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  Chapter 1: WHO IS FIT TO LEAD? “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1). The book tells the readers that leaders are more prone to the eyes of criticisms for they are teaching the right way. Leaders are expected by the society to be error- free, but there is no person who doesn’t commit mistakes, and for that reason, some people are hesitant in embracing leadership. But there are great leaders in the bible that also showed hesitation because of their past sins, still, they breakthrough and overcome it. They are the following:   Moses is a very good example of hesitation and success in terms of leadership. God revealed Himself to him and told him His plans for Israelites. We should know the will of God before we do something so that we will not be lost in our direction, like what Moses did.   Gideon- a bold leader and warrior that brought much success not just for his people but also for God. Like what Moses did, Gideon also hesitated because of being the least in their family. But God assured that it is not about Him but it is about God’s power. When God gave us vision and we felt inadequate- just rejoice!   Jeremiah is one of the great leaders and prophets that God appointed to managed His people. Like the first two great men, he did also hesitated for feeling inadequate. But God promised him: “I am with you.” Nothing in this world could give you more assurance than that! Reflection: Therefore, our past is not a hindrance in becoming fit for leadership; rather it is a testimony that shows how God is working even in the lives of the worse men we know. It is normal to feel small when we are facing great call from God, but we should know that it isn’t about what we can but what God could do. He has a habit of using the most unlikely man to do the most glorious task, therefore if God called us to serve, we should be joyful for He is going to do something big, something we couldn’t imagine. Everyone who trusts the Lord is fit to serve as a leader.  Chapter 2 : THE LEADER’S SOURCE OF POWER   Power for the leaders is like electric current for a factory- it keeps the whole system working. Therefore, it is important for the leaders that they should keep it and know where it is coming. Based on what LeRoy Eims discussed, the four sources of power of the leaders are: fellowship, word of God, prayer and obedience. God is our source of power but having fellowship with Him makes it more effective and operative in our lives. That is why it is not unexpected that we will be facing distractions when we are spending time with God like being busy for our other endeavors because the enemy will find ways to stop our intimate relationship with God. We can spend time with God if we are going to study and meditate His words. Reading the bible and grasping every single words of it is an effective way of spending time with Him. There are others ways of receiving words from Him like hearing it preached and memorizing it. When Jesus was tempted by the devil He fights back by answering words of God. Aside from pondering His words, prayer is another way on how we could spend time with God. We all know that prayer is the cellular phone of every Christians if we wanted to communicate with God. The first two elements are the way we can exchanged ideas with God. The Lord speaks to us through His words in the bible and we answer back by praying. By being obedient to what He says is the final element of fellowship with Him. By meeting all He commanded to us, we are not just doing the right thing but also we develop inner relationship with Him. Having that kind of relationship strengthens us and gives us power. Reflection: Having enough power is very important in being a cell leader for without it, the group will perish and die without being fruitful. The source of power is having fellowship with God and spending time with Him, because he is the source of all goodness in this world. Fellowship with Him requires grasping His words through reading, listening to preaching, studying and memorizin g. Praying to Him is like answering to God’s call in our lives. Every leader needs consultation from someone who is greater than them and that is God. It could be accomplished by having two way communications with him through His words and prayer.  Chapter 3: THE INNER LIFE OF THE LEADER The discussion in the book started by giving a glance in the life of Daniel who lived in a place full of evilness and godlessness but despite of this, he still lived a remarkable life worthy in God’s presence. God gave him  provisions among men in his time because of the inner life he has. He has, as a leader, had the following qualities in his inner life: purity, humility, and faith. Living in a world deteriorated by sins could defile its residents but still, Daniel lived a life of purity. He exhibited that leaders should live a life not compromising to sins. Having a life of cleanliness prevents us from being rotten inside. A tree rotted inside could be easily taken away by wind. That is why leader should live a life with purity; sanctified from the patterns of this world. In order to understand right from wrong, Eims devised a simple bible-based principle: 1. Is it helpful  ? (1 Cor. 6:12) in all the things we do, we should analyze it first if it is helpful to us. If it is, we s hould do it and it didn’t we should not.  2. Does it get me in its powers ? (1 Cor. 6:12) live a life strayed from things that could enslave us. 3. Will it cause others to stumble ? (1 Cor. 8:12-13) we should not do things that could harm other people. 4. Is it glorifying to God  ? (1 Cor. 10:31) in all the things we are doing, we should do it to glorify God. We should examine ourselves carefully when we are doing things in order to live a remarkable life. Being humble despite all of our achievements in life could benefit us more. Giving credits to God rather than on ourselves gives us power to continue. Humility makes us live a life centering on God and not on us. There are many stories in the bible that tells how great men fall because of being proud for things th at they can’t get without God working for them. Eims give ways on how to maintain humility, one of this is by being relaxed on what God gave to us. A leader who is inferior will tend to fall into two extreme consequences: they will try to impress others r they will simply quit for lack of confidence. The last and the most vital is having faith. We all know that faith is a  power that could make us beak the walls of impossibility. We can do supernatural things if we trusted God fully. By having faith, we believe that God will provide all the things we needed. There is no need to worry for what will happen tomorrow because God will endow us with success. By having faith we planted in our hearts that in all the things we do for God’s name will prosper. Faith also means that we are testifying for God’s greatness. We exalt Him by trusting, proving that He is an oathkeeper. Reflection: Being a leader for God’s ministry requires living a life that is truly remarkable. Even a great tree that is deteriorated inside could be easily blown away by strong winds; no matter how great a leader is outside, he will still stumble and fall if he lived an inner life that is not worthy to God. By living with purity even in the most sin-polluted world, by having humility behind every great success and having faith even in front of impossibility could give us an outstanding inner life.
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