Connect, Abu Ghraib, Franklin Scandal, Catholic Sex Abuse, White House, Bush

Connect, Abu Ghraib, Franklin Scandal, Catholic sex abuse, WhiteHouse, Bush of silence[5/28/2014 3:12:55 PM] search sitemap pictorial index Obama home Franklin Scandal Omaha 1989 FranklinScandal NFU Go to Alphabetic list Academic Freedom Conference Obama Death List Rothschild Timeline Bush / Clinton Body Count MOST ACTIVE PA Sandy Hook Shooting Fully Exposed viral video over 10 million views and CNN hoax video Sandy Hoo
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  Connect, Abu Ghraib, Franklin Scandal, Catholic sex abuse, White House, Bush of silence[5/28/2014 3:12:55 PM] searchsitemappictorial indexObamahome Franklin Scandal Omaha1989 FranklinScandal     NFU Go to Alphabetic listAcademic FreedomConferenceObama Death ListRothschild TimelineBush / Clinton Body CountMOST ACTIVE P  Sandy Hook Shooting Fully Exposed viral video over 10 million views and CNN hoax video Sandy Hook / Dark Knight below Joe Paterno (deceased), Penn State, knew of Sandusky prostitution scheme, gay boys pimped to football program leaders. The Penn State scandal alreadyinvolves the current Republican Governor of Pennsylvania,   Tom Corbett, and his two predecessors,Democrat Ed Rendell and Republican Tom Ridge. more below  go to CBS / NBC 1989 news coverage of theOmaha / Washington DC call boy / prostitution scandal, see  NewYork Times and CBS MP3  below and Text  of Washington Timesarticlecallboys 80's, Israel, blackmail  =go to other NFU page Jimmy Savile, BBC Pedophilia Scandal    below WMR: Sandy Hook connections to pedophilescandals, BBC ... more &   Timeline click to   play ...................................Refresh F5... archive  home  50th Anniversary of JFK assassination Event of a Lifetime at the FessParker Double Tree Inn.JFKSantaBarbara.  News for the 99% Obama, gay, blackmail, Man's Country, Chicago go to NFUpages  =go to other NFU page   Is there a common thread between the sexual abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, the Franklin Cover-up Scandal - Omaha  Connect, Abu Ghraib, Franklin Scandal, Catholic sex abuse, White House, Bush of silence[5/28/2014 3:12:55 PM] (1989), Catholic and Protestant clergy sexual abuse, GOP leadership cover-up of the Foley affair, ... Jeff Gannon White Housesleepovers, Clinton sexual adventures, Deborah Jeane Palfrey... and ??? more below? this pagepage 2page 3page 4 Franklingate, Bush connections toFranklin Scandal, OmahaCatholic Priest Sexual AbuseCamp Caribou, sack Washington Times 1989 White HouseCall Boy story textFranklin lease, Washington, EmbassyRow, 1989 GannongateJeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch?  National Press Club member or Gannon White House visits  News Research: Catholic Priests, Sexual Abuse top   PROGRESSIVE REFERENCE1%* Bishop Accountability, Abuse, tracker, Catholic priestsAmerican Chronicle Victoria Hardy Is Ritual Child Abuse Just a Hoax?Ananova   , search Buzzle intelligent life on the webCatholic CitizensChild abuse involved 1200 priests, 4000 Rogge   EducateYourself Cornwall sex abuse scandal cover-upMultiline   , clergy child molestersReligious Tolerance Clergy sexual abuse, Boys Townand 1993-2002StopBaptistPredators Kenneth Payne, sodomizing aseventeen year old.This is London Ratzinger pedophile priest cover-up policy documents MORE  below Boycott ABC, Boycott NBC, Boycott CBS, BoycottFoxVillage Voice   , Cardinal Bernard Law, Catholic priestsexual abuse Pope Benedict led cover-up of pedophile priests Abuse Penitent end priest penitent for child abusersBishop Accountability counselor Michael Wolf, Rev.James Kelly, sexual abuse Beau Biden, Pedophile Scandal more  below Catholic NewsCBS News Former Boys Town pupil James Duffyalleged in a lawsuit last month that the Rev. JamesKelly and a counselor, the late Michael Wolf,repeatedly molested him in the late 1970s. The Center for Theology and the Natural RoggeClassActionAmericaHidden Mysteries  Another Sadistic Pedophile GOPReligious Right Wingnut ..Rev. Thomas J. Smithdefrocked, sexually assaulting and whipping boys,1973-2004, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua accused incover-up.HiddenMysteries    