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I SSN 2226-8294Friday, October 27 2017 Year VI  Nr. 1411  MOP 6.00  Publisher Paulo A. Azevedo Closing Editor OSCAR guijarro…
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I SSN 2226-8294Friday, October 27 2017 Year VI  Nr. 1411  MOP 6.00  Publisher Paulo A. Azevedo Closing Editor OSCAR guijarro  www.macaubusiness.comFrom Macau News Agency Immediate information!The new online newsfeed, Macau News Agency, is the first to inform you of all the news in Macau and about Macau. With news updates by the minute, you will be the first to be informed. Find it in www.macaubusiness.comWnow nowGood times. And knockout timepieces. Macau pulls out all the musical stops, and showcases some cool chronometers Consigliere Page 11 Friday, October 27 2017 Year VI  Nr. 1411  MOP 6.00  Publisher Paulo A. Azevedo Closing Editor Oscar Guijarro  LogisticsZhuhai unveils transportation hub plans Page 8SubsidiesCulture industry defends its corner Page 9www.macaubusiness.comEnvironmentCasino operators go green to shuttle punters around town Page 5ConsumptionRetailing in the MSAR stable during Golden Week Page 4Driving ambitionTransportFancy driving on the Mainland? The Traffic Consultant Council mooted it yesterday. Locals would be able to drive in Mainland China after passing an exam, according to the proposal. Mirroring similar features unveiled in Hong Kong in 2004. Page 5Intellectual hurdles IP A legal expert analyses difficulties in the registration process of intellectual property in the city. Asserting that current IP policy acts against normal protection. Page 6Star-studded cityBusted flushData from Macao Government Tourism Office registers an uptick. In the city’s hotel occupancy in September. Room prices rose across the board with the exception of 5-star properties. Hospitality Page 4HK Hang Seng Index October 26, 2017 28,202.38 -100.51 (-0.36%) Worst PerformersChina Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd+2.59%Link REIT+0.91%Geely Automobile Holdings-2.14%Hengan International GroupCK Asset Holdings Ltd+1.40%Bank of East Asia Ltd/The+0.58%Sands China Ltd-1.99%China Unicom Hong Kong-1.06%WH Group Ltd+1.28%AIA Group Ltd+0.51%Tencent Holdings Ltd-1.42%China Construction Bank-1.02%Want Want China Holdings+1.28%AAC Technologies Holdings+0.44%China Life Insurance Co Ltd-1.38%Bank of China LtdLenovo Group Ltd+1.10%Hang Seng Bank Ltd+0.37%China Shenhua Energy Co-1.38%Galaxy Entertainment Group22°  28° 20°  27° 20°  26° 21°  26° 22°  26°-1.18%-1.01% -0.94%TodaySource: BloombergBest PerformersSatSunI SSN 2226-8294MonTUESource: AccuWeatherGaming James Packer concedes Crown Resorts’ global plans failed. Retreating from multiple projects beyond Australia’s borders. Packer denied allegations of tampering with slot machines. Page 104    Business Daily Friday, October 27 2017Macau InfrastructureTaipa Ferry Terminal Post Office 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, while Western Union Service will be provided from operational next month The Post Office branch at Taipa Ferry Terminal (pictured) will be operational starting November 9, the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT) has announced. Located in the Terminal’s Arrival Hall, the new branch will provide postal services from Monday to Saturday,Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Head of the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) Wong Soi Man had previously revealed that more retail stores and restaurants are expected to be opened by the end of October, while larger scale restaurants are only expected to be operational by year-end. C.U.HotelSeptember sweetens hotel occupancy Hotel room prices remained almost the same when compared to the prices asked last year Cecilia U cecilia.u@macaubusinessdaily.comDespite the end of the holiday months, the city saw a general growth in its hotel occupancy rate, posting a slight increase of 2 percentage points month-on-month and 3.9 percentage points year-on-year to 90 per cent. According to the latest information posted by Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) 3-star hotels had the highest occupancy rate at 92 per cent, registering an increase of 2.4 percentage points when compared to 89.6 per cent recorded a year ago. The occupancy rate of 3-star hotels in September posted month-on-month growth of 1.2 percentage points. Hotel properties that are 4-star and 5-star had an occupancy rate of 90.9 per cent and 89.3 per cent, respectively, up 2.8 percentage points and 4.6 percentage points.Unchanged hotel prices y-o-yThe average price of a hotel room this September was MOP1,268.1 (US$157.8), representing a growth of 0.1 per cent from MOP1,266.8 recorded last September. Rooms in 4-star properties posted the highest year-on-year price change, up 8.5 per cent to MOP790, while 3-star hotel rooms cost MOP793.4 in September, up 5.9 per cent compared to MOP749 in September 2016. By contrast, a drop of 2.4 per cent was registered in the price of rooms offered by 5-star hotels, fromMOP1,594.6 in 2016 to MOP1,556.2 this