BOSTON CONSERVATORY AT BERKLEE PRESENTS WINTERWORKS. February 23 25, :00 p.m., Thursday Saturday Boston Conservatory Theater

BOSTON CONSERVATORY AT BERKLEE PRESENTS WINTERWORKS MARY WOLFF AND TOMMY NEBLETT, producers and artistic directors February 23 25, :00 p.m., Thursday Saturday Boston Conservatory Theater NAM Choreography
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BOSTON CONSERVATORY AT BERKLEE PRESENTS WINTERWORKS MARY WOLFF AND TOMMY NEBLETT, producers and artistic directors February 23 25, :00 p.m., Thursday Saturday Boston Conservatory Theater NAM Choreography by RUKA HATUA-SAAR Music by GUZZ ALBATROSS Choreography by CHRISTINA MORRISON Music by BREAK OF REALITY and CODY MCVEY ME(S) Choreography by YAN JUN CHIN and CELESTE ROBBINS Music by THE ANTLERS FULL DISCLOSURE Choreography by ALYSSA MARKOWITZ Music by ELIJAH DANIEL SMITH LITTLE SPOON Choreography by CARLY CHERONE Music by ELIJAH DANIEL SMITH DEEP Choreography by LEVI MARSMAN Music by MAX RICHTER INTERMISSION THROUGH THEIR EMPTY NAMES: WIND, WATER, STONE Choreography by MARGARET FALCONE Music by TIM KWASNY THOSE WHO DARE TO TOUCH US Choreography by JORGE RAMOS Music by SOPHIE and MATTIA ZUCCHELLI CAN I BE FRANK WITH YOU? Choreography by ALYX HENIGMAN Music by BEA FOOTE and MATTIA ZUCCHELLI GIOVANNI'S ROOM Choreography by CHRISTOPHER KINSEY Music by PEDER BARRATT-DUE, FRANCOIS-EUDES CHANGRAULT, and ANTONIN DVOŘÁK DEAR SUZY Choreography by TAYLOR RODMAN Music by BENJAMIN BRITTEN and FRANZ SCHUBERT This organization is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. DIRECTORS' NOTE Welcome to WINTERWORKS! We are very proud to present this program featuring original choreographic works by Dance Division students. These pieces, under the guidance of faculty members Mary Wolff and Tommy Neblett, have been in development since September, many in collaboration with student composers from both Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Berklee College of Music. The sophistication of our student-created work illustrates the strength of the Dance Division s composition curriculum, as well as the talent and creativity of our young choreographers. We are excited to share this work with you, our audience. A special highlight of the WINTERWORKS program is the inaugural performance of our freshman class, who are dancing on the mainstage for the first time since their arrival at the Conservatory in fall Our firstyear dance majors are featured in three stunning works: Nam by guest artist Ruka Hatua-Saar; Deep by guest artist Levi Marsman; and Dear Suzy by choreographer Taylor Rodman (B.F.A. '16, contemporary dance). Rodman is the Conservatory's Alumni Choreographic Commissioning Project artist. Her witty piece, Dear Suzy, premiered last February on the mainstage as part of the Senior Choreographers' Concert. The Commissioning Project reinforces the Dance Division's commitment to supporting the growth of our alumni as choreographers and artists by annually commissioning and presenting a work from an alumni on the mainstage in WINTERWORKS. Congratulations to Rodman! Thank you for sharing this wonderful program with us. Enjoy! Mary Wolff and Tommy Neblett Producers and Artistic Directors 2 WINTERWORKS PROGRAM NAM (WORLD PREMIERE) Enlightenment is blossoming the thousand petaled lotus flower on the top of the head. Amit Ray Choreography by Ruka Hatua-Saar Music by Guzz (Temple Encounter) Costume Design by Penney Pinette (Costume Design Intern: Sydney Fredette) Rehearsal Direction Assistance by Rachel Ferring Nehemiah Aldrich, Gianna Bassan, Erica Brandell, Francesca Crupi, Lindsey Faber, Jocelyn Gonzales, Taraja Hudson, Malindi Malawo, Laura Marriott, Haley Miller, Zoe Pfeiffer, Esther Reilly, Isabella Rusli, Yasiri Sanders, Clare Savage, Jacqueleen Schweighardt PAUSE ALBATROSS (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Christina Morrison Music by Break of Reality (Vintage) and Cody McVey (Albatross) Music Perfomed by Sophia Bellino, Eric Dubak, Jennifer Jordan, Michael Mahler, and Cody McVey Costume Design by Christina Morrison Kiara Burns, Kendall Bush, Zoe Hawkins, Nicole Salerno, Juliette Wooden Boston