HARMING THE LITTLE ONES:THE EFFECTS OF PEDOPHILIA ON CHILDREN, by Timothy J. Dailey, Ph.D.Leadership Council On Child Abuse & InterpersonalViolenceLeadership Council The Leadership Council'sExamination of the Rind Meta-analysis TheLeadership Council completed its review of acontroversial study that purported to show thatchildren are rarely harmed by sex abuse by adults. Our analysis found that the study byRind et al. was seriously flawed. MSNBC Protestant Sexual Abuse figures fileUSA Todayand see new photos at JohnnyGosch Camp Caribou   videoRon Paul names neo-cons video700 Club, TheAmerican Center for Law and Justice Austria, incest capital of the world, search terms: Natascha Kampusch, Josef Fritzl, from the town of Amstetten, has confessed to imprisoning his daughter ina cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children, Babtist Press Newsfeed   more Catholic archdiocese of Omaha Paul Bonacci, filed alaw suit against Larry King of the Franklin Credit Unionin Omaha, also named the Catholic Arch diocese of Omaha as a co-defendant. Catholicity   Mary Foundation NewsFollowUppers  Connect, Abu Ghraib, Franklin Scandal, Catholic sex abuse, White House, Bush of silence[5/28/2014 3:12:55 PM] Robert Wadman, Omaha Chief of Police duringFranklin Scandal, unsuccessfully sued John DeCamp(July 08). ... Entwined with Bush 41 White House call boy scandal. and see Alex Constantine  /  Wadman court proceedings. orEducateYourself Boy Scout Sexual Abuse sack & more   New clue, Johnny Gosch, Maciel, Camp Caribou,ABC NewsCNNFoxNews NBC NewsOmaha World Herald Washington TimesCBC Cornwall sexual abuse cover-upChristian News Today Christian CoalitionChristian Monitor  latest Christian headlinesCommon 1% Concerned Women of AmericaFamily Research CouncilGlaxoSmithKline vaccine manufacturer,Vatican, cover-up central subject mapDepressing Odd Boring Angry Interesting Inspiring RELATED CONTENT Etan Patz Investigators Dig For New Clues in Boy's Disappearance 33 YearsAgo (ABC … Federal investigators and New York City police are preparing today to dig beneath the streets near a Manhattan apartment building where6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared 33 years ago. The search for Patz has been one of the largest, longest lasting and most heart wrenching hunts for amissing child in the country's recent history. Investigators are also reexamining the decades old assumption that Patz was abducted by convicted pedophileJose Ramos. Ramos, now in prison for an unrelated case, was never charged with Patz's abduction. At least two other potential suspects have beenexamined, sources told ABC News. Patz vanished on May 25, 1979 in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan while walking alone to a school bus stop.Patz became the first missing child whose face appeared on the side of a milk carton. Camp Caribou, Ontario? Catholic? enlarge  Connect, Abu Ghraib, Franklin Scandal, Catholic sex abuse, White House, Bush of silence[5/28/2014 3:12:55 PM]  New information from (the left graphic compiled from photo on  I (Noreen Gosch) received this photo recently, it is like so many others, as Johnny appears bound and gagged once again. However, this photo has something very significant in the background. It is a laundry bag from a camp . The photo was taken in the early 1980's not long after my son was kidnapped. This photo appeared on a Russian Pedophile Websitearound Thanksgiving 2007 and sent to me a short time later. Someone has had it in their possession/collection for a very long time. ... If there are viewers of my website who arefamiliar with this camp, please email me at: I would appreciate any information you may have to share. I have obtained many photos of my son, as well as other boys which were taken in this same room. Apparently this location was used for some activities with children. and search terms: Ontario, Canada, Catholic, camp and see MORE on Camp Caribou, Catholic sexual abuse, Marcial Maciel   go to Johnny Gosch research enlarge   more  source source: WayneMadsenReport more   MORE on Camp Caribou   , Catholic sexual abuse, Marcial Maciel. Legionaries of Christ and YouTube from cbdave01 to Robert Wadman: A