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  Ulhas D Wadivkar11 Syllabus: MBA: BPSM: Semester III ã (301) BUSINESS POLICY & S!AE IC MANA EMEN1# Strate$y a% t'e uest *r C*m+et,t,-e A-a%ta$e: ãMilitary srcins of strategy – ãEvolution – ãConcept and Characteristics of strategic management –ãDefining strategy – ãMintzerg!s #$!s of strategy – ãCorporate% &usiness 'evels of strategy – ã(trategic Management $rocess) *+,ã .............................................................. Ulhas D) Wadivkar) &)E) *Elect,% $-D.M% M&/ *0inance,Management Consultant%etired 2ice $resident *Works,%-raphite .ndia 'imited) 3ashik 4 &angalore)1 st  /ugust 5611  Ulhas D Wadivkar55 Bus,%ess P*l,/y a% Strate$,/ Ma%a$eme%t ã7Without &usiness $olicy and (trategy% an organisation is like a ship 8ithout rudder% going around in circles) .t!s like a tramp9 8ho has no place to go: – *el !*ss a% M,/'ael am,# ã  Bus,%ess P*l,/y e,%,t,*% by C'r,ste%se% : ã7&usiness $olicy is the study of the function and responsiilities of (enior Management% the crucial prolems that affect success in the total enterprise% and the decisions that determine the directions of the organisation and shape of its future):;he prolems of policy in the usiness% like those of policy in pulic affairs% have to do 8ith choice of purposes% the moulding of organisational identity and character% the continuous definition of 8hat needs to e done% and the moilisation of resources for the attainment of organisational -oals in the face of competition or adverse circumstance)  Ulhas D Wadivkar<< E-*lut,*% * Bus,%ess P*l,/y as ,s/,+l,%e ) ã=rigin – 1>11? @arvard &usiness (chool – .ntegrated Course in Management aimed at providing general management capaility)ã@oferA (trategic Management – / Caseook in $olicy and $lanningA ;he &usiness $olicy evolution has undergone four $aradigm (hifts) ;his transition is of overlapping nature)ã Development of suBect of &usiness $olicy has al8ays follo8ed the demands of real life usiness)ã 1><6 ?1>6A Environment changeA 3e8 $roductsA Continuously changing marketA 0ord 0oundation recommended report% y -ordon and @o8ell% suggested a 2Ca+st*%e  course of &usiness $olicy 8hich 8ould give the students an opportunity to pull together 8hat they have learned in the separate usiness fields and utilise this kno8ledge in the analysis of comple usiness prolems)  Ulhas D Wadivkar++ E-*lut,*% * Bus,%ess P*l,/y as ,s/,+l,%e ) ã1>>A ;he course 8as made mandatory y /merican  /ssemly of Collegiate (chool of &usiness *//C(&,ã 1>>6A ;he course has ecome an integral part of management education curriculum) E-*lut,*% * Bus,%ess P*l,/y 'as u%er$*%e *ur Para,$ms ã$aradigm =neA A.'*/ P*l,/y 4 ma5,%$# ã1>66 ?1><6A Era * Mass Pr*u/t,*%  – Maimising output% 3ormally a (ingle $roduct% (tandardised and lo8 cost product% catering to uniue set of customers servicing limited geographical area – .nformal control and co?ordination) ;he (trategic planning 8as centred on maimising output)
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