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1. THE HEIR OF ROMETHE HEIR OF ROME 2. TIMELINETIMELINE 395AD 476 AD 528 AD 565 AD 1054 AD 1453 AD Emperor Teodosio divided the Roman Empire into 2: Occident, with…
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  • 2. TIMELINETIMELINE 395AD 476 AD 528 AD 565 AD 1054 AD 1453 AD Emperor Teodosio divided the Roman Empire into 2: Occident, with capital in Rome, and Orient with capital in Contanstinople. Germanics people invaded Rome. Fall of the Roman Empire of Occident King Justinian I, the most important of the bizantine emperors. His objective is to restore the splendor of the Roman Empire. Iconoclastic struggle The Oriental Schims occurrs. Byzantine church (Orthodox), separated from the Catholic Church and does not recognize the Pope's authority Constantinople was conquered by the Turks, end of the Bizantine empire
  • 3. POLITICS AND SOCIETY It was a theocratic state: the emperor was considered the representative of God on Earth. It was a heriarchy, we can distinguish different groups.
  • 4. EMPEROREMPEROR JUSTINIANJUSTINIAN  His uncle adopted him when he was young  Justino had a brilliant education  His uncle appointed him his heir  He was crowned on 1 April 528
  • 5. MORE ABOUT JUSTINIANMORE ABOUT JUSTINIAN He managed the unity of the Byzantine legislation and implemented the teaching of law for laws were known and applied equally in all corners of the Empire. Justinian and her wife Theodora
  • 6. THEODORATHEODORA Theodora, Byzantine empress and wife of Justinian I. She enjoyed great popularity and power. She is holy on the Ortodox church.
  • 7. CRUSADES AGAINST MUSLIMSCRUSADES AGAINST MUSLIMS The Byzantine Emperor Alexius I, knew he could not face Turkish invaders, so despite differences with the Roman Catholic and asked the Pope for reinforcements..
  • 8. SIEGES OF CONSTANTINOPLASIEGES OF CONSTANTINOPLA The city of Constantinople, capital of Byzantine Empire For nearly 1000 years, has been one of the most coverted cities of history, subject of a twenty large sieges
  • 9. RELIGIONRELIGION 1.Religion was very present in the Byzantine daily life. Throughout the existence of the Empire there have been two events related to religion affecting civil life and persisted over time. Chronologically these events were: 1ºIconoclastic struggles 2ºThe Schisms
  • 10. IconoclasticIconoclastic strugglesstruggles During several periods there was express prohibition of the Emperors to represent any religious image.
  • 11. The Schisms Schism of 1054, an event that precipitated the definitive separation between the Oriental crhistian churches and the Western Church.
  • 12. ORTODOX CHURCHORTODOX CHURCH Orthodox priests can marry, Orthodox churches do not recognize the supremacy of the pope over the patriarchs of the Orthodox churches Orthodox churches reject the filoque doctrine. Orthodox churches claim to possess the same faith and practices of the early church of the New Testament.
  • 13. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ORTODOXY AND CATOLITHISM Orthodoxy uses science and philosophy to defend and explain their faith  Roman Catholicism has historically employed statues  Icons are not idols  Ortodox and Catolith Churchs have a lot of similarities .
  • 14. BYZANTINE ART Western Europe Christinity fell into the cultural abyss of the Dark Ages. The style that characterized Byzantine art was almost entirely religious
  • 15. ICONS  Byzantine Icons are more than paintings, are a creation made with a deeper meaning  Icons are usually painted by monks  Any religious painting can be called an icon, but the paintings are generally regarded as the correct "icons”
  • 16. The Church of Hagia Sofía
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