Message to Robert Wadman- ex omaha chief of Police about Murdered Kids and Child abductions by cbdave01 | June 25, 2008 at 11:33 am | 345 views | add comment Cc: Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 7:12:56 AM Subject: Hey Robbie- its your old friend from Omaha again I was very disappointed not to hear anything from you after sendingyou an email- so I thought I would try again. You see my friend- I have tried to get my parents to take me to court about all of this over and over and over- to no avail- so when I was told that you were eager to take people tocourt- I figured we could help each other out. I am willing to bet that I can help to make this happen- so lets just say that both of us have had a prayer answered. I just wanted to let you know that the videos are definitely NOTthe only thing I am guilty of doing. The communications I have had with the media, politicians, and victim advocacy groups have almost been daily- and now that I am involved with this in such a degree, it has pretty much takenover my life. You see- this time- I know that you dont have the alan and marsha baer foundation money to think about this time- since he is dead he is out of the picture- and so now maybe we can get some real discourse aboutall of this. I mean- did you really think it was fair to send one of my dearest friends Mark Anderson and the man you all dubbed The Pied Piper of Porn to jail for decades while not even giving so much as a real handslap toAlan and his six counts of having sex with minors. I of course have sent eveyone to look at this- and to ask the question WHY? Also- I have also sent everyone on a mission. You see- if they start looking at all that childporn thatis being collected in Europe, we all know that they are not only going to see the eatery Stars- (that was down in the old market at the time)- but in many of those child porn and snuff films- they will see the Hollywood bar. Youknow- the one the city of Omaha immediately tore down when all of these allegations came out. I bet you werent betting on anyone remembering any of this- because Ted Gunderson and all of his friends didnt know anythingabout all of this. Funny. Last of all- and probably most important- I have told people that the bodies of those children are buried in legit graves in Forestlawn Cememtary off of 48th street in North Omaha. I know you guys thoughtyou were so clever with that- but let me ask you this- now that people know about it and are now looking into it- EXACTLY HOW are you going to go retrieve what you left? IF you dont- you realize you are leaving it open for someone else to go look. And i assure you- in the end- everyone is going to want to see. This is the deal Robbie- you all better deal with this before you draw your last breath- because if you dont- you are going to end up rightalong with your savior and friend Alan Baer. A man- who- by the way- wont be saving anyone's ass this time. Get your fancy clothes ready- because one way or another- we are going to end up in court. Noreen Goshe is theLEAST OF YOUR WORRIES NOW MY FRIEND. By the way- speaking of Noreen- you attack her one more time- and I return the favor. You do have media where you live dont you? So far- everyone has been really reallyinterested in this- so I bet the people in your home town would find it equally so. Better call your lawyer now. You want to deal with someone- threaten someone- intimidate someone= here I am Robbie. xxx xxx xxxx is mynumber- feel free to call. Just realize I will record the call and share it with everyone when we are done. Things arent going to go well for all of you with all of this FRIEND. I look forward to hearing from you. David shurter Also Noreen Goshe- you remember- the mother who has been in hell trying to get anwers for her abducted son for 25 yrs now- the one you have been trying to intimidate and harrass over all of this- has nothing to do with this. I amccing her this email so she can see what I am doing. after i send this- I will be sending this out to everyone else- but I didnt feel you needed to know who they are. Better that be your surprise. source:  NowPublic  more 
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