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DP/GP20NT - GP20ZNT DP/GP25NT - GP25ZNT DP30N - GP30NT - DP35N - GP35NT Specifications Engine powered lift trucks 2.0 - 3.5 tonnes 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.08 1.09 2.01 2.02 2.03 3.01 3.02 3.03 3.05 3.06 3.07 4.01 4.02 4.03 4.04 4.05 4.07 4.08 4.12 4.19 4.20 4.21 4.22 4.23 4.24 4.31 4.32 4.33 4.34 4.35 4.36 5.01 5.02 5.03 5.05 5.07 5.10 7.01 7.02 7.03 7.04 8.01 8.02 8.03 8.05 Characteristics Manufacturer (abbreviation) Manufacturer’s model designation Power source: (battery, diesel, L
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  DP/GP20NT - GP20ZNT DP/GP25NT - GP25ZNT DP30N - GP30NT - DP35N - GP35NT Specifications Engine powered lift trucks 2.0 - 3.5 tonnes  1.01Cat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift TrucksCat Lift Trucks1.02 DP20NTDP25NTDP30NDP35NGP20NTGP20ZNTGP25NTGP25ZNTGP30NTGP35NT 500 5005005005005005005005005001.084554554904904554554554554904901.09 1600 1600170017001600160016001600170017002.0134203710436047703310331036103610425046602.024690/7305480/7306530/8307270/10004650/6604650/6605440/6705440/6706490/7607220 / 9402.031500/19201480/22301780/25801720/30501460/18501460/18501440/21701440/21701730/25201680 / 29803.01L/L L/LL/LL/LL/LL/LL/LL/LL/LL/L3.027.00-12-12PR7.00-12-12PR28x9-15250-157.00-12-12PR7.00-12-12PR7.00-12-12PR7.00-12-12PR28x9-15-12PR250-15-16PR3.036.00-9-10PR6.00-9-10PR6.50-106.50-106.00-9-10PR6.00-9-10PR6.00-9-10PR6.00-9-10PR6.50-10-10PR6.50-10-12PR3.052x/22x/22x/22x/22x/22x/22x/22x/22x/22x/23.06 960 96010601060960960960960106010603.079809809809809809809809809809804.01 6/12 6/126/106/106/126/126/126/126/126/124.0219951995216523001995199519951995204521804.031001001001001001001001001001004.0430003000327033003000300030003000303030004.0540454045433043604045404540454045408540554.0720752075217321832075207520752075209521054.0811141114111411141114111411141114111411144.12n/an/a 330340 n/an/an/an/an/an/a4.1935583625379538603558355836253625379538604.2024882555272527902488248825552555272527904.21115011501275/17101290/17101150115011501150127512904.2240x110x107040x110x107045x125x107045x125x107040x110x107040x110x107040x110x107040x110x107045x125x107045x125x10704.232A2A3A3A2A2A2A2A3A3A4.2410001000100010001000100010001000100010004.311151151351501151151151151351354.321351351651701351351351351651704.3338553885407041303855385538853885407041304.3436553685387039303655365536853685387039304.3522002230238024402200220022302230238024404.36n/an/a 782.4782.4 n/an/an/an/an/an/a5.0119/1919/1919/19.519/19.519/1919/1919/1919/1919/1919/195.020.64/0.670.64/0.670.51/0.540.43/0.460.51/0.600.59/0.680.51/0.600.59/0.680.47/0.510.40/0.435.030.50/0.500.50/0.500.53/0.500.42/0.400.50/0.500.50/0.500.50/0.500.50/0.500.53/0.500.42/0.405.0517200/1670017000/1660016600/1660015800/1580014200/1390016400/1600013900/1380016100/1590015900/1610015200/153005.0734/-29/-24/-20/-28/-33/-24/-28/-23/-19/-5.107.01S4SS4SS4S-DPB38kWS4S-DPB38kWK21K25K21K25K25K257.0238.138.138383440344040407.0322502250230023002200220022002200220022007.044/33314/33314/33314/33314/20654/24884/20654/24884/24884/24888.018.021811811801801811811811811811818.03757573736876687673738.05n/an/a PINPIN n/an/an/an/an/an/a 35 Astl6 xa/2 a/2b12b13Ast=Wa+x+l6+ab3 b10b11b1 W a b2e Characteristics Manufacturer (abbreviation)Manufacturer’s model designationPower source: (battery, diesel, LP gas, petrol)Operator type: pedestrian, (operator)-standing, -seatedLoad capacityLoad centre distanceLoad distance, axle to fork faceWheelbase  Weight Truck weight, without load / including battery (simplex mast, lowest lift height)Axle loading with maximum load, front/rear (simplex mast, lowest lift height)Axle loading without load, front/rear (simplex mast, lowest lift height)  Wheels, Drive Train Tyres: V=solid, L=pneumatic, SE=solid pneumatic - front/rearTyre dimensions, frontTyre dimensions, rearNumber of wheels, front/rear (x=driven)Track width (centre of tyres), frontTrack width (centre of