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   Chapter 4 Review Questions1. Your company has four departments: Marketing and Sales, Manufacturing, Product Research, and Business. Which of the following Active Directory container design plans might you use to best manage the user accounts and network access needs of each department?a. Create four trees.b. Create four parent domains in one site.c. Create four OUs in one domain.d. Create four trees and map them to four domains.C2. Using the example in Question 1, what Active Directory capability can you use to establish different account lockout policies for each of the four departments?a. fine-grained password policiesb. lightweight group policiesc. password distribution groupsd. shadow password filesA3. Your colleague is trying to create a universal security group for the three administrators of the single stand-alone server in his company. The problem is that he can't find an option to create a universal security group. What is the problem?a. He must first create the administrators' personal accounts before it is possible to create a universal group.b. He needs to put the account creation tool into the Advanced Features mode.c. He must create a universal distribution group first and then create the universal security group.d. He cannot create a universal security group on a stand-alone server and must instead create a local security group.D4. One of the DCs in your company reports that it has an Active Directory error. You need to fix it as quickly as possible to reduce downtime. Which of the following tools can you use to stop and restart AD DS on that server? (Choose all that apply.)a. Active Directory Domains and Trustsb. Server Managerc. Device Managerd. Active Directory Users and ComputersB5. Which of the following server operating systems can be used when the domains in Windows Server 2008 Active Directory are set at the Windows Server 2003 domain functional level? (Choose all that apply.)a. Windows NT 4.0 Server with 2008 Domain Services installedb. Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 4c. Windows Server 2003d. Windows Server 2008  C, D6. Domains in a tree are in a _______________ relationship.Kerberos transitive trust7. You've installed the AD DS server role, but find that Active Directory is not fully implemented. What should you do next?a. Use Server Manager to create an AD DS partition.b. Use Server Manager to create an AD DS security database.c. Run dcpromo.d. Designate a global AD DS server.C8. A _______________ is a unique number associated with each object in AD DS.GUID globally unique identifier9. Your school has a parent object named and the child object names and What kind of namespace is this?a. disjointedb. distributedc. contiguousd. coordinatedA10. Your company's management has decided that the accounts in all OUs should be set up and managed by the Information Technology Department's security specialist. As the AD DS administrator, how can you best give this capability to the security specialist?a. Give her Full Control rights to AD DS.b. Make her user account a member of the AD DS Admins local security group.c. Use the delegate control feature to give her control of all OUs that contain user accounts.d. Give her Accounts Management permissions in AD DS.C11. Name three optional attributes associated with a user account.Account DescriptionAccount Holder's AddressAccount Holder's Telephone number Any three of: account description, account holder   s office number or address, account holder   stelephone number, account holder   s e-mail address, account holder   s Web page (or students can list others from observing the optional properties associated with an account)12. Which of the following are actions performed by the global catalog?(Choose all that apply.)a. provides lookup and access to all resources in all domains  b. caches IP addresses for all computers in a forest for faster logonc. stores shared DFS folders and files for centralized shared file accessd. authenticates users when they log onA, D13. The business manager in your organization is leaving, but she has been training the new business manager who will take over the day after she leaves. What AD DS capability can you use to transfer the old business manager's account to the new business manager? Note that in this organization, accounts reflect the actual names of users.a. Use the delete and re-create user account feature in AD DS on the day the new business manager takes over.b. The only option is to create a new account and then transfer the old business manager's files to the new account on the day the new business manager takes over.c. Use the transfer account option in AD DS on the day the new business manager takes over.d. Disable the old business manager's account when she leaves work. As soon as the new business manager takes over, rename the account for the new business manager and then enable the account.D14. Your company builds roads and bridges. The home office is located in Ohio. For each construction project, the company establishes a temporary office at the construction site. The project manager for each project takes along a server set up for the AD DS role to connect remotely to the home office. For the sake of security, what should the remote server be?a. a DCb. an RODCc. an AD LDSd. an ACLB15. Which of the following is true about all trees in a forest? (Choose all that apply.)a. They all use the same schema.b. They all use the same OUs.c. They all use the same global catalog.d. They all use the same groups.A, C16. You have set up auditing for modifications to Active Directory. Now you want to monitor the results of the auditing. How do you do this?a. Set up an audit filter in Device Manager.b. Use the Windows Messaging Service to create a constant audit display on your monitor.c. Periodically view the security log.d. View the audit results in the Active Directory Domains and Trusts MMC snap-in.C17. A site reflects interconnected _______________ and is used for DC __________  _____.  Subnets and replication18. When you create user accounts, you want to set them up so that users do not have access to use their accounts after 7:00 p.m. on workdays and on weekends as a security measure. From where can you set up these logon restrictions?a. You set these restrictions up when you create trust relationships.b. These are the default restrictions already set up in AD DS.c. You set up these restrictions from the Account tab in the user account properties.d. These are properties you can set up when you create a global security group.c19. To reset a password, you use the _______________ tool.Active directory users and computers20. What is the scope of a domain local security group?a. the domain in which the group is createdb. the OU in which the group is createdc. the share that the group controls access tod. A domain local group does not have a scope, instead it has a range of control.A
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