5heds light on tbesexual misconduct that led to legal troubles for Julian ..~s2n !1;e, the fuuIlder of Wikil.eaks. , Bank of Arro!r1C8 Suspends Payments 0 Wili.eal:s A U.S. Crew's Urgent Flight Into the Afghan Desert 8, C J '=r<l v ERS OPINION. EDITORIAL The Ta.x-CUt Deal Onless President Obama de'e]ops a plan to rebut calls for premature spending cuts, the deal wlU no do as much good as be say, ;1will. · Rkb~ The Bipartisaushlp .Ra.det !'" Cormoents (0) · Dowd: Are We Read' for a Gay Commander in'Chief? · Friedman: U.S,S, I'rius · Kristof: The Gifts of Hope · Lepore: Paul Revere's Ride · Ball: Gone With the :'!yths BUSTh'ESS DAY . Oprah's Highest Hurdle Oprah Winfrey's new network Slarts JaIl. 1. but bel' sho" ends in Septembfr. .f I.og In WIth Facebook Log In to see Yih~t your froends ar~ , hElflllg on nytrres com Pnvacy Policy IWhat$ This? WBArs POPULUNOW IJ . Senate Blocks Bill for illegal Immlgrant Students . Tne Gifts of Hope LLBean ------------------- FREE SHIPPING No minimum order <:mm
  • 51. lihenewlHT apps tor 1Pad"" 1 8ndlPhone!' blml..!I"""IJlnal~ lri&au Swllcll t. u.s.Edition . GLOB..o..L EDITIOX' WORLD Asia Eurnpe /.Iid<llc EOSI Arnell Amencas US SUS~I.."'IS S SPORTS fASH IO:-;-& STYLE ARTS OPIXIO:-..' EDUC."T!O~ GRLU H01!ES TR..VEL TECHNOLOGY 5cn:NCE HEALTH N.Y.fR£G.IO~ DD-'!NG fir. II' ~""E H01{[& G..RDr.."J J;OO](s MO,[[S MU S1C TtLt"lS!O~ THr......n::R SUNDAY 1l">.G...ZJNE T ~l"..GAzr..,!; Blojjs Cartoons Clas$ lf1l!<ls CorrectlOOs CroS$word I Games r r st Look Leamlng r elwor1c /.Iulimed.. IS ••,e"I Politics in Iraq Casts Doubt on a U.S. Presence After 2011 E;y STEVEN LEE MYERS, THOM AAt-:£. .oj _A_V HE.A,LY ,,-! Olntingency plallDing for any lasting American military mission bas continued. the political landscape i0 both countries bas made it more posi1ble that the 20 H withdrawal could trul y 00 total. · teJ Photographs' A New Front Li1e · Pariamenl Vo le Puts ~'Q Closer to Ii New Govemment Swedish Police Report Details Case Against Assange t=,1 Jet-"': ;::: BURNS &1"" =1 R "1 :: OM.A,JY~ LO.:w:-.' - The 1<W<. of a police report shedslight 011 the sexual misconduct that led to legal rroubles for Juliall ASsange. the foullder of wikiLeaks. · Sank of AmerICa SuspEnds PlIyments to Wi~l••ks " Cie IIE>;'S · U.S. Sena te Ends MilitarvBan on Gavs SeI'Villi Openly . · 1'01'''Q>ast President Ord~rs U.N. to Leave · Pakistan Says It Didn't Tell Spy's Identity WIT~ THr Intrrn,,(ion~1 ftrrolb iSrib"nt Zimbabwe Health Care, Paid With Peanuts 0, CELl 'II DuGGER CHIDA.. IOYO, Zimbabwe - For man y rural prople, cash is so scarce tlla.! tll. 85-00d CbJdawoyo Cb.ristia.u HospitAl allow, barte.ring. A U.S. Crew's Urgent Flight Into the Afghan Desert a ~ C J CH. EP.S FORWARD OPER.:TJ)1G I'..-SE WlLSON, Afghanistan - Am eriCdrt helicopters and medical en cuation crews u small ourpoo'"lS belp inj ured soldiers but oft~1) aid ch~ UiaDS. China Pressed to Account for ll'ighurs' Fate By At DPEN JA.C~BS BEIJIXG - Ao organization called 00 China to explail) the fate of 20 Uigburs wbo were deported from Cambodla. A U.S. Crew'sUrgentFlightInto the Afghan Desert FORWARD OPER.-TlNG BASE WlLSOl', Afghanista.u - .-menc:an belicopters aod medical B'acuation crews at small outposts help iIljurEil ~oldiers but often aid o "Waas. LATES T t'~S FROM ASIA . 15 ) lissing, 12 Injured in philippines Hotel Fire 115 tn _"utes ago . South Korea Delays Firing Drills 19 m,nu!" ago Download today. ~ I_ L;I Get liT Home Delivery I Personafiz. Your We.tller ·('LOIlA!. SPO'I'L1GII't' OPlr-l IO N ::. Op-Art: Shakedown Street Imagining New York City streets lhatserve 2 yet humane novel's whi te South African 1 b I?"ery purpose but dri' ·ing. protagonist is dril'en to Ira'el by acute anxiety. u S A~.lE RJc.AS EUROPE ASIA CU PREHCIES COMM0DITIE5 llik kel 10.303.83 - 9 t88 -090% NII<J<EI Hang Seng 22,714.85 --448 06 -, 93% 2.8'93.74 -52.70 -I 8S'''' All Ordinaries 4,353.03 ·23 00 ~ 48% 5.!I-l8.75 - I I USD • = 0.16 EUR ' nytlm....r;om/doalhook Download the new IliTapps for IPad- and IPhone . Free for a limited period. I
  • 52. Saturday, Dec 18, 2010 Home Metro Beijing RegiOnal ! World ! Opinion - ~: :;tje1L I Cover Story Supercaryouths In drive lor gooo image ;. :.~,~.• "~, I .'~ ~-'~. d i ", , ' _'___~_~__-=-.-:J Beijing: .' + I Piloto Debate I f orum I Government I Thin~ T.n~ I E-p.per I Mobile News I Lenguog~ TIf,. I News photo I CUlM " I Cartoon I ellina Tr....el Ilewsle!te. I E-SM p .. -.-- - . ~- ..~- ----~.":":--- .-- ---.-- .... Netizens find a word to sum up frustration The Chinese character",*," (zhang), which Is used to describe a rapid price rise, has Deen voted ' Charader of the Yeann an online poll as tne pubUcis Increasingly dIssatisfied with the soaring prices, Q Netizens unhappywith poor S€IIiC€ on govt sites Beijing stern over Japan's Diaoyu plot China lashed aJapanese diy's move to commemorate Japan's stealthy occupation of the Diaoyu Islands more than a century ago, sa~l ng such sene e is nothing bulfru ~l ess ..~ ........~ China uTges restraint all. Korean Peninsula China warnea on Saturdaythat a pOSSible fresh dash between the two countries on tM Korean Peninsula could shake region al stability and il urged both governmenls 10 avoid mo es thai il said woula stoke tensions. OPRK warns againsl Saoul's shelling drill a Security Council 10 meel over peninsula tllnslon • Snow forecast for North China , Israen companies Ou!soulcing to Palestinians • Obama to slgo low ending military gay boo •
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