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  Running head: BREXIT 1BREXIT[Student Name][Institution]  BREXIT 2BREXITBrexit is a popular acronm used to de!ine an exit o! the "nited #ingdom !rom theEuropean "nion$ The European "nion is a political and economic partnership o! 2% Europeancountries !ormed a!ter &orld &ar 2 'ith the aim o! encouraging economic cooperation 'hile pre(enting more con!lict$ Brexit is there!ore a merge o! the 'ords Britain and exit !ormingBrexit$ This can )e li*ened to a much earlier anticipated 'ithdra'al o! +reece !rom the union'hich 'as then du))ed ,+rexit-$ .arious indi(iduals/ political parties and ad(ocac groups ha(ein the past campaigned !or the Britain-s 'ithdra'al since the union-s !ormation$ 0ne suchinstance 'as in 13/ onl t'o ears a!ter the !ormation o! the union/ then European Economic4ommunit 5EE46$ Those e!!orts 'ere !utile as a re!erendum held that ear !a(ored thecontinued mem)ership in the union 'ith 78 o! the then population (oting to remain 5Butler/29176$ o'e(er/ this 'as not the case in the most recent Brexit attempt in 2917 'hich 'assuccess!ul 'ith 328 (oting to lea(e$ The re!erendum is onl the )eginning o! a process expectedto last a couple o! ears$ This paper 'ill loo* at the possi)le impacts Brexit 'ill ha(e/ positi(eand negati(e/ )oth on the countr itsel! and the 'hole 'orld$ ;articularl/ it 'ill loo* at theimpact on (arious !ields such as on immigration/ crime/ trade/ la'/ <o) mar*et/ !inance/so(ereignt and !inall on de!ense$ It 'ill !urther loo* at the possi)le 'a !or'ards !or the "# inorder to )ring )ac* )alance to itsel! and the glo)al econom in general$Immigration and its impact has not onl )een an issue in the "# )ut throughout the'hole Europe continent in general$ This is due to increasing le(els o! re!ugees especiall !rom'ar torn countries in the =iddle East and >!rica 'here terrorism has )een on the rise$ TheEuropean "nion has in its policies allo'ed its citi?ens !reedom o! mo(ement hence an automaticright to mo(e and settle in the "#$ There!ore/ an o)(ious )ene!it o! Brexit !or the "# is that the  BREXIT @countr 'ill !inall )e a)le to control its rate o! immigration since then/ it 'ill )e possi)le to personall monitor 'ho is allo'ed in the countr$ 0n the other hand/ lea(ing the E" 'ouldchange 'here )order controls are done !or the "# !rom 4alais in Arance to o(er in Britain5Smith/ 29176$ Thus/ it 'ould )e tougher to control the masses that dail enter the countr !romthe 'hole continent$>nother !ield 'here Brexit 'ill ha(e a ma<or impact is on Ca'$ =an o! the la's inBritain and other countries in Europe are made o(erseas ) dictates in the European parliamentand through rulings 'hich are made and upheld in the European 4ourt o! Dustice$ There!ore/Britain lea(ing the E" means that the countr 'ould !inall )e a)le to ma*e all its la's again$The "# courts/ no' separate !rom the E"/ 'ould )ecome so(ereign again$ This in turn 'ouldha(e an impact on crime$ The European "nion pro(ides a 'arrant/ the European >rrest &arrant/'hich allo's a citi?en !rom an mem)er countr 'ho needs to stand trial in another countr/ )esent a)road and charged in the !oreign court$ This had a disad(antage in that British citi?ens 'hocommitted e(en minor o!!ences 'ere tried and sentenced in !oreign courts/ 'hich sometimesma )e )ias$ There!ore/ the "# exiting the European "nion 'ill immediatel stop this$ o'e(er/this also poses a disad(antage in that those citi?ens that actuall commit ma<or o!!ences such asrape and murder cannot )e sent )ac* and tried$ This directl inter!eres 'ith the success!uldispensation o! <ustice$ The third !ield 'here Brexit 'ill ha(e a ma<or and contro(ersial e!!ect is on trade$ TheEuropean "nion 'as !ormed mainl !or the purposes o! !inancial cooperation amongst mem)er countries$ >s a result/ most countries !rom Europe rarel trade 'ith other countries not 'ithin it$There!ore/ a ma<or )ene!it !or Britain a!ter Brexit is that it 