Conservatory at Berklee 3 ME(S) (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Yan Jun Chin and Celeste Robbins Music by The Antlers (Atrophy) Yan Jun Chin, Celeste Robbins FULL DISCLOSURE (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Alyssa Markowitz Music by Elijah Daniel Smith (dancer's text) Costume Design by Alyssa Markowitz Johanna Butterworth, Laila Franklin, Ayami Ino, Abigail Whatley 4 WINTERWORKS LITTLE SPOON (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Carly Cherone Music by Elijah Daniel Smith (Lil' Spoon) Music Performed by Elijah Daniel Smith (guitar), Nadav Hezi (guitar), Andrew Metzger (bass, Thursday and Saturday), and Adam Rowton (bass, Friday) Costume Design by Carly Cherone Annelise Bucher, Allyson Iovino, Georgia Lipari, Emily McGuire, Celia Torrey DEEP (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Levi Marsman Music by Max Richter (Vivaldi's 4 Seasons Recomposed) Costume Design by Penney Pinette (Costume Design Intern: Sydney Fredette) Tara-Jean Canlon, Emmitt Cawley, Lily Clingan-Darack, Erica Codd, Hannah Craig, Corinne Dietrich, Catherine Evans, Amit Levit, Paul Liu, Melody Morrow, Faith Norton, Asia Pyron, Frangeli Ramirez, Sadiya Ramos, Teagan Reed, Anna Schlueter, Clara Stanford, Minh Leigh Sullivan INTERMISSION Boston Conservatory at Berklee 5 THROUGH THEIR EMPTY NAMES: WIND, WATER, STONE (WORLD PREMIERE) In collaboration with the composer, we created a visual and sonic representation of Octavio Paz s poem, Wind, Water, Stone. Margaret Falcone Choreography by Margaret Falcone Music by Tim Kwasny (Through Their Empty Names) Music Performed by Ryan Aguilar (marimba), Sophia Bellino (violin), Christian Kay (cello), Will Land (marimba), Ben Pitt (marimba), Reed Puelo (bass drum), Shelbie Rassler (tom-toms), and Alden Young (violin) Costume Design by Margaret Falcone Odessa Anderson, Séarlait Carr, Katherine Kuntz, Grace Philipp, Kayla Trutt, Lilly Valore THOSE WHO DARE TO TOUCH US (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Jorge Ramos Music by SOPHIE (Hard) and Mattia Zucchelli (original composition) Costume Design by Jorge Ramos Liana Attanasio, Nayra Frota, Alyx Henigman, Alyssa Markowitz 6 WINTERWORKS CAN I BE FRANK WITH YOU? (WORLD PREMIERE) Choreography by Alyx Henigman Music by Bea Foote (Could Be You) and Mattia Zucchelli (Subdivisions) Costume Design by Alyx Henigman Yan Jun Chin, Caroline Daly, Jorge Ramos, Arthur Sicilia GIOVANNI'S ROOM (WORLD PREMIERE) I had decided to allow no room in the universe for something which shamed and frightened me. I succeeded very well by not looking at the universe, by not looking at myself, by remaining, in effect, in constant motion. James Baldwin Choreography by Christopher Kinsey Music by Peder Barratt-Due (Untitled), Francois-Eudes Chanfroult (Leatherman Dinner), and Antonin Dvořák (Piano Trio No. 4 in E Minor Dumky, op. 90 Lento Maestoso) Costume Design by Christopher Kinsey Maggie Costales, Nick Heffelfinger, Christina Morrison, Brenna Kennedy Nopenz, Hannah Pregont, Celeste Robbins, Jordan Villanueva Boston Conservatory at Berklee 7 DEAR SUZY PREMIERED FEBRUARY 20, 2016 AT BOSTON CONSERVATORY Choreography by Taylor Rodman Music by Benjamin Britten (The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; Playful Pizzicato from Simple Symphony, op. 4; Songs from Friday Afternoons, op. 7; Cuckoo!) and Franz Schubert (An die Musik) Costume Design by Taylor Rodman (Costume Design Intern: Sydney Fredette) Rehearsal Direction by Nicholas Heffelfinger Sofia Blustein, Dylan Contreras, Avery Gerhardt, Rosario Guillen, Anne Kim, Kevin Lau, Aileen Leon-Echeverria, Taylor Loftus, Nicole Nightingale, Julia Ueda Taylor Rodman is the recipient of the Boston Conservatory at Berklee's Alumni Commissioning Project Award. 