year.Positive 2017From January to September 2017, the occupancy rate reached 88.3 per cent, indicating an increase of 4.6percentage points year-on-year, of which the rate for 5-star properties posted the highest growth of 5.4 percentage points to 87.4 per cent. For the prices in the past nine months, the average price dropped 1.7 per cent to MOP1,257.5, with roomprices of 3-star hotels registering the biggest drop of 3.2 per cent to MOP802.5. Data released by the Tourism Office was gathered from the Macau Hotel Association, which includes some 41 3-star to 5-star hotels.ConstructionEconomyDSAL issues 5 suspension orders to construction sites in OctoberSales stable during October Golden WeekThe Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) issued five suspension orders to construction sites for the month of October, in the wake of the inspections conducted of some 541 construction sites in the city. Being the second inspection this year, DSAL aims to check the safety conditions of construction sites after harsh weather.The Bureau made 231 improvement suggestions to constructors of problematic sites and penalised 48 areas not passing safety standards. Issues that appeared in sites are mostly related to collective protection measures and working at height. DSAL reiterated the continuation of enhancing safety awareness in construction via inspection and education.Some 43 per cent of interviewed stores revealed that their sales during Golden Week remained the same compared to normal days, although 50 per cent of the shops said the volume of visitors had increased. Macao Economic Services (DSE) interviewed some 1,230 retail and food & beverage stores about their business performance during the National Day Golden Week in the first week of October. ‘Interviewee’ store were mainly located in areas near the Border Gate, the Three Lamp Districts (Rotunda de Carlos da Maia), Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Nam Van District, Taipa and shopping centres in Cotai. According to DSE data, 40 per cent of interviewees said sales had increasedcompared to normal days, posting an increase of 23 per cent on average, while 17 per cent of the stores, on the other hand, claimed that business had dipped during Golden Week. Industry-wise, sales improved in stores selling clothing and shoes, commodities, food & beverage, gold jewellery and watches. Amongwhich, stores selling clothes and shoes posted the highest increase in sales, up 11 per cent compared to normal days. Shopping centres in Cotai, as revealed by DSE, posted the highest sales during Golden Week, up 22 per cent. In overall terms, sales increased an average of 4 per cent when compared to normal days.Business Daily Friday, October 27 2017    5Macau Travel documentMacau SAR passport powers upThe Macau SAR passport ranked 32nd in the Passport Index released by the Global Passport Power Rank this week, with a 120 visa-free score. The city’s travel document climbed two positions when compared to last year. The rank measures the ‘strength’ of passports worldwide by considering their total visafree score. The Singapore passport was considered to be the most ‘powerful’ worldwide, scoring 159, ahead of Germany (158) – which ranked first in 2016 – andSweden and South Korea (158), both occupying third position. According to the index, Paraguay removing visa requirements for Singaporeans has propelled Singapore’s passport to the top of the rankings. The Hong Kong SAR passport made 16th position worldwide, dropping one slot from a year before. Historically, the top 10 most powerful passports in the world have mostly been European, with Germany leading for the past two years. Other Asian passports in the top 20 include Japan and Malaysia. S.Z.TransportationDriving around the country on single licence Traffic Consultant Council discusses mutual recognition of driving licence by Macau and Mainland in light of growing integration of cities in Greater Bay Area Cecilia U cecilia.u@macaubusinessdaily.comThe Traffic Consultant Council meeting yesterday discussed the potential implementation of mutual recognition of driving licences between the city and Mainland China. Director of the Transportation Bureau (DSAT) Kelvin Lam Hin Sang remarked after the meeting that Macau drivers could obtain car licences from the Mainland without the need to take any examination, while Mainland drivers would be allowed to drive in Macau with Mainland driving licenses and a stay permit. “The scheme would only be applicable to driving, not driving for work,” said Lam, adding that illegal driving performed by non-resident workers would be prevented. The DSAT head said the majority of Council members support the scheme but that some raised concerns regarding road accidents. “A similar scheme has already been conducted by a neighbouring city since 2004 with no big issues arising,” said Lam, adding that less than 1 per cent of accidents involved non-resident drivers in the city. Meanwhile, Lam reported that the number of Macau citizens obtaining driving licences issued by the Mainland had