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  ItemUnitQty.RateAmount (RM)1234 INTERNAL WALL FINISHES Cement and sand (1:3) as described internal lasterin!: it# an aro$ed lasticiser includin! %&C corner bead: 'inis#ed it# a steel tro el and tro elled smoot# sur'aces:2mm %laster to alls beams and columns.Cement and sand (1:3) as described screedin!:*inis#ed smoot# sur'ace to recei$eot#er 'inis#es (measured searately):+2mm ,#ic- base screed.3mm  3mm aro$ed e/ui$alent !la0ed orcelain tiles o' aro$ed colour: laid to aro$ed attern: bedded and  ointed it# aro$ed cement  based ad#esi$e on cement and sand (1:3) screedin! (screedin! measured searately):%ointin! in matc#in! coloured cement:+,o alls and columns.%reare and aly one undercoat and t o 'inis#in! coats o' otalast Ma mulsion5 or aro$ed e/ui$alent emulsion  aint internally on:+%lastered alls beams and columns.M2M2M2M26 7686868 491.6.2.22.2RM14.2RM14.2RM14.2RM14.2  ItemUnitQty.RateAmount (RM)12347869111121314 ROAD AND PAVEMENT (CONT’D) Road Mar-in! (%ro$isional)%reare and aly t o coats o' aro$ed t#ermolastic road  aint on road sur'aces:+1mm ;ide centre bro-en lines17mm ;ide bro-en lines17mm ;ide ed!e lines2 mm ;ide continous lines3mm ;ide sto linesosed sur'aces o' road -erb it# alternati$e colours1mm ;ide carar- lines1mm ;ide motor ar- lines<irectional arro si!n =trai!#tarro 5<irectional arro si!n ,urn ri!#t or le't arro 5=trai!#t a#ead and>or turn ri!#t or le't directional arro <itto? double arro =tandard C#e$ron5 unction si!nboards=tandard @RB,I5 si!n MMMMMM Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo. Rate nlyRate nly1 114Rate nlyRate nly1 1141 34Rate nly223Rate nlyRate nlyRate nly1 .9.9.4.834.2RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86  171181619 osts=tandard B B,RD5 si!n  osts=tandard side road si!nboards=tandard E*,>RIF,5  unction si!nboards=tandard ,URB E*,>RIF,5 in strai!#t sin!le arro Turfing =ot tur'in! as described to 'lat sur'aces it# aro$ed tur' obtained 'rom ContractorGs o nsource? includin! 'or-in! !round treatin! it# 'ertili0er. Bo. Bo. Bo. Bo.M2 2Rate nlyRate nlyRate nlyRate nly 12.8671.39RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86  ItemUnitQty.RateAmount (RM)1234 ROAD AND PAVEMENT (CONT’D) %a$er @loc-sAro$ed interloc-in! concrete  a$ers bloc- o' aro$ed colour: laid to aro$ed attern 'illin!  oint it# sand comactin! and 'inal sur'ace treatment as er manu'acturerGs instruction includin! border bloc- at sides eca$ation sand beddin! and comacted crus#er run as base:+%a$in! to al- ays+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Resurfacing Wr!s Allo 'or scrain! to eistin! sur'aces rior to layin! o' t#e earin! course and remo$e all debris to ContractorGs o n dum.2 mm ,#ic- (consolidated) o' 9 mm as#alt earin! course? rolledto t#e re/uired cambers and !radients.@ituminous tac- coat alied at t#e rate o' .77litres>m2 in one M2M2M2M2 Rate nly RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86RM12.86


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