'ould )e a)le to !reel participate ininternational mar*ets$ Emerging strong economies such as 4hina and India pro(ide a great  BREXIT opportunit !or Britain to !oster partnership 'ith them hence )oosting its economic position$o'e(er/ it cannot )e ignored that most o! Britain-s exports/ a staggering  percent/ go to!ello' E" countries$ ence/ the )arriers that 'ould )e put in place a!ter Brexit 'ith the E"'ould onl )e counterproducti(e$ Ainall is Brexit-s e!!ect on de!ense as Britain is a ma<or contri)utor in the E" / ha(ingone o! the )est and most decorated de!ense !orces in the 'orld$ Be!ore the exit o! Britain !romthe European "nion/ there had )een tal*s to negotiate the contri)ution o! Britain-s arm to thelarger E" arm$ Aurthermore/ there had )een reports 'hich suggested that +erman-s4hancellor/ >ngela =er*el/ 'ould demand Britain-s appro(al to contri)ute in the E" arm inreturn !or concessions her countr 'ould o!!er$ This 'as intolera)le ) man rights as it 'oulderode Britain-s independent militar !orce$ There!ore/ a ma<or 'in !or Brexit is the th'arting o! this endea(or$ o'e(er on the !lip side/ Europe is recentl !acing a couple o! threats/ !rom theterrorist group ISIC as 'ell as !rom insurgent Russia$ There!ore/ the situation calls !or unit inthe European "nion to com)at these challenges$ Brexit 'ill greatl undermine these e!!orts as it'ould seem that Britain has turned its )ac* on E"/ particularl at a ,rough- time$Britain (oted (er strongl to lea(e the European "nion 'ith 1$%8 o! the population5a)out @9 million6 turning out to (ote$ England particularl (oted (er highl to lea(e 'ith3@$8 and so did &ales 'ith 32$38 also (oting to lea(e$ Scotland and Northern Ireland ho'e(er  )ac*ed staing 'ith 728 and 33$%8 o! their populations respecti(el 5&heeler/ 29176$ Thisclearl sho's that there 'as plent o! support !rom )oth sides o! the coin/ man o! Britishciti?ens also seeing the positi(e and negati(e e!!ects Brexit could ha(e as 'ell$ espite thedi!!erences in the countr/ there are still man 'a !or'ards that could )e ta*en to control the  BREXIT 3e!!ects o! Brexit and ensure that Britain still maintains its strong position in the continent Europeand the 'orld as a 'hole$Airst/ it should )e noted that )eing a mem)er o! the E" and an other such union does notnecessaril guarantee an econom-s prosperit$ >n example is +reece 'hich despite )eing amem)er o! the European "nion is !undamentall uncompetiti(e$ South #orea on the other handis no mem)er o! an such -clu)- et is one o! the most success!ul nations in the 'orld/ exportingelectronics and cars glo)all including into the E"$ There!ore/ 'ith the right attitude andmentalit/ Britain ma also as 'ell )e success!ul 'ithout the help o! a trade organi?ation$ Second/ Britain is and al'as has )een one o! the most sta)le and (enera)le democraciesin the 'orld$ This is in comparison not the case in man countries in Europe 'ho do not en<oeFuall uninterrupted periods o! political sta)ilit$ The monarch/ particularl the present one/ isa clear sm)ol o! this and poses a great challenge to the E"-s political !rame'or* on its o'n$Should Britain capitali?e on this ad(antage/ it 'ould encourage in(estors to continue doing )usiness in the countr as 'ell as encourage more to come$ Ainall and ma)e most importantl is Britain-s currenc/ the pound$ E(en though it is!acing Fuite an uphill challenge especiall a!ter Brexit/ Britain in itsel! has not et )een de!aultedon its de)t$ The Euro on the other hand has !aced and continues to !ace man a crisis$Aurthermore/ the euro-s pro)lems are unli*el to end until Europe particularl mem)er states o! the E" agree to !orm a !iscal union$ The !iscal union should comprise o! a proper Europeango(ernment as 'ell as an e!!icient and e!!ecti(e European Treasur$ Though there ha(e )een prior attempts at this/ it has ne(er )een achie(ed and there seems to )e no sign that it 'ould e(er 
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