Cannabinoids Explained

Brief overview of the value of phytocannabinoids for people who are already healthy
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  CANNABINOIDS   QUICK SUMMARY   ãCannabis leaves and buds contains over 400 chemical compounds, 80 of which are ‘Cannabinoids’. The remaining 300+ compounds include a lengthy list of Terpenoids which act synergistically with each other and the Cannabinoids meaning the benefits are greater when the whole symphony of compounds are consumed together. ãCannabinoids are as essential to human functioning and wellbeing as air and water - they should be consumed daily. Deficiency always leads to dysfunction. It is only a matter of time. ãCannabinoids increase your capacity to think clearly, positively and remain functional in stressful situations. ãCannabinoids prevent most diseases and dysfunctions and do it better than anything else you can add to your diet. ãCannabinoids repair your body better than anything else you can add to your diet. ãInflammation is the #1 enemy when it comes to health. ãCannabis is the #1 anti-inflammatory.   Page of 19  WHY A ‘HEALTHY’ PERSON SHOULD CONSUME CANNABINOIDS (CBD, THC etc)   Firstly because none of us are truly healthy. ãHow many of us look and feel the same at 50 as we did when we were 19? ãIs it normal to grow old and wear out? ãShould we keep changing our definition of what “healthy” is as we grow older? To a 19 year old good health means: ãBeing able to run for hours and recover almost instantly ãHave the desire and ability to have sex 20 times a day ãEat like a horse and not get fat ãFeel motivated and alert all the time To an 80 year old it means: ãBeing able to go to the toilet without help ãRemembering the names of their children ãDoesn’t need to wear adult diapers Most peoples’ definition of good health is just what they think is acceptable at their age - not what would truly constitute optimum physiology. In his book Ageless Body Timeless Mind Deepak Chopra  comments: “Scientists have discovered that human cells are incredibly well designed to be self-sustaining. The fact that we get old and die is not programmed - it appears we are supposed to live forever” For our in-built self-sustaining mechanisms to work properly we need: ãproper nourishment ãstable, positive mental activity ãadequate rest ãprotection from internal and external sources of harm Cannabis is uniquely capable of helping with all of these four longevity factors more so than any other known substance. Someone who doesn’t have overt signs of disease or by their own definition is “healthy” - still could be closer to optimal physiology if they add Cannabis to their diet because it supplies components that are necessary for proper functioning, protection and repair of all body systems - components that cannot be acquired elsewhere. Without Cannabinoids you will grow old faster be more vulnerable to breaking down and enjoy your life less. Page of 29    Some specific examples… ANXIOLYTIC (anti-anxiety)   We have a tendency to worry about things that are unimportant and get anxious about things that are out of our control. Worrying: ãReduces our enjoyment of life ãCan cause us to avoid necessary yet stressful things for fear of the anxiety they will cause ãReduces our ability to focus on important things ãMakes us less productive ãStimulates chemical changes in the body that promote accelerated ageing and weakening of our immune system. Because we do it so habitually we think it is normal. CBD is a potent, non-psychoactive anxiolytic. It enables you to function optimally in the face of otherwise stressful circumstances. You remain happier, healthier and more functional. Don’t think of it as performance enhancing  , think of it as performance restoring  , We have become accustomed to a state of permanent under-performance because it is all we have ever known. CBD can change that. INFLAMMATION   Inflammation is good when it is temporary and localised. Inflammation is like a little man inside your body with a flame thrower. If you have invading microbes or damaged, dysfunctional cells that need to be eliminated, targeted inflammation will eliminate them. Imagine though if the flame thrower never turned off and he travelled all over your body causing damage to normal healthy cells. CRP (C reactive protein) is a chemical marker of inflammation. If your body is producing CRP it means there is inflammation occurring somewhere. During an acute bacterial infection (eg. food poisoning) blood CRP levels can go from under 10mg/L to 1000mg/L. You would know there is inflammation occurring, Page of 39  you’d have pain, fever, nausea etc. Once your immune system has destroyed the threat the inflammation stops, your CRP returns to zero and you feel fine again. A healthy   50 year old man with a CRP level that remains at around 3mg/L might sound harmless, he would not ‘feel’ that there is a problem, he would say “I’m healthy” - yet, compared to a 50 year old man with a CRP level that stays at zero, he is 300% more likely to have a heart attack in the next few years. Chronic Inflammation is THE prime causative factor and/or key contributor to all the major diseases: ãCANCER ãHEART DISEASE ãSTROKE ãALZHEIMERS ãASTHMA ãARTHRITIS ãDIABETES ãCROHN’S DISEASE ãECZEMA ãPSORIASIS Page of 49
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