increased by around 1,000 every year. “In 2014, over 3,000 Macau residents took exams to obtain a Mainland driving licence; in 2015, there were over 4,000 and in 2016 the number reached 5,000,” revealed the DSAT Director. “For the first half of 2017, the number has already reached 3,000.” By contrast, the number of Mainland drivers obtaining a drivinglicence in Macau is declining, he said. Lam indicated that the scheme would have greatly benefit young people working within the Greater Bay Area. When asked whether the different driving requirements between the two regions would pose a danger onthe road, the DSAT head said driving tests on the Mainland are getting stricter, with more drivers penalised for violating the traffic law. On the other hand, with the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to be unveiled soon, Lam said shuttle drivers for the Bridge will take the test fora licence that will be recognised by the three regions, although licensed bus drivers cannot drive beyond the borders of them. Regarding the traffic capacity of the city, Lam said traffic in the city has improved while citing that the number of vehicles on the road is experiencing negative growth. He added that it is necessary to provide options for foreigners to travel around the city.Plans for ‘Smart Transportation’Yesterday’s meeting also discussed a trial for plans of ‘Smart Transportation’, with one relating a system that could calculate the volume available on buses and the other a provision of traffic data for drivers. The first plan allows bus passengers as well as bus operators to check the available volume of buses for better time management and operation. The other plan involves GPS information collected from some 900 public buses and almost 100 radio taxis to provide instant traffic conditions for drivers to avoid traffic. Lam disclosed that GPS details from casino shuttle buses would also be connected to the public system. Meanwhile, the DSAT head divulged that a total of 682,000 bus passengers had been recorded on October 6 alone. “We will roll out more plans to improve bus services to meet the high demand,” stated the director.Water gates for T8 or aboveDirector of the Transportation Bureau (DSAT) Kelvin Lam Hin SangLam said yesterday’s meeting also discussed and came to a common consensus on installing and implementing water gates in public car parks located in low-lying areas. Lam said that there are around 13 public car parks in these kinds of zones. “We advised opening water gates at the entrance of car parks when Typhoon Signal 8 is hoisted after an hour, which means no vehicles can enter or exit those car parks,” said Lam. He claimed that the revision of regulations relating to public car parks would be completed before the next typhoon season.EnvironmentTourismShuffling the electric shuttleFlying highAll gaming operators in the MSAR have vowed that at least 15 per cent of their shuttle bus fleets will be electric by May 2018With 5.2 million passengers registered this year as of September, local airport seems poised for another record-breaking yearThe six gaming operators in Macau have jointly announced that they have made a commitment to the Transport Bureau (DSAT) that at least 15 per of their passenger buses will be propelled by electric energy by May 2018. The announcement stated a trial run for the new electric energy shuttle bus services had started from September 19, with operators paying ‘close attention to the operation and reviewing it regularly’. In November of last year the city’s six major gamingoperators started joint shuttle bus services connecting the Border Gate with their Macau Peninsula and Cotai properties. This joint shuttle bus service - named the Cotai Connection route - will see the trial run of the new electric vehicles, the release informed. According to previous information provided by DSAT, as of February of this year some 454 casino shuttle buses were running on Macau roads, providing a total of 62 routes. N.M.Macau International Airport received more than 5.2 million passengers in the first nine months of this year, an increase of 5.1 per cent yearon-year, official data reveals. According to statistics made available on the Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM) website, in the month of September alone some 547,565 passengers were registered, a 9.5 per cent rise from the same month of last year. Macau International Airport closed the whole yearof 2016 with more than 6.6 million passengers, an increase of 14 per cent from the previous year and a record for its 21 years of operation. In addition to Mainland China, with 20 routes available, Macau International Airport accommodates flights to and from Taiwan, as well as to different destinations in Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Russia, according to data available from the CAM website. Lusa6    Business Daily Friday, October 27 2017Macau OpinionPedro Cortés* Is this the end of the system? This will be the last time you will have to read me in this paper. The future of communication is happening