8 WINTERWORKS STUDENT ENSEMBLE All students are B.F.A. candidates unless otherwise noted. CHOREOGRAPHERS Carly Cherone '18 Yan Jun Chin '19 Margaret Falcone '19 Alyx Henigman '18 Christopher Kinsey '18 Alyssa Markowitz '18 Christina Morrison '18 Jorge Ramos '18 Celeste Robbins '19 DANCE ENSEMBLE Nehemiah Aldrich '20 Odessa Anderson '19 Liana Attanasio '18 Gianna Bassan '20 Sofia Blustein '20 Erica Brandell '20 Annelise Bucher '18 Kiara Burns '18 Kendall Bush '19 Johanna Butterworth '18 Tara-Jean Canlon '20 Séarlait Carr '19 Emmitt Cawley '20 Carly Cherone '18 Yan Jun Chin '19 Lily Clingan-Darack '20 Erica Codd '20 Dylan Contreras '20 Margaret Costales '18 Hannah Craig '19 Francesca Crupi '20 Caroline Daly '18 Corinne Dietrich '20 Catherine Evans '20 Lindsey Faber '20 Laila Franklin '19 Nayra Frota '18 Avery Gerhardt '20 Jocelyn Gonzales '20 Rosario Guillen '20 Zoe Hawkins '19 Nicholas Heffelfinger '17 Alyx Henigman '18 Taraja Hudson '20 Ayami Ino '18 Allyson Iovino '19 Jimin Anne Kim '20 Katherine Kuntz '19 Kevin Lau '20 Aileen Leon-Echeverria '20 Amit Levit '20 Georgia Lipari '18 Paul Liu '20 Taylor Loftus '20 Malindi Malawo '20 Alyssa Markowitz '18 Laura Marriott '20 Melody Marrow '20 Emily McGuire '18 Haley Miller '20 Christina Morrison '18 Nicole Nightingale '20 Brenna Nopenz '17 Faith Norton '20 Zoe Pfeiffer '20 Grace Philipp '19 Hannah Pregont '18 Asia Pyron '20 Frangeli Ramirez '20 Jorge Ramos '18 Sadiya Ramos '20 Teagan Reed '20 Esther Reilly '20 Celeste Robbins '19 Isabella Rusli '20 Nicole Salerno '19 Yasiri Sanders '20 Clare Savage '20 Anna Schlueter '20 Jacqueleen Schweighardt '20 Arthur Sicilia '19 Clara Stanford '20 Minh Leigh Sullivan '20 Celia Torrey '19 Kayla Trutt '19 Julia Ueda '20 Lilly Valore '19 Jordan Villanueva '18 Abigail Whatley '18 Juliette Wooden '19 MUSICIANS Ryan Aguilar, B.M. '19 Sophia Bellino, B.M. '19 Eric Dubak, B.M. '19 Nadav Hezi, B.M. '18 Jennifer Jordan, M.M. '17 Christian Kay, B.M. '19 William Land, B.M. '19 Michael Mahler, M.M. '17 Cody McVey, B.M. '18 Andrew Metzger, B.M. '17 Reed Puleo, B.M. '19 Eduardo Rañuelos, B.M. '19 Elijah Daniel Smith, B.M. '17 Alden Young, B.M. '19 Boston Conservatory at Berklee 9 BIOS MARY WOLFF, producer and artistic director holds an M.A. in dance from the University of California at Los Angeles and an M.A. in folklore from Indiana University. She has choreographed for ballet, modern, and folk companies, including Arizona Dance Theater, Southwest Chamber Ballet, Westwind International Folk ensemble and Mandala Folk Dance ensemble, and for Universal Pictures and Walt Disney World s Epcot Center. She has received awards from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) for the Arts and Humanities and the Arizona Commission on the Arts. A former faculty member of the University of Arizona dance program, Wolff currently teaches choreography and dance history at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. TOMMY NEBLETT, producer and artistic director has been in the dance profession for 35 years, first as a performer, then as a choreographer, educator, and administrator. He is the associate director of dance at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and coartistic director (with his wife, Diane Arvanites) of Prometheus Dance, and The Elders Ensemble, a group of postprofessional dancers, ages 62 to 94. Prometheus Dance is company-inresidence at Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, Massachusetts. As a performer, Neblett danced with Dan Wagoner and Dancers, Laura Dean Dancers & Musicians, Concert Dance Company of Boston, Maryland Dance Theater, and with Prometheus Dance, which has five times been named One of the Years Ten Best by the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Phoenix. As a freelancer, he has performed in films, operas, fashion shows, nightclubs, and theater productions. As a choreographer, Neblett along with Arvanites has received a Creativity Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, six Artist Grants in Choreography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and a Citation for Outstanding Artistic Achievement from Governor Deval Patrick. Their work has been performed at The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Jacob s Pillow, Bates Dance Festival, Joyce SoHo, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, throughout the east coast, and in Spain, France, Denmark, Venezuela, Ecuador, and China. Their work in opera has included Nixon In China, Alceste, and The Pearl Fishers for OperaBoston, and Rinaldo, Idomeneo, and The Husbands for Boston Opera Collaborative. As an educator, Neblett has been on the faculty of Boston Conservatory since He has also been on the dance faculties of Boston Ballet, Harvard University, Emerson College, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, The Dance Complex and the Oure Idraetshojskole in Denmark. 