tyres), rear Dimensions Mast tilt, forwards/backwardsHeight with mast lowered (see tables)Free lift (see tables)Lift height (see tables)Overall height with mast raisedHeight to top of overhead guardSeat heightTow coupling heightOverall lengthLength to fork face (includes fork thickness)Overall widthFork dimensions (thickness, width, length)Fork carriage to DIN 15 173 A/B/noFork carriage widthGround clearance under mast, with loadGround clearance at centre of wheelbase, with load (forks lowered)Working aisle width with 1000 x1200 mm pallets, crosswiseWorking aisle width with 800 x1200 mm pallets, crosswiseTurning circle radiusMinimum distance between centers of rotation Performance Travel speed, with/without loadLifting speed, with/without loadLowering speed, with/without loadRated drawbar pull, with/without loadGradeability, with/without loadService brakes (mechanical/hydraulic/electric/pneumatic) I.C. Engine Manufacturer / TypeRated output to ISO 1585Rated speed to DIN 70 020Number of cylinders / cubic capacity Miscellaneous Type of drive controlOperating pressure for attachmentsOil flow for attachments Towing coupling design / DIN type, ref. Q (kg)c (mm)x (mm)y (mm) kg kg kg b10 (mm)b11 (mm)    /   °  h1 (mm)h2 (mm)h3 (mm)h4 (mm)h6 (mm)h7 (mm)h10 (mm)l1 (mm)l2 (mm)b1/b2 (mm)s, e, l (mm)b3 (mm)m1 (mm)m2 (mm)Ast (mm)Ast (mm)Wa (mm)b13 (mm) km/h m/s m/s N % kW rpm /cm3 barl/min HydraulicAst = Wa + x + l6 + aAst = Working aisle width with loada = Safety clearance (200 mm)l6 = Pallet length (800 or 1000 mm)b12 = Pallet width (1200 mm) Lower Cost of Ownership ã  Design improvements have increased the service interval to 500* hours, thus reducing the total cost of ownership. ã  Various air-intake options like pre-cleaner or double element cyclone air cleaner with dust warning indicator increase engine service life in dusty applications. ã Foroperationindemandingapplications, cooling options such as heavy duty radiator and dust screen significantly reduce the risk of overheating. ã  Hydraulic pump is directly driven by  the engine to reduce the number of wearable items. Unmatched Productivity   ã  New state-of-the-art Petrol engine with improved performance, lower noise levels and emission and more efficient fuel consumption. ã  Special power train layout to lower  the center of gravity, increasing  truck stability and residual lifting capacities. ã  Increased back tilt angle to reduce the risk of loose loads sliding off the forks. Safety and Ergonomics ã  Adjustable steering column with memory position for comfortable operating positions and easy on/off access. ã  Fully hydrostatic steering and small diameter steering wheel for easy maneuvering with reduced effort for  the operator. ã  Automotive style layout of brake and accelerator pedals. The drum brake system is self-energizing and self-adjusting, for low pedal effort and easy operation. ã  Double action park brake to avoid unsafe situations as a result of unintended brake release. ã  Comfortable and durable full-suspension vinyl seat, with adjustable position, back-inclination and weight adjustment. Standard seat is fitted with hip restraints, a seat belt and seat switch to prevent truck operation when the operator is not seated. ã  Design of mast, fork carriage and overhead guard provides excellent all round visibility, in all loading and unloading operations. ã  Fully floating mounted power  train results in very low noise and vibration levels. * conditions apply  DieselPetrolPowershift/1SeatedDieselSeatedDieselSeatedDieselSeatedSeatedPetrolSeatedPetrolSeatedPetrolSeatedPetrolSeatedPetrolSeatedHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicPowershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1Powershift/1 NT modelsN models  DP/GP20(Z)NT - DP/GP25(Z)NTDP/GP20(Z)NTDP/GP25(Z)NT 3000200040601002000100250033002150436010020001002500374024104800100200010025004100259051601002000100250045002800556010019501002450 *5000305060601001900 *1002350 *5500330065601001850 *1002250 *6000355070601001800 *1002150 *300020004060940200094025003300215043601090200010902500353022704590121020001210250040202590508015302000153025003730181047907502000750250040301910509085020008502500430020005360940195094024504750215058101090190010902350 *50602270612012101850 *12102300 *55002410656013501800 *13502200 *59902590705015301750 *15302100 *65002850756017901650 *17901750 *70003050806019901250 *19901250 * GP35NT 3000218040601003500330023004360100350037202510478010035004000277050601003500450030105560100350050003260606010034003000218040701125350033002300436012453500350024504560138535004000277050601710350037301940479088535004010206050701005350043902180545011253500470023005760124534505030245060901385335055802630664015653200 *60002770706017052400 * GP30NT 30302050409010030003270217043301003000370024304760100300040002610506010030004500287055601002950500031206060100285055003370656010027506000364070601002400 *300020504060985300033002170431011053000353022904550122530004020261050701555300037301830475076530004030193050508653000430020505380985300047502170576011052900506022906120122528005500243065101375275059902610703015552400 *65002870753018151750 *70003070806020151250 * DP30NDP35N 30302050409010030003000218040601003500327021704330100300033002300436010035003700243047601003000372025104780100350040002610506010030004000277050601003500450028705560100295045003010556010035005000312060601002850500032606060100340055003370656010027505500351065601002850600036407060100205060003760706010020503000205040601030300030102180407011703500325021704310115030003300230043601290350037002430476014203000372026254780161035004010261050701600300040002770506017503500369018304750810300037301940479093035003990193050509103000401020605070105035004320205053801030300043902180545011703500470021705760115029004700230057601290345050602290612012702800503024506090143033505450243065101420275055802630664016102800597026107030160020506000277070601750205064702870753018601500651029407570193015007000307080602060105070003140806021201050SimplexMast TypeTriplexDuplexh3mmh1mmh4mmh2/h5mmQ @c=500mmkgh2/h5kgSimplexMast TypeTriplexDuplexh2/h5mmQ @c = 500mmkgh3mmh1mmh4mm Mast Performance and Capacity h1 Height with mast loweredh2 Standard free lifth3 Lift heighth4 Height with mast raisedh5 Full free liftQ Lifting capacity, rated loadc Load centre (distance) * Capacities shown require truck equipped with dual tyres. Consult your dealer for the maximum back tilt allowed, to obtain the capacities specified. Cat Lift Trucks is renowned for its worldwide distribution network, but you will always find an experienced and dedicated team of professionals close to you. Individuals committed to helping you maximise profits. With Cat Lift Trucks, your investment is in safe hands. All dimensions include load backrest. In case load backrest is not used h5 will increase by 390 (20, 25), 350 (30), 240 (35) mm, while h4 will decrease by 390 (20, 25), 350 (30), 240 (35) mm. NOTE: Performance specifications may vary depending on standard manufacturing tolerances, vehicle condition, types of tyres, floor or surface conditions, applications, or operating environment. Trucks may be shown with non-standard options. Specific performance requirements and locally available configurations should be discussed with your Cat lift trucks Dealer. Cat Lift Trucks follows a policy of continual product improvement. For this reason, some materials, options and specifications could change without notice. CESC1333AME(09/10)okCopyright ©2010, MCFE. All rights reserved.CATERPILLAR, CAT, their respective logos, ‘Caterpillar yellow’ and the ‘Power Edge’ trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. Printed in The Netherlands Cat ®   Lift Trucks. Your partner in materials handling. SimplexMast TypeTriplexDuplexh2/h5mmQ @c = 500mmkgh3mmh1mmh4mmh3mmh1mmh4mmh2/h5mmQ @c=500mmkgSimplexMast TypeTriplexDuplexh2/h5mmQ @c = 500mmkgh3mmh1mmh4mmQ @c=500mmkg
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