Chatter Best Practices: Tips and Tricks to Get Started Quick 'n Easy

Chatter is easy to turn on, and even easier to use. We're ready to show you how to activate Chatter, increase user adoption, and get your users fired up! Hear directly from companies who've activated Chatter so you can see for yourself how simple and easy it is. You'll take home all the best practices you need plus a dose of excitement!
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  • 1. Chatter Best Practices<br />Tips and Tricks to Get Started Quick 'n Easy<br />
  • 2. Agenda<br />Rollout Experiences<br />Belkin<br />Freeman<br />Plantronics<br />Chatter Rollout Checklist<br />Q&A<br />
  • 3. Heather Peterson<br />Application Engineer<br />
  • 4. Global Leader in Connectivity Solutions<br /><ul><li>United Kingdom
  • 5. Netherlands
  • 6. Australia
  • 7. India
  • 8. Hong Kong</li></ul>Founded in 1983<br />Award Winning Innovations<br /><ul><li> Networking
  • 9. Mobile & Laptop Accessories
  • 10. Energy Conservation</li></ul>Best in Class Solutions<br /><ul><li> KVM Switches
  • 11. LCD Rack Consoles
  • 12. USB
  • 13. Cables</li></li></ul><li> @ BELKIN<br /> 5 Year Customer<br /> 324 Users, Globally<br /><ul><li>Sales
  • 14. Accounting
  • 15. Product Management
  • 16. Marketing
  • 17. IT</li></ul> Supports 20+ Business Processes<br /> 15+ Custom Objects/Tools<br />Chatter Pilot Participant<br />
  • 18. Why Chatter?<br />Major Communication Barriers!<br />Visible/Centralized Collaboration<br />Employee Engagement !!!!!!!<br />
  • 19. Plan It!We have definitely learned from our past mistakes<br />Lay out a realistic launch plan and set goals<br />Establish reasonable expectationsof use case<br />Have a simple training<br />Have a funnel for and listen to feedback/ideas<br />Don’t forget - follow through with your users<br />
  • 20. Market It!Spread the word and get your users and company EXCITED!<br /> Brief your Execs!!!<br /> What is social networking? …not everyone is a social media junkie!!<br /> What is Chatter? How does it differ?<br /> “What’s in it for me/us”?!?<br />…it’s coming!!!<br />
  • 21. Be It!“Practice what you preach…”<br />EXECUTIVES – Start Chattering!! <br />
  • 22. Keep It Moving!Every train needs a conductor.<br /> Keep Your Users Engaged<br /> Repetition is Habit - “Chatter Me!”<br />
  • 23. Where is Belkin with Chatter now?<br /> 50% consistent Chatter adoption in the USA<br /> Increasing awareness and adoption, globally<br /> 5 active “Chatter Groups”<br />
  • 24. …to sum it all up<br /><ul><li>Plan It!
  • 25. Market It!
  • 26. Be It!
  • 27. Keep It Moving!
  • 28. Have Fun with It!</li></li></ul><li>Kevin Richardson<br />CRM Manager<br />
  • 29. The industry’s leading provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing and brand building events. We produce more than 4,300 expositions and 11,000 corporate/special events annually<br />Salesforce Customer since 2004<br />875 User<br />Active on Chatter since September 7, 2010<br />Who is Freeman<br />
  • 30. Collaboration Challenges<br />Social technologyLearning Curve<br />Divisional silos<br />Traveling user base<br />
  • 31. Tip #1: Plan the Work, Work the Plan<br />Success = Adoption<br />Create the Project Plan<br />Define Success Metrics<br />
  • 32. <ul><li>Educate & Train Key Leaders – multi-sensory
  • 33. See - Show them how Chatter changes collaboration
  • 34. Email thread vs. Chatter Collaboration
  • 35. Touch – Setup Chatter in a developer/sandbox org and allow your leaders to try it out
  • 36. Feel - Connect them to other customers using Chatter</li></ul>Tip #2: Engage Execs – Show Not Tell<br />
  • 37. Tip #3: Prepare the Field<br /><ul><li>Include executives – Let them talk up Chatter for you
  • 38. Show examples of how Chatter is
  • 39. More effective
  • 40. More efficient
  • 41. More fun
  • 42. Promote Chatter – written & multi-media
  • 43. Explain the guidelines (Chattiquete)</li></li></ul><li>Tip #4: Prepare the App<br /><ul><li>Pre-populate groups with users based on divisions, teams, roles
  • 44. Create a FAQ group and pre-populate all users
  • 45. Feed Tracking (what to track and when)
  • 46. Prepare 1st day posts from several key leaders/executives</li></li></ul><li>Tip #5: Report Early, Report Often<br /><ul><li>Share stats regularly
  • 47. First day stats
  • 48. First week stats
  • 49. Ongoing monthly stats</li></li></ul><li>Rebekah Bretz<br />Business Analyst<br />
  • 50. Who is Plantronics<br />Plantronics, Inc. founded in 1962<br /> 1st Headset on the Moon<br />We Enable Collaboration<br /> Customer Since 1997<br />450+ Users<br />Using All Modules<br />Steering Committee<br />
  • 51. Why Do We Need Chatter<br />Global Account Manager need more collaboration with their Global Teams<br />Cross Regional Communication<br />Reduce Emails<br />Real Time Communication<br />
  • 52. Don’t Just Turn It On<br />
  • 53. Communicate<br />Give Your Users Reasons To Use Chatter<br />Explain The Benefits<br />Start Early<br />Stay Focused <br />
  • 54. What Not To Do<br />
  • 55. Know Your Audience<br />Evaluated User Base<br />Understand Your Users Needs And Wants<br />Business Case Documentation<br />Understand Users Abilities<br />
  • 56. Don’t be Afraid to Re-LaunchIncrease User Adoption<br />Global Team Collaboration<br />Increase in collaboration<br />Cross Regional Communication<br />Sharing knowledge<br />Reduce Emails<br />Created specific groups<br />Real Time Communication<br />Aggregate communications<br />
  • 57. Tips & Tricks<br />Don’t just turn it on<br />Communicate<br />Don’t Be Afraid to Re-launch<br />Know your audience!<br />
  • 58. Chatter Rollout Checklist<br /><ul><li>Start With a Communication Pain Point
  • 59. Know Your Audience
  • 60. Create a Plan
  • 61. Get Upper Management Involved
  • 62. Market It
  • 63. Create a Feedback Loop
  • 64. Visit the Salesforce Chatter: Getting Started Site</li></li></ul><li>Salesforce Chatter: Getting Started Site<br />
  • 65. Helpful Links<br />Walk-through on how to pre-populate Chatter Groups<br />Web Analytics tool for tracking usage<br />Chatter Exchange for all Chatter related App Exchange applications<br />Chatter Combo Pack – Includes all our most popular free Chatter extensions<br />
  • 66. Q&A<br />
  • 67. How Could Dreamforce Be Better? Tell Us!<br />Log in to the Dreamforce app to submit<br />surveys for the sessions you attended<br />Use the Dreamforce Mobile app to submit surveys<br />OR<br />Every session survey you submit is a chance to win an iPod nano!<br />
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