10 WINTERWORKS CATHY YOUNG, dean of dance received a B.A. in sociology and women s studies from Harvard University and an M.F.A. in dance from the University of Illinois. Young is nationally recognized as a master teacher and has conducted residencies at more than 30 colleges around the country, as well as at the Bates Dance Festival, Florida Dance Festival, and the International Open Look Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. While she is best known as a teacher and choreographer of jazz dance, her 30 years of experience in the field of dance have been wide ranging and diverse. As a performer, Young has danced with a number of companies, including Zenon Dance Company and Danny Buraczeski s JAZZ DANCE! She has also toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe and has performed in prestigious venues such as the Joyce Theater in New York and Jacob s Pillow Dance Festival. For the past 20 years, Young has focused on creating her own works, a dynamic mix of styles and dance forms that intermingles jazz, modern, contact improvisation, social dance, and gymnastics. She creates choreography for her own company, Cathy Young Dance, and has also been commissioned by professional companies and presenters including the Walker Art Center, Minnesota Dance Theatre, Pennsylvania Dance Theatre, Zenon Dance Company, Minnesota Opera and internationally by Kannon Dance Company of St. Petersburg, Russia. Her choreography has been recognized with awards and grants from the McKnight Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, Target Foundation, and the Minnesota State Arts Board, among others. She was previously department chair and an associate professor of dance at Ursinus College and now proudly serves as dean of dance at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. RUKA HATUA-SAAR, choreographer is originally from Aviano, Italy. He began his dance training as a scholarship student with the Miami City Ballet and was a member of the training company. He has danced alongside such artists as Maya Angelou, Missy Elliot, and Shirley Murdock. He holds a B.F.A. in dance from Florida State University and an M.F.A in dance from Hollins University. He is an Act-So Dance Gold Medalist. He has performed in works by George Balanchine, Alvin Ailey, Alonzo King, and Donald Byrd. Hatua- Saar White has had the privilege of serving on the faculty of Wright State University and University of Dayton. He has danced with Armitage Gone!, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and PHILADAN- CO. He is currently a member of the Limón Dance Company. Boston Conservatory at Berklee 11 TAYLOR RODMAN (B.F.A. '16, contemporary dance), choreographer is a Dallas, Texas native, where she began her formal training at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She recently earned her B.F.A. in contemporary dance performance at Boston Conservatory with an emphasis in improvisation and choreography. Rodman has performed works by Andrea Miller, Ohad Naharin, Merce Cunningham, and MADBOOTS, among others. She was named a 2012 Presidential Scholar in the Arts in choreography and has been commissioned to set works at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Upon her graduation from the Conservatory, Rodman joined Joshua Peugh's Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, where she has performed and toured around the country including the Jacob's Pillow Inside Out Stage. In 2016, Rodman became a cofounder and coartistic director of Bombshell Dance Project, alongside Emily Bernet. Bombshell Dance Project seeks to empower the female choreographic voice by exploring the juxtapositions between strength and subtlety, power and sensuality. LEVI PHILIP MARSMAN, choreographer is in his fourth year as a