at a speed that we cannot control. It is good for the environment that this happens in, as trees will not be needed to produce paper. The pleasure of reading a newspaper while smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of wine will be things of the past. Well, I am referring to the reading of a newspaper. Hopefully, cigars and glasses of wine will continue into eternity . . . Since the advent of the Internet we have witnessed two revolutions. The first one, when all was new and without sense. And the second one, the so-called digital revolution. Where all is not new, but makes, sometimes, less sense. Being part of this revolution is a challenge for all, particularly those as at Project Asia Group who always wanted to produce and give real news with a sense of rigor and public interest, with the exception, of course, of your Friday columnist! I’m sure this new challenge will allow us to continue to read real news and not stories or fake news. Being a reader in present times is difficult, as we need to censor ourselves to distinguish what may be true and what is surely false. A place can only evolve peacefully where we have serious media with serious projects, even if politicians tend to not understand that and see the media as the source of all evil. What we see today is an avalanche of news, which makes it difficult for the aforesaid differentiation. We are spammed and bombed every single day with information. Sardonically, the more information humanity has the less informed it seems to be. New generations have access to media sources infinitely bigger than our parents had and we had. It still seems not to be enough. In this sense, serious and sober media projects are very difficult to find. Being part of this project is an honour and surely will continue to be. The last words on paper I offer to my dear readers, especially Jack and Henry: thank you for all your support and hopefully you will continue to follow us on your computers and smartphones. *Lawyer and frequent contributor to this newspaper.Intellectual propertySecuring business assets While awareness of the scope of IP should be enhanced, the handling of applications by legal advisors could act to diminish the number of failed cases, expert claims Sheyla Zandonai sheyla.zandonai@macaubusiness.comThe main problem in filing applications for intellectual property (IP) protection in the Macau SAR is to be found in the procedure currently supported by the Macao Economic Services (DSE) which regulates such matters, according to a legal expert. Speaking to Business Daily, Bruno Nunes explained that DSE ‘considers that applications can be filed by any permanent local resident when the correct understanding of the law should be that applications are to be filed by local licensed attorneys.’ The lawyer, a specialist on intellectual property and gaming, further explained that the outcomes ensuing from DSE’s interpretation on the question are acting against the very enhancement of IP protection in the city. Among some of the loopholes considered and pointed out by Mr. Nunes are the lack of review of applications before filing, and thus an increase of rejections and opposition raised against ill-prepared applications, in addition to the lack of support and advice throughout the process of the application. Overall, he claimed that these end up by ‘diminishing or eliminating the value of one of the most important assets of any venture: its intellectual property rights.’ On the other hand, the lawyer acknowledged that DSE ‘has been increasing the level of online services that they allow, making filings easier and less costly.’To Nunes, what is important to keep in mind is that IP registrations (IPR) are ultimately business “assets.” “[They] are being used internationally by companies to leverage their financing using their IPR as collateral, increasing their revenue through licensing agreements and collecting royalties, tax planning,” he observed.Lacking IP protectionOne particular field still lagging behind in protecting IP is the cultural and creative industries, according to Mr. Nunes, who claimed it has somewhat frustrated expectations. ‘As Macau has been promoting creative industries for so long we feel that such support has not translated into an increase in Designs & Models applications to protect the shape of the products being created,’ he said. Yet, attempts to stop that gap is in the mandate of the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM), claimed its President, José de Sales Marques. “We have organised seminars and also several training actions in partnership with IPIM [Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute] in the past, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but not only. Naturally, there is a big will to foster the creative and cultural industries in Macau, and the only way to protect creativity by law is through the intellectual property system,” he told Business Daily. IEEM is holding a series of events, including a workshop (the Intellectual
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