guest choreographer at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School for the Arts. He graduated from the Walnut Hill School for the Arts, was a scholarship student at Jeanette Neill Dance Studio in its Boston Youth Moves program, and was invited to join Ailey II after he received his B.F.A. from Ailey/Fordham University. He later danced with Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Movements Dance Company, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Reed Dance, and PHILADANCO!, The Philadelphia Dance Company. Marsman was awarded the 2016 Ballet Inc. Emerging Choreographer Award. He is also the recipient of the Martha Hill Dance Fund's 2007 Young Professionals Award, and his ballet, 'Round and 'Round We Go, won Best Performance at the 10 th Annual Oakland Dance Festival. Most recently, Marsman has choreographed for the Walnut Hill School School for the Arts, the Ailey Student Performance Group, Ballet Ecclectica at Center of Creative Arts (COCA), and Dallas Black Dance Theatre ENCORE!, cochoreographed The Rite of Spring, which was a collaborative piece with Christopher Huggins and piano duo Anderson & Roe, and was assistant choreographer for The Big Bang! for PHILADANCO, as well as His Grace and Furtherance for Dallas Black Dance Theatre. PENNEY PINETTE, costume designer teaches costume construction and technology for Boston University and Tufts University. She 12 WINTERWORKS has worked as a draper for American Repertory Theatre and Huntington Theatre Company, as well as designing for film, theater, and dance throughout Boston. DON CURIOSO, production manager has served Boston Conservatory for 15 years. Curioso served as production manager for Civic Light Opera in Seattle, WA and was production manager/technical director for Suffolk University. Professional credits include American Musical Theater, Long Wharf Theater, The Garde Arts Center, and Yale Repertory Theater. Early career highlights include Babes In Arms, directed by Ginger Rogers; the pre- Broadway production of Late Nite Comic, starring Robert Lupone; the inaugural season of Connecticut Repertory Theater; and The Gifts of The Magi and Children Of Eden, featuring then-unknown Cheyenne Jackson. Recent Conservatory highlights include Opening Note!; productions with the late Dana Brayton; numerous collaborations with theater, dance, music, and opera; serving as the liaison at Midway Studios during the Conservatory's 2009 off-campus season; and hosting the Production Managers Forum in Boston. Curioso received an M.F.A. in technical direction and production management from the University of Connecticut. His teaching credits include Wagner College, Suffolk University, and Boston Conservatory. PATSY COLLINS BANDES, production stage manager is currently in her 13 th year at Boston Conservatory, where she has been the production stage manager for more than 100 productions. She also directed Urinetown, Waiting for Godot, Cloud 9, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and codirected Assassins, A Vision, and The Wild Party for Boston Conservatory. Other companies for which she has stage managed include North Shore Music Theatre, Prometheus Dance, Boston Children s Chorus, Intermezzo Chamber Opera and the Denver Center Theatre Company (1998 Tony Award), where she worked on the world premieres of The Laramie Project and Give em a Bit of Mystery: Shakespeare and the Old Tradition. Collins Bandes is a member of Boston Conservatory's Theater Division and Dance Division faculties, teaching freshman production and stagecraft. She holds a B.A. in theater with an emphasis in directing from the University of Northern Colorado and is pursuing an A.L.M. in dramatic arts at Harvard University. AMANDA M. OTTEN, stage manager is in her fourth season as stage manager for Boston Conservatory. She has also worked as the production stage manager for Odyssey Opera s Un Giorno di regno, Boston Opera Collaborative s Albert Herring, and the world- Boston Conservatory at Berklee 13 premiere production of Let s Make a Sandwich with Boston Conservatory Ensemble in Re
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